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Best Indian Restaurant in Australia for Students


It is natural that you may be hit by the cravings of Indian food when travelling to a new country. You may get a taste of pleasures such as daal makhani, dosa, pav bhaji, paneer tikka after stuffed yourself with local food. If you're in Australia and have to satisfy your appetite and find yourself in this circumstance, you're lucky. You may not be at home, but you don't worry because Australia has a wide range of Indian eateries! As we all know, Australia is a fantastic holiday destination. The country also features food and gourmet delicacies from many areas of the world, together with the famous kangaroos and Koalas. Do not worry if you want India's need for flavours while you are on a fantastic getaway. Have you already begun salivating? Check out the Best Indian Restaurant in Australia, they are specially picked just for you!

Restaurants in Sydney Australia

A multicultural city like Sydney has loads of truly good cooking — and Indians are no exception. Large subcontinental communities in suburbs, such as Harris Park and Crows Nest, imply that Indian restaurants in Sydney have groups, and in the centre and neighbourhoods, such as Darlinghurst, Newtown, and Surry Hills, are also very high-quality curry houses. So where should you start in a city which offers thousands of dishes of samosa, bhaji, korma or butter chicken? How about the list of Sydney's leading Indian restaurants?

  • Billu's
  • Faheem Fast Food
  • Masala Theory
  • Nithik's Kitchen
  • Janani
  • Chatkazz
  • Bang
  • Lankan Filling Station
  • Swagath Biryani House
  • Brick Lane
  • Abie's Vegetarian Takeaway
  • Indu
  • The Spice Room

Restaurants in Melbourne Australia

There are so many dishes to be tried in Australia, but we just look for homemade food once in a while. When you try to find amazing Indian dining overseas, things might get tricky. But this happens seldom whether you're in Melbourne or Australia. In Melbourne, there are many Indian restaurants where you can taste some great Indian foods such as Butter Chicken, Dosa, Dal Makhani and various foods on the road, such as samosa and chaat papdi.

Melbourne has a huge Indian population and is also proud to give the planet the best food events. This city not only offers world-class flair, but a wide range of cuisine. Virtually all Indian food in Melbourne is guided by actual Indians who love food. Here are Melbourne's top ten Indian restaurants:

  • Curry Vault Restaurant
  • Babu Ji
  • Tantra Food Restaurant
  • Gaylord Indian Restaurant
  • Delhi Streets
  • Cafe Southall
  • Curry Smuggler
  • Nirankar Restaurant
  • Shiraz
  • Aangan

Indian Restaurants in Adelaide Australia

India's traditional food culture has been internationally recognised because it combines herbs and tastes in a unique way. Individuals with different births know Indian food in particular. In Adelaide the reputation of Indian food has given rise to the founding of a number of dynamic Indian restaurants in Adelaide that are lively and cultural, where taste is changed as the Indian environment and the Indian people are fascinating. Fragrant, sharp and warm tastes are meticulously combined from every corner of the nation to prepare the meals.

For quite a while, Adelaide has been exceptional among other places to taste Indian food outside the nation. The specialists are increasingly seeking to make the support style of the traditional culture of India easier. Below is a list of Adelaide's top indigenous restaurants that serve innovative, animated and fantastic meals that give Indian cuisine another meaning.

  • Jasmine Indian Restaurant
  • Beyond India
  • Tandoori Spice Stirling
  • New India Restaurant
  • Chennai Palace
  • Raj on the Taj Hyde Park
  • Khana Khazana
  • Spice N Ice Indian Restaurant
  • The Snake Charmer
  • Chefs of Tandoori

"So often these days eating Indian food passes for spirituality. I don't meditate, I don't pray, but I eat two samosas every day."

