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2 Year Courses After 12th


What to do after 12th grade is one of the most important and challenging decisions a student can make. Students' choices of courses can make or break their careers. Overall, choosing the right one is critical. This article discusses and lists some of the job-oriented 2-year degree courses that students can pursue after high school to help them succeed in their chosen fields.

Here, we will provide you with an expert guide to the most popular degree-oriented courses after 12th grade that are in high demand and almost guarantee placement and a successful career ahead.

We hope that all your doubts and questions will be answered from our blog with the wealth of information on the most popular courses and why you should pursue them given below.

Choosing a course after 12th grade can be a difficult task. After 12th grade, a candidate is eligible to apply for over 800 courses. After completing their 10+2, candidates can pursue courses in Commerce, Science, or the arts. BSc, BCom, BBA, and BA in various disciplines are some of the most popular undergraduate courses pursued by students after 12th grade. But, going for a 2-year degree course after 12th is nevertheless a game-changer for many students.

What are the 2 Year Courses?

Most Indian students, regardless of their field of study, choose a variety of certification courses to achieve their career goals rather than pursuing a specific degree. Suppose you don't want to devote more time to obtain a particular degree. In that case, there are many two-year degree courses available in India. This article will go over the best two-year degree programmes in India that you should know about.

In the educational spectrum, there are various degree levels. Diploma, Postgraduate Diploma, or Certificate programmes are the most common two-year degree programmes. These are focused on a single skill and allow students to master it. 2-year degree programmes are primarily technical and career-oriented. In the Indian context, many educational institutions offer two-year degree programmes after 12th grade.

List of 2 Year Courses After 12th Arts

Everyone in the world knows what "arts" means. We've known about the arts since we were children.

But what does "arts" actually mean?

A diverse range of one's activities constitutes art. It is a human expression influenced by culture and driven by human instincts. Visual arts, literature arts, performing arts, decorative arts, and tangible arts are examples.

Students who are interested in doing something in this field or pursuing it have a lot of questions about this field.

Are you perplexed by questions such as the best diploma and degree programmes available after completing 12th-grade arts with or without math?

Answering all your questions, It is a vast area of education, learning, and employment, implying a promising career path. The future of art after 12th grade is very promising.

Should I enrol in computer courses or continue in the arts stream after 12th grade? It is one of the most frequently asked questions by students of the arts.

Don't be concerned. We are here to assist you with all of the above questions.

The following genres are found in the field of arts education:

  • Diploma in Multimedia
  • Diploma in Music
  • Diploma in Fashion Design
  • Diploma in Photography
  • Diploma in Interior Designing
  • Diploma in Advertising and Marketing
  • Diploma in 3D Animation
  • Diploma in Event Management
  • Diploma in Sound Recording
  • Diploma in Travel & Tourism
  • Diploma in Various Languages 

List of 2 Year Courses After 12th Commerce

After completing the 12th grade, students can choose from various fields or courses based on their interests. In this article, candidates will learn more about the best programmes after completing 12th commerce.

You have arrived at the right place if you are a commerce student or have completed your class 12th with Commerce and are looking for courses and career opportunities in Commerce. Commerce is no longer limited to B.com and CA programmes. Numerous other courses can assist in developing a successful career.

  • Diploma in Writing and Journalism
  • Diploma in Digital Marketing
  • Diploma in Banking and Finance
  • Diploma in Financial Accounting
  • Diploma in Advanced Accounting
  • Diploma in Retail Management
  • Diploma in Business Management
  • Diploma in Computer Application
  • Diploma in Elementary Education
  • Diploma in Industrial Safety
  • Diploma in Physical Education
  • Diploma in Hotel Management
  • Diploma in Yoga

List of 2 Year Courses After 12th Science

Many students choose Science as one of their majors. And the majority of them enrol in degree programmes. On the other hand, A diploma is an excellent option for science students.

After 12th grade, there are very few job-oriented courses available in degree programmes. However, many courses are available after 12th grade that guarantees 100% placement

Let's look at some of the science courses available after 12th grade.

  • Digital Marketing
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Biotechnology
  • Nutrition and Dietician
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Diploma In Nursing
  • Physiotherapy
  • Medical Lab Technology
  • Civil Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Radiological Technology
  • Information Technology

List of 2 Year Diploma Courses

If you have just completed your intermediate or 12th grade and are looking for a Short-Term Course so that you can enrol in an appropriate post-graduation course or so that you can prepare for government or defence jobs.

These courses take less time to complete and make finding a good-paying job relatively straightforward. You will find a possible solution to your problem in this article. Students from any stream will be able to find their ideal course and choose the best career path for their future prospects.

Let's look at a comprehensive list of 2-year degree programmes available after 12th grade. These courses are career-oriented, providing lucrative opportunities to work for globally renowned companies.

  • Diploma in Radiography
  • Diploma in operation theatre techniques
  • Diploma in X-ray technology
  • Diploma in Elementary Education
  • Advanced Diploma in Fashion Design
  • Diploma in Ayurvedic Pharmacy
  • Diploma in Animation & Multimedia
  • Diploma in print media journalism and communication
  • Diploma in film making and digital video production

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Top Colleges in India

India has seen a rapid increase in public and private university colleges offering higher education. Previously, students could only attend government-run or government-funded colleges. Still, today, a number of high-quality private universities are making their mark on India's coveted list of top universities. Private universities are generally supported by various bodies, corporate groups, and societies. In contrast, public universities are supported by either the federal or state governments.

India being the topmost in every sector also contains most amazing and well-infrastructured colleges that after a vast range of 2-year courses after 12th, 

let's look at some top colleges in India which offer these diploma courses:

  • Thadomal Shahani Centre for Management
  • Noida International University
  • Aligarh Muslim University
  • Banaras Hindu University
  • SS Jain Subodh Pg College
  • University of Lucknow
  • Guru Nanak College of Arts, Science and Commerce
  • NIMS University

TOP Colleges in Abroad

Diploma courses are shorter-term programmes that allow students to gain the necessary skills in a short period of time, allowing them to find work faster. Diploma programmes are thus better suited to those seeking employment quickly. Furthermore, students can effectively manage their living expenses while pursuing their courses in countries such as the United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland, Canada, the United States, and New Zealand by working part-time.

Studying abroad prepares students to work anywhere in the world; that's why international study programmes are so popular. Studying diploma courses in technologically advanced countries opens up possibilities and new horizons for students.

Amidst being an unusual study option, many communities or vocational colleges in other countries offer 2-year degree programmes. Before applying for any 2-year degree abroad, students should carefully review the details and requirements. 

Here are a few colleges that provide this service.

  • Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics
  • North Central Kansas Technical College
  • State Technical College of Missouri
  • Lancaster County Career and Technology Center
  • Carolinas College of Health Sciences
  • Mitchell Technical Institute
  • Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology
  • Frontier Community College
  • North Dakota State College of Science
  • Moraine Park Technical College

Diploma, Postgraduate Diploma, or Certificate programmes are the most common two-year degree programmes. These are focused on a single skill and allow students to master it. Community, technical, and vocational colleges offer 2-year degree programmes.

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Eventually, you've learned everything there is to know about 2-year degree programmes after high school. Are you considering studying in another country? If so, let the professionals at AECC India handle your academic journey. Our experts will guide you in selecting your career.

AECC is one of the world's leading educational consultancies with versatile expert professionals ready to help you with any queries you may have. Contact us so we can be of assistance to you in your journey to achieving your dream.


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