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Best Engineering Colleges in the USA

Engineering is one of the most preferred courses in the world. The wider career opportunities have led to the increased popularity that the stream enjoys. The USA is one of the best places to study the course. It is estimated that around 20% of international students in the USA are studying STEM courses.

It is clear by now that you have thought about studying Engineering courses. Don't you think it will be helpful to know which US universities are best for pursuing Engineering will be helpful? Would you like to know the tuition fees for different levels of the program? Do you know about the scholarships to study Engineering in the USA? Why should I study Engineering in the USA? The answers to all these questions are given in this blog. Read further so that you can choose the best.

There are several skill-based courses available in the Engineering stream in the USA. This has made the country a popular choice among international students in general and Indian students in particular.

Why is the USA the Best for Engineering Degrees?

Several countries offer Engineering courses, so why should you choose the United States for your studies? If you need an answer to this question, here are some points to help you.

  1. Several specialisations to choose from: Universities in the USA offer several specialisations in Engineering, ensuring that you get a course of your choice.
  2. Scope for research: The USA is a world leader in high-tech tools and technology. As such, studying in the country opens up your chances of getting mentored by gifted faculties. You will also have a good laboratory to work in.
  3. Settle down in the country: If you prefer to spend the rest of your life working and living in the United States, studying there makes it easier for you.
  4. Better chances of getting a job: A certificate from the USA is highly dignified both in the country and abroad. It will help you get a well-paid job easily.
  5. Earn well: The salary for an Engineering graduate or Postgraduate is high. It will help improve your standard of living as well.

Which Are the Best Engineering Colleges in the USA?

This is one of the most important sections of this blog. Several good Engineering colleges in the USA are ranked in top positions in several national and international rankings. A few of them are tabulated below.

Name of University

QS Subject Ranking 2022

Top Courses 

Average Annual Tuition Fees (in INR)



Chemical Engineering

INR 67,60,000

Stanford University


Mechanical Engineering

INR 30,39,000

Harvard University


Electrical Engineering

INR 50,57,000

California Institute of Technology



INR 51,28,000

Princeton University


Civil Engineering

INR 51,39,000

QS and THE Rankings for Engineering and Technology

Several American universities constantly rank in top positions in the QS and THE university rankings. Ranking in top positions means that these universities are highly revered across the world. The table below shows the well-ranked universities in the USA.

Name of University

QS Rankings

THE Rankings

Average Annual Tuition Fees (in INR)




INR 67,60,000

Stanford University



INR 35,39,000

Harvard University



INR 50,57,000

California Institute of Technology



INR 49,17,000

University of Chicago



INR 55,67,000

University of Pennsylvania



INR 30,58,000

University of Princeton



INR 51,39,000

Yale University



INR 40,43,000

Cornell University



INR 58,15,000

Columbia University



INR 47,14,000

Engineering Colleges in the USA: Course Specialisations

Engineering is a broad field that has several specialisations. This makes it one of the most popular courses as there is something that suits everyone. The popular Engineering specialisations are listed below.

Top Engineering Programs in the USA (UG, PG, PhD)

As previously mentioned, there are Engineering programs at all levels offered by the US universities. You can choose to study any of these courses as per your interest. As such, we have compiled a list of universities and the top programs they offer in the table below.

Top Universities



Average Annual Tuition Fees (in INR)

Harvard University

B.S. Bio-Engineering

4 years

INR 49,90,000

M. Engg. Design Engineering

1 year

INR 50,60,000

PhD in Electrical Engineering

5 years

INR 25,30,000

California Institute of Technology

B. S. Mechanical Engineering

4 years

INR 54,70,000

M. S. Electrical Engineering

1 year

INR 49,20,000

PhD in Civil Engineering

4 years

INR 49,20,000

Stanford University

B. S. Energy Resources Engineering

4 years

INR 50,40,000

M. S. Civil and Environmental Engineering

1-1.5 years

INR 35,40,000

PhD in Management Science and Engineering

4-5 years

INR 35,40,000


B. S. Biological Engineering

4 years

INR 48,30,000

M. S. Nuclear Science and Engineering

2 years

INR 67,60,000

PhD in Computational Science and Engineering

5 years

INR 53,80,000

Princeton University

B. S. Chemical and Biological Engineering

4 years

INR 48,90,000

M. S. Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

2 years

INR 51,40,000

University of California

B. S. Nuclear Engineering

4 years

INR 19,50,000

M. S. Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

1 year

INR 14,40,000

PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering

4 years

INR 14,40,000

Eligibility Criteria to Study Engineering in the USA

It will be helpful for you to know about the eligibility criteria to study in a university. The requirements asked for by universities will vary, and giving a set of requirements may be difficult. However, we have provided some general requirements below.

