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91% of Indian students prefer to study abroad in 2021, regardless of Covid-19

91% of Indian students prefer to study abroad in 2021, regardless of Covid-19

Key Points:

  • Because of the availability of prior healthcare facilities, students prefer to study abroad.
  • 60% of the students favoured education loans.
  • The vaccination service provided by the UK government to international students has resulted in a significant increase in the number of applications.

The advent of the Covid -19 pandemic put many student's dreams to study abroad on hold. As governments tightened travel restrictions, students were forced to reassess their decision to seek higher education from overseas. Despite the risks, more than 91% of Indian students showed a strong desire to study abroad as soon as they were permitted to do so. The only remaining questions were when the travel ban will be lifted and which study place should they consider given the current economic/political climate.

"One's destination is never a place but a new way of seeing things."

                                     – Henry Miller

The uprising vaccination plans and varying unlock policies across the globe have made it easier for students to plan their travel. Additionally, it was also observed that the education system post-pandemic came up with a drastic shift in students' mindset. During the pandemic, the working of institutions became hybrid or completely online which brought along a change in the expectations of students. The growing number of vaccination plans and various unlock policies around the world have made it easier for students to organise their travel.

Furthermore, according to the QS International Student Survey 2021, prospective students are now looking for study destinations that provide a comprehensive package. At AECC Global, we provide passionate students with competent foreign education guidance and counselling. From the admission process to visa guidelines, all student queries are answered in the best manner possible. We have a specialised team of highly experienced and trained professionals to assist students in selecting the best courses available at international institutions in globally famous study destinations such as Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Because of the Graduate Immigration Route, Indian students now prefer to pursue higher education in the United Kingdom. Students graduating from UK institutions will be eligible to work in the UK for up to two years under this new arrangement. Countries such as Australia, Canada, Ireland, and New Zealand have risen up the list of popular study abroad destinations, with an increase in the number of international applicants. One of the reasons cited is the healthcare coverage provided by the governments of these countries to their student populations, regardless of nationality.

Safety is always a decisive issue for parents in India of students considering studying abroad. With rigorous restrictions in place following the Covid-19 pandemic, institutions abroad are improving other features and possibilities to ensure that they remain appealing to International students. As a result, the prospect of a better future motivates students to apply for higher education at overseas colleges. With this information, it is possible to conclude that the majority of Indian students intend to continue their studies abroad following the pandemic.

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