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MA English Literature is a two-year postgraduate program offered by practically all of the UK's universities and colleges. The United Kingdom has consistently been included in the list of top destinations for study for International students from all over the world. This is due to the exceptional educational facilities available and the high standa...

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Can you think of something even more precious than gold in today's era? In a word, it's data. Any major decision affecting the mass of a population has to be taken only after reviewing and analysing data. If numbers, statistics, and models have always fascinated you, then a career in Data Analytics might be the right fit for you. With the gargantua...

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Chemical engineering is a field that deals with the scientific discipline of chemistry and chemical engineering. Master in Chemical Engineering In Canada is one of the most suitable courses for people who want to work in the chemical industry. Depending on the degree chosen, the master's programme in chemical engineering in Canada lasts between one...

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Masters in Marketing in Canada for Indian Students

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      Masters In Accounting in Canada for Indian Students ​Students in Canada who want to work as public or corporate accountants, auditor fraud examiners, IT auditors, etc., can enrol in the Masters in Accounting (MAcc) programme. The Master's in Accounting programme in Canada is one of the most popular courses among international students beginning their academic careers there. Canada draws students worldwide because of its top-notch universities, unparalleled industrial exposure, and some of the most excellent recruiters in the world. A MAcc degree in Canada typically costs 42,300 USD annually, all considered. The full-time Master of Accounting programme in Canada lasts two years and is broken into three terms.  The majority of the MAcc curriculum in Canada focuses on subjects including taxation, banking, insurance, accounting, and financial strategies. In Canada, an entry-level accountant makes an average of 46,300 USD annually. Except for one Canadian university, four Canadian universities admit international students and grant annual scholarships ranging from 2,300 to 3,800 USD.  Wish to learn more? Continue reading as we address your questions regarding master's in accounting in Canada for Indian students in this blog!  Table of Contents Why Study Masters in Accounting in Canada? Masters in Accounting in Canada: Course Highlights Difference Between MBA in Accounting and Masters in Accounting Difference between PG Diploma and Masters in Accounting in Canada/a> Program Structure and Curriculum for Masters in Accounting in Canada Best Universities Offering Masters in Accounting in Canada Masters in Accounting in Canada: Eligibility Masters in Accounting in Canada: Application Process Masters in Accounting in Canada: Documents Required Cost of Studying Masters in Accounting in Canada Scholarships to Study Masters in Accounting in Canada Jobs & Salary After Masters in Accounting in Canada Why Study Masters in Accounting in Canada? Canada's master of accounting programme is one of the most popular choices among international students.  Excellent career prospects: Universities in Canada offer both domestic and international students studying for a Masters in Accounting excellent work opportunities upon graduation. In Canada, the average annual pay for account grads is 52,876 CAD.  Universities prioritizing Research: Canada's master's in accounting universities have distinguished themselves internationally by offering the most excellent facilities. Canada is highly known for providing overseas students with outstanding academic and work experiences.  Great scope: Accounting graduates will receive exceptional value from their MSc accounting in Canada degrees as the accounting field is expected to expand by an additional 10% over the next few years.  Masters in Accounting in Canada: Course Highlights Here are a few essential features of the master's in accounting degree offered in Canada:  Duration  1.5-3 years  Type  Full-time / Part-time  Mode  Online / Offline  Average Annual Tuition Fee for International Students  20,000 CAD to 50,000 CAD  English Language Eligibility  IELTS - 6.5, TOEFL, PTE  Entry Level Exams  GRE, GMAT  Top Universities  University of Toronto, University of Alberta, University of British Columbia, University De Montreal, McGill University  Scholarships Grants  2,300 to 3,800 USD  Average Salary  46,300 USD annually  Difference Between MBA in Accounting and Masters in Accounting In Canada, we frequently mix terms like MBA and Masters in Accounting since they have similar sounds. But in actuality, there are significant discrepancies between their academic fields, job descriptions, and course structures.  To learn how the two options differ from one another, read the section after this one:  Factors  MBA in Accounting  Masters in Accounting  Basic Difference  Broader business experience with a specialization in accounting.  