          - Dan Bern

Indian Restaurants in Darwin, Australia

There's only a lovely Indian festival. It is virtually impossible not to over-order with everything from warm curries to delicious naan, tandoor, biryani and samosa. Whether it's an indigenous cuisine to please your tastes, you might identify yourself as a spice warrior or you cannot tolerate hot. Not meat? No difficulty. There are also plenty of best and flavorful vegetarian restaurants in Darwin with varieties of cuisine offers! Check out the top Indian restaurants in Darwin:

  • The Spice Room
  • Hanuman Restaurant
  • Nirvana Restaurant
  • Indian Curry Paradise
  • Memories of India
  • Incredible india
  • Exotic North Indian Cuisine
  • Kebab and Momo House
  • Green Chillies
  • Palates Of India

Indian Restaurants in Gold Coast Australia

Australia has a large population of Indians. You will thus find plates that match your taste buds as well as other innovative Indian and Australian fusion meals. Various Indian eateries have developed on the Gold Coast with new, fresh and authentic Indian cuisine. At the moment, you may enjoy a variety of real and hottest Indian cuisine, including roasted chicken, Dal Makhani, paneer tikka, lookkh kebab, tikka chicken and numerous gourmet meals. If you're outside and want to appreciate the essential elements of your location, nothing could be better than visiting an Indian restaurant on the Gold Coast.

Samosa fragrances, Sev-Puri smash, the pav-bhaji scent, dal makhani and matar paneer, and the colours, all of these Indian culinary selections are lovely. The tourists of Gold Coast, Australia, as well as the local population of India have different alternatives in the country to experiment with Indian food. Below is a list of some of Gold Coast Australia's greatest Indian restaurants to discover India's true taste:

  • Agnee Indian Restaurant
  • Temple Of Spices Indian – Vegan Restaurant
  • Ginger Indian Gourmet
  • Indian Empire Restaurant
  • Tian Ran Vegetarian Restaurant
  • Kahani Indian restaurant
  • Manihani Indian Restaurant
  • Delhi Darbar Restaurant
  • Krish Indian Cuisine
  • Haveli Authentic Indian Cuisine

Indian Restaurants in Perth Australia

The popularity of Indian Restaurants could be attributed to the increasing number of Indians presenting their native food to a new public or to the 230,000 Brits who call it their home and eat large amounts of Tikka Masala and Lamb Bhuna every week. Whatever, it produced an atmosphere in which some of the best Indian restaurants in the metro region of Perth can be found. Do you like traditional Indian cuisine with different mouth waters? Now you know that your hunt for classic Indian food has finally ended with the Best Indian restaurant in Perth.

  • 2 Fat Indians
  • Sauma
  • Royal India
  • Copper Chimney
  • Vegorama Indian Restaurant
  • Mother India
  • Mela Indian Sweets and Eats
  • Annalakshmi
  • Chutney Mary's
  • Curry Thieves
  • Toast My Curry
  • Govindas

Indian Restaurants in Brisbane Australia

Brisbane has an incredible array of Indian restaurants, each with exquisite Indian cuisine in Brisbane from North Indian to South Indian. Indian food is one of the most frequent kinds of cooking globally. Their fame has extended both within Asia and throughout the globe. Because of its impact on many people and cultures, its many meals have also been blended with other tastes from other countries. Notwithstanding the blending with various major cooking methods around the world, the wonderful Indian food cannot be denied. The accompanying causes are a direct result. This is mainly because Indian food in places like Australia is well-known.

Australia's greatest Indian Restaurants serve the genuine tastes of Indian culture in the city of Brisbane. In the following selections you can also choose indigenous vegetarian restaurants in Brisbane and make your trip unforgettable without missing your home:

  • Top in Town Indian Restaurant & Biryani House
  • Vege Rama
  • Eden Garden Indian Cuisine
  • Govinda's
  • Indian Mehfil
  • Punjabi Palace
  • IndiMex
  • Lemon Chillies Indian Restaurant
  • Aamaya Indian Restaurant
  • CurryVille

This was about the top Indian restaurants in Australia, especially for foreign students. We hope you're very useful with this blog. Sign up for AECC for more fascinating things. Contact AECC. Meet Our Education Counsellors & Get FREE Education Counselling Today!

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