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Best Colleges for Aerospace Engineering Abroad

Best Colleges for Aerospace Engineering abroad can help you establish a successful career in the Aerospace industry. As internationalised education has progressed through all these years, many abroad countries have raised their education standards. These countries have the finest universities/colleges for providing students an unparalleled education. Studying in these universities provides students a global exposure and an unmatching student life. These are some of the perks of studying in the best/finest colleges.

As today's blog is about the best colleges for Aerospace Engineering abroad, let us discuss the highlights of these colleges and how they have set themselves apart.

Do you have an undying passion for aircraft and spacecrafts? Do you want to explore and learn the working dynamics of the aerospace industry? Have you set your eyes on becoming an Aerospace Engineer? Well, then give this blog a read to know how the career can set a solid path for your progress and quenches your thirst for innovation and creation. 

Best Colleges for Aerospace Engineering Abroad are numerous, catering to the educational needs of the students wishing to pursue Aerospace Engineering. As of today, almost all abroad countries offer the Aerospace Engineering course. These colleges have designed a top-notch curriculum and possess the best facilities to teach this high-end course. More importantly, these colleges have the best faculties to teach and impart the students, the appropriate knowledge, skills and competence.

Do you know there are over 878 international Aerospace Engineering courses taught abroad? These courses are available as Diploma, UG or PG courses for international students.

Why Study Aerospace Engineering?

Aerospace Engineering is all about Innovation and Creation. As an Aerospace Engineer, you have to design and build parts of the aircraft and spacecrafts. Besides, you have to supervise and support in the issues that might occur during manufacturing and development.

The compelling reasons to Study Aerospace Engineering

  • Be of High Value - As an Aerospace Engineer, you are highly valued and recognised for your skills. You are an asset to any engineering company, that specialises in developing aircraft products.

  • Contribution - You have the opportunity to create stunning and magnificent aircrafts and spacecrafts for your country. You can be proud about being a creator and contributor and be part of the country's reputation in possessing a unique line of aircraft.

  • Problem-Solver - If you are someone who loves challenges, then the role, Aerospace Engineer fits right for you. You will often be required to provide quick solutions for the glitches and problems happen during every stage of the development process. You will be thrilled to face each day's tasks and learn more than a handful about your industry.

  • Constant Growth - There is a space for constant growth and progress in the aero industry. There are many high-level positions awaiting you in the future years. You will be part of a big team and has much to learn from the senior professionals.

  • High Remuneration - You get to earn a handsome salary even during the starting stage of your career. The salary ranges between $70,000 to $100,000 for freshers abroad.

Top 10 Universities for Studying Aerospace Engineering Abroad

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MIT is a popular and prestigious university in the US. It offers some of the best Engineering and Physical Sciences courses. It is the number one university in the whole and acquired the position 11 times in a row in QS rankings. The popular streams students pursue here are Engineering, IT, Medicine, Science and Arts.

2. University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge is one of the UK's most distinct and high-profile universities. It constantly gets placed at the top in all of the elite universities ranking lists. Britain's top companies often prioritise Cambridge graduates for employment. The University has also produced some of the Nobel Laureates who are best at their work.

3. University of Oxford

Oxford University is a significant and historic educational institution in the UK. It has world-class facilities and does some high-end research. Oxford University is the most-preferred destination by students wishing to study in the UK. The university also provides some extraordinary scholarships worth great pounds for eligible candidates.

4. Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Nanyang is the leading university in Singapore, currently ranking at the 19th position in the QS rankings. Nanyang offers all types of courses like diploma, UG and PG. It has a separate Business Schoo, College of Engineering, College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences, College of Science, School of Medicine and School of Education. NTU is affordable and has a tuition fee starting from as low as $17,000.

5. Stanford University

Stanford University is best known for its quality of education that its graduates are hired on-spot by Google. But the graduates most seek Entreprenurship and are passionate about running their own businesses. Stanford offers courses in all kinds of education streams and is known for its high placement rate.

6. ETH Zurich

ETH, also known as the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, is known for its high-quality education in various education fields. The institute has 16 departments offering courses in Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Science. ETH Zurich is currently ranking at the 9th position in the QS rank. As of today, ETH Zurich has provided 20 Nobel prize laureates to the world.

7. National University of Singapore

NUS is a public university in Singapore, ranking at the 11th position in QS Ranking currently. It offers over 68 UG and 220 PG programs to international students. Besides, NUS has 30 Research centres across the country. The university possesses some of the best faculties and it is one of the reasons international students prefer the NUS.

8. Imperial College London

Imperial College London excels in teaching the fields of Science, Engineering, Business and Medicine. It is a public research university in London with its campuses spread throughout London and South East. Imperial College London has a brilliant infrastructure hosting many facilities for students. The college has an impressive alumnus list, who includes Rajiv Gandhi (former Prime Minister of India), Kavin Mittal, Sir James Allen and Kaveh Madani.

9. University of California, Berkeley

UCB is a renowned public research university in Berkeley, California. The University is the founder of the Association of American Universities, which constitutes several US research universities. UCB has research institutes leading in Science and Engineering. International students need to 3.4 GPA out of 4.0 to study at UCB.

10. Delft University of Technology

The Delft University of Technology, often known as TU Delft, is a leading European University popular for its teaching on Engineering and Information Technology. The University provides courses in Bachelor's, Master's and Doctorate. TU Delft has its campus spread over 161 hectares, which is considered one of the largest universities in the world by area. Around 3,300 scientists and 2,200 staff, including faculties and support staff, work at TU Delft.

Rankings of Best Colleges for Aerospace Engineering Abroad

The ranking of each of the top colleges for Aerospace Engineering abroad is listed below:


University Name

QS Rank 2023



Massachusetts Institute of Technology




University of Cambridge




University of Oxford




Nanyang Technological University, Singapore




Stanford University




ETH Zurich




National University of Singapore




Imperial College London




University of California, Berkeley




Delft University of Technology



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