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Canada Work Permit

Canada Work Permit

A country comprising varied multinational companies and warmhearted people is Canada. The country welcomes students openly that are willing to accomplish their future study quest or look for better job opportunities. Canada offers a list of benefits for immigrants right from healthcare assistance, affordability, and superior lifestyle standards.

The visa procedure extended by its immigration authorities is also quite simple and manageable. Work permits are necessary in several cases where foreign individuals intend to seek a job in Canada.

The government of Canada only issues these work permits after checking certain criteria. Thus, if you consider moving to Canada to find a global job opportunity, read the article to identify the whole procedure requirements, processing hours, and other vital aspects related to the Canadian work permit or work visa for Indian students. 

Canada Work Permit from India

The Canadian work permit assists the Indian passport holders to reside and employ in the country for a specific duration with particular conditions. Indians can opt for offline or online applications depending on their necessities and preferences. Further, depending on the particular program they pick, applicants must submit specific documents along with their application form. After submission, only approved employers in Canada can hire foreign applicants for jobs.

About Canada Work Permit Visa

As we know, the work permit is issued by Canadian authorities and permits applicants to operate in the country for a particular period.

An individual must request a Work Visa only after acquiring a job offer or a contract from a company situated in Canada. The applicant must also get an ESDC and LMIA, which are work permits to hire foreign workers for tasks that residents or citizens of the country cannot fulfil. Further, applicants must have a job offer letter with them to submit the application form for the work visa and permit.

Latest update on Canada Work Permit 2022

After COVID-19, the work permit procedure in Canada has certainly slowed down. However, the country has introduced new ways of hassle-free and quick work permits.

Currently, the Canadian government has assured to use ₹85 million to pace up their work permit procedures.

The processing time is claimed to return to normal by 2022. These funds will assist in building modern techniques to make the process quicker and highly efficient.

With 900,000 new openings, the country is prepping to welcome over 1.3 million foreign employees to support its market growth.

Canada Work Permit Eligibility

Potential application holders must display proof of their eligibility to acquire the job offer. To fill out an application for a Work Permit in Canada from India, you must be eligible and meet specific criteria. All the paperwork and documents should be filled out and presented in English.

Certain eligibilities you must meet are:

  • Submit proof that you will depart the country after Permit expiration.
  • Submit papers that prove you have sufficient funds to survive your being and family while residing in Canada
  • Possess no record of criminal activities and submit a clearance certificate from the police as validation
  • Ensure you are not harmful to Canada's security
  • Should be healthy and consider a medical exam if necessary
  • Should not work for employers that are listed ineligible by the authorities or companies that do not meet all government criterions
  • Must not work for individuals that offer erotic dance, escort, erotic massages or striptease services by any means
  • Must have documents ready as and when demanded by officials to get a permit for your work entry in Canada

Documents required for Canada Work Permit

A must-have document list is as follows:

  • A valid passport will not expire up to the next six months from the planned arrival date in Canada.
  • Two latest passport size photographs
  • The newest education certificates and documents
  • Valid documents proving professional qualifications, comprising the work experience you have
  • Validation of apt financial resources to meet the expenses while living in Canada
  • A proper medical test from registered hospitals only.
  • Form fee

The applicant must also prove to the immigration officials that they will return to their country after completing their employment term.

Types of Work Permit in Canada

There are a total of two work permits in Canada.

  1. Employer-specific permit
  2. Open-work permit

  1. Employer Specific Permit

This type of permit enables you to work in Canada as per the following conditions;

  • Name of the Employer you will be working for
  • A precise work duration
  • Location of the workplace

Before submitting the form for employer-specific work permits, the company that wishes to hire you should ensure they fulfil specific steps and provide you with the LMIA or at least an offer letter with an employee number to mention in your application.

2. Open Work Permit

It enables you to freely operate for any company in the country, except for the following

  • Ineligible employers that have failed to meet with the terms of the government, or
  • Employers that hire workers for striptease, escort services or erotic dance and massage services
  • An open work permit is only attainable in specific and legal scenarios.

How Can You Acquire a Canadian Work Permit

Getting a work permit is not complicated. All you necessitate are the proper steps.

  • Step 1: Employer must apply for LMIA
  • Step 2: Employer offers only temporary employment offers
  • Step 3: Non-resident worker enrols for a work visa and permit
  • Step 4: Approval of work permit

The basic overview of the work permit system for applying for a Canadian work visa is:

  • Go to Canada's official site for immigration citizenship.
  • Make your account and pick the kind of work permit you would like to issue for.
  • Fill in all necessary details given on the form.
  • After successfully submitting the form and paying the fee, you must submit the necessary biometric details to proceed further.
  • Upload all the essential papers and documents and click on Submit.

To proceed further, you might be interviewed by official authorities or have to submit additional details while your application is in process. After acquiring approval, you will get a letter that indicates whether you will be permitted to work in Canada. Your work permit will be issued to you on arrival after checking of necessary documents.

Canada Work Permit Processing Time

As a result of the pandemic, estimating Canada's work visa processing period is tough. On logging in, you will locate details about:

  • The application
  • Where has the procedure reached

Canada Work Permit Visa Fees

Without an application fee, you will not proceed further with your issue. The costs are non-refundable and can vary depending on your visa type, nationality, the application process, and more. Both online and offline methods are enabled with multiple payment options. Applications submitted via consultancies can be costlier. The usual application fee for work visa are:

  • Work Permit (comprising extensions) – 85 dollars per application
  • Work Permit (comprising extensions) – Three or more individuals: 170 dollars
  • Open Work Permit holders: 255 dollars

Temporary Work Permit Canada

Temporary work permits are a combination of temporary residency and work permits to take a job in the country. A temporary permit allows you to work in the country for six months. Also, not all visas are permanent; they expire after specific years or months. So, applying for a ticket does not mean you will get permanent residency.

Student Work Permit Canada

The Study Permit holders that meet necessary qualifying criteria are permitted to work in Canada both on and off the campus without the necessity of a work permit.


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