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Canada Visa Rejection


As per the IRCC, the number of overseas students holding a Canadian Study Permit is about 6,21,565 this year. After the pandemic, there has been a significant rise in student applications for Canada, with around 2,30,000 applications from India alone. This rise in visa applications has also led to continuous application refusals.

Do you know the Canada visa processing time? Do you think it will be beneficial to know some tips to avoid visa rejection?

You can read the blog completely if you need answers to these questions. You need not worry after seeing the rejection rate. If you follow the tips, you will find it easier to get your visa application approved.

Canada Visa Rejection for Indian Students

According to our research, as of September 2022, the Canadian student visa rejection rate is 60 per cent for many Indian states, which is higher than the average Canadian study permit refusal rate of 30 per cent. Furthermore, most of these rejections are due to some common reasons.

Canada Visa Rejection Reasons

There could be many reasons why your Canada visa application was rejected. Let's discuss them all.

  • You need to have sufficient funds to pay your first-year fees with proof. If the immigration officer suspects financial insufficiency, they can reject your application. They may also refuse your application if they doubt your choice of program.
  • Your Canada student visa can be rejected if your university acceptance letter is in question. Another reason can be if you scored less than required on the English proficiency exam.
  • You also need to assure the visa officer that you will return to your home country after graduation because the Canada study permit is a temporary visa. If you fail to do so, your visa application will get rejected. Another reason is incomplete travel or ID documents.
  • Canadian Immigration will refuse your visa application if you lack job prospects in your home country in your chosen course. Because this indicates that you intend to settle in Canada, and since the Canada study permit is a temporary allowance, you cannot settle in the country with it. Another reason is that your biometrics need to be appropriately scanned or uploaded.
All these reasons can lead to a Canada visa application rejection. Therefore, we advise you to get expert assistance and take your time while applying for a permit.

Canada Visa processing time India 2022

The processing times for a Canada visa in India depend on the type of visa you are applying for. For example, the processing time for a Canada Tourist Visa is 155 days, while for the Student Visa, it is 12 weeks. However, as per the new guidelines under the SDS program, the Canada student permit processing time can take up to 45 business days.

How Do I Know If My Visa is Rejected?

First, you should remember how you applied for the Canadian Visa, as there are different ways to know your visa status. Let's see each one in brief.

  • If you have applied via a Visa Centre, you will be given various tracking services by which you can know if your visa application is approved or rejected.
  • If you have applied via post or courier, you will get an approval stamp on your passport if the application is approved. If there is no stamp, then it means that your visa application has been rejected for any of the reasons we mentioned in the previous subheading.
  • If you have applied online, you will get a confirmation or rejection email regarding your visa status.

Reapply For an Indian Student Canada Visa after Rejection

You can reapply for a Canadian Study visa after it got refused earlier. However, first of all, we recommend you find out why your visa application was rejected last time to ensure that you don't repeat the same mistake. Also, please note that according to the new guidelines published under the SDS, the Canada student visa processing time can take up to 45 business days.

It is essential to know why your permit was rejected. Furthermore, when the students receive their refusal letter, they don't get a reason for their application's rejection. Therefore, you must get assistance from the GCMS or CAIPS notes. Citizen and Immigration Canada applies the Computer Assisted Immigration Processing System (CAIPS) to process all visa applications in international offices. On the other hand, GCMS Computer (Global Case Management System) has succeeded the CAIPS.

Applicants who do not have a Canadian PR or citizenship can get expert assistance from numerous consultants to request the GCMS or CAIPS notes. They can also ask a representative who is a Canadian national or PR holder to request the information. After applying, the IRCC, Ottawa in, Canada, will process your request. You should receive these notes in about five weeks (between 35 and 40 days). In addition, you must be aware of the steps you need to take if your student visa application gets rejected.

If your study permit for Canada is rejected, you can file an appeal against it. There are three ways to proceed against the visa refusal – requesting reevaluation, appealing against it in federal court, and submitting a new visa form. If you are applying for a Canada Study Permit for the first time, we recommend assistance from a visa counsellor to increase your chances of success.

Refusal Rate of Canada Student Visa 2022

As of September 2022, the refusal rate of Canadian student visas is 60 per cent for many Indian states. This rate exceeds the average Canada visa refusal rate of 30 per cent.

Canada Student Visa Success Rate from India

According to the IRC Canada data, 60 per cent of the student visas of Indians were accepted in 2021. This rate had a decrease in 2020 due to the Covid pandemic. However, 60 per cent of the 2,30,860 applications got approved the following year, a significant increase from 48 per cent in 2020. In 2022 though, due to the Covid-19 ease, it has decreased to about 40 per cent.

Tips to Avoid Canada Visa Rejection for Indian Students

To avoid getting your Canada student visa application rejected, you should submit every document in the same order they are asked to, along with the letter you received from your university or college. You should also mention your purpose of study in Canada with valid reasons. Other than that, here are a few more tips to avoid refusal for your Canada student visa application.

  • Make a checklist: We recommend you list all the mandatory documents requested to submit to obtain a study visa. You can find this list on the official website of the government of Canada.
  • Correctly fill out the visa application form: You should double-check it before submitting it to ensure that all columns are filled. Also, filling everything right is critical. Be confident and ask an expert for help whenever you need clarification. Include the details in your visa application file if you have travel and visa rejection histories. When applying online, it is also essential to answer all the questions on the CIC website.
  • Offer letter: You also need to upload a copy of the offer letter you receive from your Canadian university. So ensure that you include this task in your checklist so that you remember to do it. Students with work experience must also submit salary slips or bank statements as proof. So add it to your list if you have work experience.
  • Applying under SPP: If you are requesting under the SPP, you must be able to show evidence of finances. You can get a Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) by transferring CAD 10-200 to Scotia Bank. Indian students can also get GIC from ICICI Bank.
  • Statement Of Purpose: The most important letter to include in your file. You should mention your academic achievements and your purpose behind studying in Canada, as it will introduce you to the visa officer.

You need not worry much by reading the above facts. If you apply right without making mistakes, you will definitely get your Canada visa application approved on the first try. You can also take reference from the tips we have provided. It is always better to take assistance from experts like AECC, so there is no space to make any mistakes.

Still have any doubts? Want to increase your chances of visa application approval for Canada? Get in touch with AECC. We offer every type of visa guidance and education abroad-related services for free.

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