  • Good score in grade 12 with Science stream.
  • ACT: 34-35/ SAT: 800-1560
  • IELTS: 7/ TOEFL: 85-100

  • Good score in Bachelor's.
  • Good GRE score.
  • IELTS: 7/ TOEFL: 85-110

  • At least 70% in Master's.
  • Good GRE score.
  • IELTS: 7/ TOEFL: 85-100

Documents Required

When you apply for admission to any American university, you must upload a few documents. They may vary depending on the university and program you choose. However, there are a few documents that all universities and programs ask for. They are given below.

Tips for Applying to Engineering Schools

It will be beneficial to get a few tips before you apply to any Engineering school in the USA as they will boost your chances of getting shortlisted for admission. As such, we have compiled a few tips for you.

  1. Take part in Maths and Science extracurricular activities: If you love Maths and Science and are choosing an Engineering specialisation that includes these subjects, it is good to participate in extracurricular activities like Maths quiz. Whether you win prizes or not, it will help get your application noticed.
  2. Get a good ACT/SAT Maths score: If you get a good Math score on the ACT/SAT, it will make things easier for you, as Maths is an almost inevitable part of Engineering courses.
  3. Have a solid foundation: If you have a solid foundation in Maths and Science, it will be easier for you to crack tests. This will help you get a good score on subject-specific tests.

Engineering Scholarships in the USA

You will find that there are several scholarships offered for Engineering students at all levels of their studies. These scholarships are funded by different bodies like the US government, universities, private institutions etc. The eligibility criteria and scholarship value change depending on the host institute. A few popular scholarships for Engineering students are given below. You can visit our scholarship page to get a detailed list of scholarships available.

Name of Scholarship


Amount (in USD)

Key-Grant Group Scholarship

Offered to all UG, PG, PhD students at any American university

USD 1000

Go Clean Scholarship

Offered to all program levels

USD 3500

Richard A. Freund International Scholarship

Given to PG & PhD students of Engineering

USD 5000

1st Formation Business Scholarships

Given to all UG & PG students

USD 800

Comindware Scholarship

All UG, PG, PhD students can apply

USD 4000

MIT - Grad. Student Fellowships in Nuclear Engineering

Offered for graduates of Nuclear Engineering at MIT

Living expenses cover + stipend

Tata Scholarship - Cornell University

Given to all UG programs, but Civil, Computer & Electrical Engineering students are given preference

Variable amount

Engineering Degree Tuition Fees 2023

One of the most important things to know about studying Engineering in the USA will be the cost of studying. This includes tuition fees, application fees, visa fees etc. as such, we have inserted a table below that includes all the possible costs of studying Engineering in the USA.

Types of Expenses 

Average Cost (in INR)


INR 14,450


INR 14,700


INR 16,000


INR 20,000


INR 9000

University application fee

INR 2600 - INR 6000

Visa application fee

INR 12,200


INR 26,600

UG annual tuition fee

INR 19,00,000 - INR 50,00,000

PG annual tuition fee

INR 35,00,000 - INR 67,00,000

PhD annual tuition fee

INR 14,00,000 - INR 53,00,000

Jobs and Salary After Engineering in the USA

Engineering is a promising field that offers several career opportunities that are reputed and well-paid at the same time. After your studies in the USA, you can choose to work in the country. You can even move to your home country, but the salary tends to be higher in the USA. The table below helps you better understand the job roles and their average salaries.

Job Roles

Average Annual Salary (in INR)

Ceramics Engineer

INR 61,94,000

Environment Engineer

INR 66,74,000

Communications Engineer

INR 70,55,000

Genetic Engineer

INR 69,10,000

Robotics Engineer

INR 73,75,000

Civil Engineer

INR 67,58,000

Biochemical Engineer

INR 63,23,000

Electrical Engineer

INR 68,49,000

Mechanical Engineer

INR 65,90,000

Design Engineer

INR 66,59,000

Geological Engineer

INR 69,87,000

We hope that we have included almost all details regarding the best Engineering colleges in the USA. It is always essential to remember that you must check the official website of the universities you are applying to so that you do not miss out on anything. You may be required to research extensively about the best universities, specialisations, scholarships, cost of living and studying, etc., which you may find difficult. You can contact AECC, and we will help you choose the best.

aecc has been assisting students in studying in their dream destinations for several years now. From researching universities to visa guidance, all our services are offered free of cost. If you feel stuck anywhere during your application process.


Is the USA good for Engineering?

Yes, the USA is definitely one of the best countries to study Engineering at. Several top-ranked universities offer courses at all levels.

Which is the #1 Engineering school in the world?

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is considered the #1 Engineering school in the world.

What are the popular Engineering jobs in the USA?

Aerospace Engineer, Big Data Engineer, Biomedical Engineer, Chemical Engineer and Systems Engineer are some of the popular Engineering jobs in the USA.

What are the fees of Engineering colleges in the USA?

The fees of Engineering colleges in the USA can vary depending on the university and level of study. However, you can expect from USD 40,000 to USD 50,000 per year as tuition fees.

Do Indian students need to pay taxes in the USA?

Indian students in the USA who are on an F1 visa are not required to pay employment taxes but should pay federal and income taxes.

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