One of the biggest worry that a student undergoes during their overseas education planning, is the need for an affordable and safe accommodation. However, students can rest assured as there are various types of accommodation options that are available to international students. Most educational institutes have a dedicated office to help out international students in various matters and also provide assistance in matters of choosing a safe and affordable accommodation. Students generally have the option of choosing either one of the following:

  1. Homestay
  2. Hostel


In places with a prominent educational institute or places where many educational institutes are located, local families often offer accommodation in their homes. Homestay can be either with full boarding facilities, where the householder provides all meals, or with part boarding facilities, where a student is responsible for taking care of his/her own meals. Students can however use kitchen facilities available at the home. In a homestay, a student is generally provided with a bedroom with basic amenities like table, chair, bed, etc., a study room (sometimes study place is in the bedroom itself). A student is also provided with a bathroom, access to kitchen and other facilities in the home.

The atmosphere in a homestay varies greatly depending on the nature of homestay family. A homestay can be in the house of an entire family, although at most times a homestay is generally provided by a couple or a single person. Whatever may be the general conditions of a homestay, a few things that are generally expected are:

• Telephone bills of students have to be paid students themselves.

• At least two weeks’ notice has to be given if a student plans to move out. In the same way, a homestay provider also has to give a two weeks’ notice if the provider wants the student to move out.

• At all times, cleanliness and hygiene has to be maintained. A student is not only responsible for maintaining his/her own area, but also for treating all facilities provided with care and responsibility.

Estimated Cost of accommodation

• Homestay with full boarding facilities: $AUD250 per week

• Homestay with part boarding facilities: $AUD190 per week


If a student does not want to go for a homestay, then he/she also has the option of availing private, off-campus hostels. Accommodation is available for both short-term and long-term. Rooms available are also of different types, such as private and shared, depending on what a student wants to spend.

It is important to note that a student may not get an accommodation of his choice as there will be many other students opting for similar options. Hence it is advisable to book an accommodation prior to arrival.