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Can we do a PhD after BTech?


There has been a lot of confusion and doubts regarding whether it is possible to pursue a PhD after BTech. The answer is "Yes". You have the option to study a Doctoral degree after completing your BTech. A Master's degree abroad generally tends to be expensive, which is why several students hesitate to pursue the course abroad. The reality is that there is another alternative available. 

Quick Facts

  • How to do a PhD after BTech?
  • Which are the PhD courses available after BTech?
  • Which are the top universities to choose for PhD after BTech?
  • If you want answers to these questions, you can read the blog completely. The blog contains detailed information on the eligibility criteria for a direct PhD admission after BTech. The process is not difficult, but you need to know about it in detail.

    How to Do A PhD After BTech?

    As we state that it is possible to pursue a PhD directly after BTech, it is essential to explain how. There are several universities that offer an integrated PhD program whereby you can combine your MS and PhD programs. The course duration will be 3-6 years. You should first choose your specialisation and identify the topic in which you want to pursue your Doctorate. The other method is to apply for a PhD directly after your BTech. You can consult your faculty members or supervisors for a direct recommendation. It is to be noted that you are expected to have thorough knowledge and prior experience in the field you wish to pursue your PhD in. It will be beneficial to have research papers or publications to boost your chances of getting admission. It is also good to have your BTech final year project aligned with the topic of your PhD research.

    You can submit Letters Of Recommendation (LORs) to uplift your application. If you are proven to have at least a surface knowledge of the subject that is taught in the Master's program, it will make things easier for you. If you attach a distinguished Statement Of Purpose (SOP) with it, you are sure to get admission to your desired program.

    How to Build A Profile for A Direct PhD After BTech?

    If you are planning to pursue a PhD right after your BTech, it is essential that you have a good profile. Your application should stand out from the others, and it is always good to have a few years of work experience. After completing your BTech, you can work for a year or two or extend your work under your project guide. You can also choose to do an internship. All these will help uplift your application. You can also try participating in seminars, submitting a research paper or doing an extra research project during your BTech. You should align your final year project with your PhD topic. Additionally, having a good Letter Of Recommendation from your mentor or guide is also advisable. You should maintain a good rapport with your guides so that they give an apt recommendation for you.

    You can also pursue Double or Triple Majors in your Undergraduate program. This will also make a bonus point for you. For instance, if you have Double Majors in Finance and Mathematics, you can pursue your PhD in Finance. After having all these, there is something else that is equally important. It is to have all the important documents to back your application. Have a good Statement Of Purpose that states why you are a fit for admission to the course. You should also explain the contributions you will be able to make in the area. Hence, though the process may seem a bit tiring, it is equally rewarding as well.

    List of PhD Courses After BTech

    There are a few courses you can pursue right after completing your BTech. It should be noted that not all universities offer these courses. As such, it is essential that you make a list of the universities that offer these courses and then proceed. The list of PhD courses you can choose after your BTech is given below.

    • PhD in Artificial Intelligence
    • PhD in Civil Engineering
    • PhD in Computer Engineering
    • PhD in Electrical Engineering
    • PhD in Engineering
    • PhD in Fluid Mechanics, Turbomachinery and Energy Fluid
    • PhD in Graphene Technology
    • PhD in Information Engineering
    • PhD in Management and Manufacturing
    • PhD in Material, Mechanics and Design
    • PhD in Mechanical Engineering
    • PhD in Robotics Engineering

    Universities Offering PhD Courses Abroad

    There are several renowned universities in the world that offer PhD after BTech. The average cost of pursuing PhD after BTech ranges from INR 18,00,000 to INR 44,00,000. We have compiled a list of such prominent universities and have tabulated them below for your reference. You can keep note of these universities so that you do not need to do extensive research for them.

    Top Universities


    QS Ranking 2023

    Average Annual Tuition Fees (in INR)




    INR 43,60,000

    University of Illinois, Chicago



    INR 19,30,000

    University of Sussex



    INR 18,70,000

    Columbia University



    INR 42,90,000

    Stanford University



    INR 35,20,000

    University of Manchester



    INR 23,00,000

    Eligibility for A PhD Program After BTech

    When you apply for a PhD program directly after BTech, you are required to meet a few eligibility criteria, which can vary depending on your chosen university. However, a few requirements will remain the same. You are expected to be proficient in a few areas of Engineering, like calculus, algebra etc. A few general requirements are listed below. Apart from the ones below, you will also need proof of the projects and assistantships you did.

    1. Good English proficiency test scores.
    2. Letters Of Recommendation (LORs).
    3. Statement Of Purpose (SOP).
    4. Good GMAT/GRE scores.
    5. A research proposal specifying your interests in research.
    6. Preferable to have Double/Triple Majors.

    Documents Required for A PhD After BTech

    While you apply for a PhD directly after your BTech, you need to submit a few documents. These documents can vary depending on the university you apply to, but there are a few documents that almost all universities ask for. They are given below.

    • Score sheets of GRE/GMAT, IELTS/PTE/TOEFL.
    • Statement Of Purpose (SOP)
    • Letters Of Recommendation (LORs)
    • Research Proposal
    • Proof of funds

    How to Apply for PhD Abroad From India

    If you wish to apply for PhD abroad from India, you need to follow a few steps. They are mentioned below for your reference. It is essential that you keep a note of it so that you can plan everything accordingly. You should start applying early, so you have enough time to arrange everything. Also, you should visit the official website of the universities to get detailed information.

    1. Research the PhD courses available.
    2. Finalise the area you want to specialise in.
    3. Choose the topic you want to do your research in.
    4. Search for the best supervisor to guide you.
    5. Send a formal application letter to your supervisor.
    6. Ensure to follow up regularly through email or call.
    7. Clear all your doubts by asking questions.
    8. Fill out the application form.

    Jobs and Salary After PhD Abroad

    PhD is one of the most prestigious degrees you can pursue abroad. Almost all universities in top study destinations like Australia, the USA, the UK, Canada etc., offer PhD in several specialisations. A Doctoral degree will help you get a well-paid job easily. It is a wide misconception that becoming a college professor is the only job one can take up after completing a PhD. However, this is not true. There are a few other career options available. They are given below.

    Job Role

    Average Annual Salary (in INR)

    Associate Professor

    INR 80,09,455


    INR 1,08,16,893


    INR 1,17,25,181

    Data Scientist

    INR 1,27,98,614

    Research Scientist

    INR 1,24,68,327

    Life Science Researcher

    INR 1,29,63,757

    Biomedical Scientist

    INR 1,69,27,199

    If you have a good academic credential, you are sure to get admission to a PhD program at your preferred university after your BTech. You can directly apply for a PhD or opt for a combined Master's and Doctoral program. We hope to have covered all details regarding the possibilities of pursuing a PhD directly after BTech. If you wish to know more about the cost of studying and living in popular study destinations, courses etc., you can read our blogs on them.

    If you feel the need for any further help and assistance during your application to universities abroad, you can contact AECC. We have expert professionals and counsellors to help you throughout the process, from researching the best universities and courses to visa guidance. Don't hesitate to contact us for free assistance!


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