Business Analyst Salary in USA

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Do you know that Business Analysts are some of the top-paid professionals in the USA? Business Analyst salary in the USA varies based on experience and position. Ranging around $40,000 for even an entry-level employee with a relevant degree of 0-2 years of experience, it is a lucrative role which is sought after by many. Read further to learn about Business Analyst salaries in the USA based on experience, employment type, and many more.

Business Analyst Salary in USA

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Business Analyst Salary in the USA

Business Analyst job demand will grow by 11% by 2030 as expected, Business analysts are already in high demand, and it appears that this demand will only increase over time. The COVID-19 outbreak launched the digital revolution, which is a major factor driving the demand for business analysts. However, candidates with excellent analytical skills are in short supply—between 140,000 and 190,000 in the United States alone. Business analysts help with a wide range of operations, and their income varies depending on their position, credentials, amount of experience, business analyst certification, location, and even the industry in which they work.

The Business Analyst Salary in the USA is divided into three parts: senior-level, mid-level and entry-level depending on the employee's understanding and capabilities. 

What is the average salary for a Business Analyst in the US?


This position necessitates an Associate's degree and 0-2 years of experience in the profession. You should be familiar with general business framework concepts, procedures, and the technology that allows those methodologies to function. At this level, you should be able to examine, evaluate, and assess specified business frameworks and their impact on the organisation and its clients. Here is a detailed view of entry-level business analyst salary:
  • Hour-based Salary: USD 26.85
  • Day-based Salary: USD 277
  • Week-based Salary: USD 1,135
  • Monthly based salary: USD 4,393
  • Yearly based salary: USD 40,000 


So you've been in your entry-level work as a business analyst for 2-4 years now! Would you like to earn more money in this profession than you did as an entry-level business analyst? Indeed. At this stage, you should have learned about business framework concepts and database ideas, and you should be familiar with taking care of business frameworks and client needs.

You should have a project degree, access project objectives, and establish your ventures and frameworks to assist your organisation in reaching that specific target. At this level, you should have had some exposure to sophisticated queries and possibilities to be imaginative, but there is still a long way to go and a lot more to achieve. Here is what mid-level business analyst can accept as a salary:

  • Hour-based Salary: USD 62.93
  • Day-based Salary: USD 526
  • Week-based Salary: USD 1,578
  • Monthly based salary: USD 6,106
  • Yearly-based Salary: USD 86,234


At this level, a bachelor's degree is required. Make certain you have one. You will also need 4-6 years of experience working with business frameworks. You should be able to verify, assess, and measure explicit business frameworks and arrangements and how they affect the organisation and its clients at this level.

  • Hour-based Salary: USD 62.93
  • Day-based Salary: USD 526
  • Week-based Salary: USD 1,578
  • Monthly based salary: USD 6,106
  • Yearly-based Salary: USD 86,234


States-wise USA Business Analyst Salaries

In the United States, a Business Analyst Consultant can expect to earn $94,770 per year. Here we have listed the Business Analytics Salary by region:

  • Texas: USD 93,871
  • Virginia: USD 89,575
  • New Jersey: USD 103,352
  • California: USD 104,091
  • Michigan: USD 88,138
  • Washington: USD 98,423
  • Oregon: USD 98,814
  • New Hampshire: USD 91,476
  • New York: USD 93,284
  • West Virginia: USD 73,597
  • Delaware: USD 82,245
  • Ohio: USD 80,700
  • Arizona: USD 92,537
  • Wyoming: USD 81,506

Business Analyst Salaries in the USA: Self-Employed vs Full-Time Analyst

Business Analyst salaries in the US depend on various factors such as location, experience, and working as a full-time or self-employed analyst. Given below are some factors that can be considered:

Industry: Salary can also depend on the industry you are working in as a business analyst. Some industries, including healthcare and finance, mostly pay higher salaries as compared to others.

Skills and Experience: your skills set, and experience plays a significant role in your salary as a business analyst. The more experience you will gain, the more your salary will be high. Additionally, the type of employment, full-time or self-employed, can also impact salary levels. 

Self-employed business analyst

A self-employed business analyst works independently and offers services to various clients. The salary of the self-employed worker depends on the factors such as rates charged, the number of clients and the type of their services.

Self-employed business analysts frequently charge hourly or project-based rates for their services. Hourly prices can range from $50 to $150 or more per hour based on criteria such as expertise, experience, and the project's complexity. Self-employed business analysts who are highly specialised or in great demand may fetch higher fees.

It is vital to keep in mind that as a self-employed professional, you'll have additional expenses and obligations that may have an impact on your overall profits. Self-employment taxes, healthcare expenditures, marketing and networking expenses, and the need to actively acquire and secure clients are examples of these. 

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Full-time business analyst

A full-time business analyst often works for a company or organisation and is paid on a regular basis, as well as receiving benefits such as health insurance, retirement plans, and paid time off. A full-time business analyst's pay in the United States might range from roughly $60,000 to $130,000 per year, based on the abovementioned characteristics.

Salary or earning potential for both self-employed and full-time business analysts can vary greatly depending on individual circumstances and the aforementioned elements. To calculate acceptable rates or negotiate fair compensation as a full-time employee, it's best to investigate market prices, examine your knowledge and experience, and estimate demand for your services.

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