Focuses mainly upon accounting- theory, application, critical thinking and practice.  Core Areas of Study  Economic Performance Analysis, AUdit Theory, Strategic Cost Management, etc.  Taxation, Management, Accounting, etc.  Duration   1 year (common study) and 1 year (specialization)  2 years  Job Profiles  Chief Financial Officer, Consultant, Business Analyst, Tax Accountant, etc.  Management Accountant, Government Accountant, Internal or External Auditor, etc.  Average Starting Salary  59,400 USD  46,300 USD  Difference between PG Diploma and Masters in Accounting in Canada A PG Diploma in Accounting in Canada will be less valuable than a master's in accounting degree in Canada, even if it will cost less than a master's degree in accounting and typically lasts one to one and a half years.  Meaning that, compared to a PG Diploma in Accounting in Canada, a master's degree in accounting will provide you with more prospects for an outstanding career and a high salary.  Program Structure and Curriculum for Masters in Accounting in Canada Because there are so many degree programmes accessible, including PG Diploma, certificate, and PG degree programmes, it has been followed that there is a significant demand for Masters in Accounting courses in Canada for overseas students. In terms of sub-disciplines, some of the methods available are  Strategic performance management Integration and team management Taxation Corporate finance Financial statement analysis Corporate governance Accounting for non-governmental and nonprofit organizations Information technology & systems In Canada, some of the most well-liked PG level degree programmes in accounting are:  MBA in Accounting Masters in Accountancy (MAcc) MSc in Accounting Graduate Diploma in Accounting Best Universities Offering Masters in Accounting in Canada The PG level of accounting education in Canada can be considered creative, rewarding, and full of unique experiences. The list of the top Canadian universities offering master's degrees in accounting is shown below:  Universities  QS World University Ranking 2022  Popular Programs Offered  Average Tuition Fee for International Students (in CAD)  University of Toronto  26  Masters in Accounting and Finance  35,000/ year  Master of Management and Professional Accounting  Master of Forensic Accounting  University of British Columbia  46  Masters in Accounting  20,000-30,000/ year  McGill University  27  Graduate Certificate in professional Accounting  40,000-59,690 (Total)  York University  494  Master of Accounting (MAcc)  18,000/ year  Post Graduate Certificate in Accounting  Post Graduate Certificate in Advanced Professional Accounting  McMaster University  140  Graduate Diploma in Financial Accountancy  10,000-15,000 CAD/ year  University of Saskatchewan  458  Masters of professional accounting  54,300 (total)  University of Alberta  126  Master of Accounting (MAcc)  25,200/ year  Masters in Accounting in Canada: Eligibility Now let's look at the prerequisites and eligibility criteria for international students to pursue a master's degree in accounting in Canada:  Academic records, bachelor's degree exam results English proficiency GMAT or GRE results Additional conditions Let's begin by discussing the master's in accounting prerequisites for Canada.  1. Academic transcripts along with bachelor's degree  Academic transcripts from every level of study are the most fundamental prerequisite for international students applying to any master in accounting programme in Canada. It would help if you had a bachelor's degree in a comparable discipline before applying to an MBA in Accounting in Canada or other master's programmes in accounting. For the majority of accounting schools in Canada, some prerequisite courses include:  Mathematics Advanced functions Calculus English 2. English proficiency  It is imperative that you, as an overseas student confirm your English language competency through the IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, or other tests. Depending on the university or programme you pick, an IELTS score of 6.5 or higher is the minimum required to study accounting for a master's degree in Canada.  3. GMAT or GRE results  Top Canadian colleges may also request GMAT or GRE scores from applicants for master's degrees in accounting.  4. Additional Conditions  Your university may also ask for additional prerequisites, like an interview, job experience, a statement of purpose (SOP), and a resume or curriculum vitae, depending on your selected programme.  