1-Year Master's Programs In Canada for Indian Students

International students are always looking for the best study abroad countries. Fortunately, the world is full of several destinations, and Canada is one of the most popular ones on the list. Every year Canada receives a large share of international student enrollments. In 2019, Canada had over six lakh, international students from more than 200 cou...

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MCom Syllabus

Master of Commerce (MCom) is a postgraduate study in banking, insurance, finance, economics, and other relevant areas of the commerce business. Based on the performance in a relevant MCom Entrance Exam, admissions are generally granted to students from a commerce background with a minimum of 40% in their Bachelor's degree. Almost all colleges and u...

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BA Psychology Subjects

The BA Psychology Subjects deals with understanding all the essential human feelings, motivations, emotions, and mental processes. The subjects in UG psychology primary focus on developing a commitment to research on human cognitive functions. The program's topics aim to build the foundations of understanding human feelings, motivations, and emotio...

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MBA in Canada without Work Experience for Indian Students

Many students have been confused about whether it is possible to pursue MBA in Canada without work experience or not. The argument that one needs to have relevant work experience to get into a top-rated B-school is only partially correct. You may be a freshman or still in college and can still get into an MBA program in Canada. Let us see how. Nowa...

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Courses after 12th PCB

The Science stream is an enthralling and exciting option that opens up a world of possibilities for students to study numerous parts of life's hidden sides. However, with so many available courses after 12th Science, selecting a degree that matches your talents and interests might be difficult. PCB, as a group, has a variety of fields to choose fro...

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2 Year Nursing Programs in Canada for International Students

2 Year Nursing Programs in Canada for International Students

Careers in the healthcare sector are the most sought-after career paths, not only in Canada but also around the world. Nursing is a medical career path with a massive scope, has the quality of work, and provides high salaries. As a result, both national and international students prefer degrees in this field. This article talks about the essentials...

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List of Intakes in Canada for Indian students

 Every year, many students apply to thousands of prominent Canadian universities. Most of them fail, and some of them get admitted. One thing to consider before taking a chance is that these universities are pretty strict when it comes to how and when to submit your admission. For that, you need to have accurate information about the admission...

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Top 10 Colleges in Canada

Top 10 Colleges in Canada

Canada is a top overseas educational destination for students willing to pursue an international degree. Thousands of Indians prefer to move to this country of ambitions and top-notch universities to pursue further studies. The country has ten provinces and over 100 universities that offer more than 15,000 educational courses. It also offers studen...

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Business Research

 Business research is defined as gathering comprehensive data and information from all aspects of business and utilising this knowledge to maximise sales and profits. If you're wondering what Business Research is, it's an organised management activity that assists companies in determining which product will be the most lucrative for them to ma...

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BSc Agriculture Subjects

Bachelors in agriculture comprises a 4-year course that mainly focuses on practices and research in agricultural science. The course also deals with different agriculture subject disciplines like Breeding of plants, Genetics, Soil Science, Microbiology, Plant Pathology, Agronomy, Animal Husbandry, Extension Education, Agricultural Economics, Hortic...

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msc agriculture

MSc Agriculture

The Agriculture industry has seen remarkable expansion due to scientific and technological advancements. With roots in various sectors, a large number of institutions now offer a wide range of Agriculture courses ranging from bachelor's throughout the world to doctoral degrees. Though undergraduate programs provide an excellent conceptual foundatio...

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mch degree

MCh Degree

MCh, or Master of Chirurgiae, is a Latin abbreviation for general surgery. This degree is considered the highest master's degree in Surgical Science. In general, the MCh degree includes extensive research requirements. Candidates and graduates are trained for the high-demand surgical field. This course is taken mainly by younger physicians and prof...

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bsc computer science

BSc Computer Science

BSc Computer Science, otherwise abbreviated as B.Sc CS, is simply an undergraduate program based on courses and subjects that deal with computer science. The topics are specifically for computer research, computer application, and services. One thing that's certain about BSc Computer Science is that it has to do with the study of fundamentals of co...

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Psychology Courses in Canada for Indian Students

Psychology Courses in Canada for Indian Students

If you have decided to study psychology in Canada, you have made an excellent decision. You will receive training in the necessary skills and knowledge in psychology. Furthermore, if you have a bachelor's degree in psychology, you can easily find a job in Canada. Not only that, it opens up Master's, PhD, and Doctor degrees for you if you wish to be...

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LLM in Canada for Indian Students

LLM in Canada for Indian Students

Studying Masters in Law, also known as Latin Legum Magister (LLM) in Canada, is an excellent decision. It not only opens you to a vast horizon of careers in law & justice but knowing the laws of two countries also makes you a better candidate in this sector. This article discusses the essentials Indian students need to know to apply for LLM in ...

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Masters In Public Health In Canada for Indian Students

Master's in Public Health or MPH in Canada is a graduate degree that focuses on Canadian public health conditions and working on public health-related policies. Alongside the political system to spread awareness and promote various health policies and programs. MPs generally focus on filling the gaps in skills required for the health workforce in C...

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Canada Student Visa IELTS Band Requirements

Canada Student Visa IELTS Band Requirements

Studying is measured as the primary stage to embark on, not just on the skilled platform, but for the general growth of a person. The desire to develop and progress is what makes any learner reach for success. Canada is well-known as one of the few places with top universities to learn abroad. The journey to start learning in the country is not eas...

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PGDM (Post Graduate Diploma in Management PGDM in Canada

PGDM (Post Graduate Diploma in Management) in Canada

A PGDM is usually a 1–2-year programme that offers students extensive and immersive exposure to all management concepts. A few popular PGDM specialisations are Marketing, Finance, and HR. A PGDM course focuses more on the technical aspects of the subject and gives students exposure to real-time business situations. Compared to a master's degree, a ...

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BSc Physics Syllabus

Physics is the science that studies the structure of matter and the interactions of the observable universe's essential constituents. Physics (from a Greek physician) is concerned with all aspects of nature on macroscopic and sub-microscopic scales. Its scope of study extends beyond the behaviour of things when subjected to specific forces to the h...

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How to be an air hostess after 12th?

Being an Air Hostess is one of the most highly paid jobs in aviation as a person gets to work with various airlines. It is a dream of many students which has been increasing every day. To be an Air Hostess, a student can opt for either certificate, diploma or degree course after the 12th. A student also needs various skills like confidence, patienc...

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