Masters in Accounting in Canada: Application Process Following is a brief discussion of the application procedure for some of Canada's renowned accounting universities:  To begin your accounting degree at the PG level in Canada, pick a course and a school. Send in the application form and the required fee. Transcripts, a bachelor's degree (if necessary), and any other documentation that the specific university may demand, such as an SOP, a resume, LORs, or proof of work experience, should be sent. You can also be requested to participate in an interview. If there are scholarships or financial aid opportunities at the university, apply for them. Await the result of the admission. Masters in Accounting in Canada: Documents Required After the universities have approved your application, you must provide the following paperwork: Academic Transcripts: International students are required to provide their academic transcripts from any institutions they have attended that are recognised. Reference Reports: 2 to 3 LORs, 1 of which (if two or more are listed) and 2 of which (if three or more are mentioned) must be from academics. Describe your reasons for choosing this course, how it will advance your career ambitions, and whether you're considering pursuing a degree in a related field. The applicant's educational background and professional experience must be listed on the resume. Graduate School Internal Scholarship or Award Application: Brock University will automatically consider you for a scholarship or award. If you completed your undergraduate studies at more than one university. Cost of Studying Masters in Accounting in Canada The cost of a master's degree in accounting in Canada entirely depends on the school and programme you choose. PG degree programmes like the MSc Accounting in Canada cost between 30,000 and 40,000 CAD per year, whilst PG diploma and graduate certificate accounting courses cost between 5,000 and 20,000 CAD per year.  University Name  Tuition Fee (in USD)  Living Expenses (in USD)  Books & Educational Expenses (in USD)  York University  40,550  10,900  570  University of Saskatchewan  35,700  4,380  1,150  Carleton University  33,370  10,550  905  Brock University  29,000  14,310  760  Scholarships to Study Masters in Accounting in Canada The best accounting colleges in Canada offer a variety of scholarships, including many university-specific, privately financed, and government-supported options for overseas students.  The following scholarships are available to help you with your accounting studies in Canada:  Scholarships  Eligibility  Award (in CAD)  C.Douglas Mellor Prize, McGill University  Graduate certificate in financial accounting student  2,200  Outstanding academics  Kenneth F Byrd Prize, McGill University  Graduate certificate in financial accounting student  250  Outstanding academics  Principal’s Scholarship, Queen’s University  International Applicants showing high academic performance  4,000  Edward School of Business MPAcc Office, University of Saskatchewan  International applicants  5,000  Academic achievement or financial need   Ontario Graduate Scholarship, University of Toronto  Full-time students  5,000 per session    Jobs & Salary After Masters in Accounting in Canada You can most definitely join multinational corporations like Deloitte, Accenture, Microsoft, Google, Apple, and others after completing a master's in accounting programme in Canada. Let us additionally force you to consider the following employment paths in Canada after receiving your PG degree in accounting:  Higher education in a variety of specialities, including accounting, banking, and taxes. Attend Chartered Professional Accounting courses (CPA). Get a job at numerous corporate powerhouses. Create your own company or venture. Become a teacher of accounting. Become a consultant, auditor, accountant, financial analyst, or tax expert. We've compiled some of the top accounting job descriptions and their typical incomes in Canada to give you a better idea of what professions look like after taking different accounting courses at the graduate level in Canada:  Job Profiles  Average Salary (in CAD)  Management Accountant  50,210  Government Accountant  43,250  External Auditor  41,400  Internal Auditor  46,450  IT Auditor  50,260  Obtaining a master's degree in accounting in Canada can help you get the career of your dreams and give you a wide range of alternatives in corporate finance and business management. You can also take benefit from a wide range of scholarship opportunities in Canada as an international student!  Hopefully, this blog gave you the information you needed to pursue a master's degree in accounting in Canada. Aiming to study in Canada? Reach out to the AECC Global experts, and we'll help you narrow down the best programme and institution in Canada while assisting you with the application process to get you nominated! Join us today for a free counselling session!   Contact AECC Global  Insert Block Search Blocks /masters-in-accounting-in-canada-for-indian-students Edit 11/07/2022 05:24 11/07/2022 05:24  Overseas Education  Study Abroad - Primary  Study in Australia  International Students  Trending International Courses  Study in UK  Student Lifestyle  Study in USA  Latest News  Events  Study in Ireland  Study in New Zealand  Study in Canada  Higher Education Search Category Enter a tag ... Masters In Accounting in Canada for Indian Students masters-in-accounting-in-canada-for-indian-students Enter a tag ...

Masters In Accounting in Canada for Indian Students

Students in Canada who want to work as public or corporate accountants, auditor fraud examiners, IT auditors, etc., can enrol in the Masters in Accounting (MAcc) programme. The Master's in Accounting programme in Canada is one of the most popular courses among international students beginning their academic careers there. Canada draws students worl...

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