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Career in Fashion Designing After Graduation

  • Fashion designing is an ideal career for creative individuals who excel in thinking outside the box, sketching, and crafting.
  • It involves playing with colours, materials, and styles to create unique fashion pieces.
  • The industry is fast-paced, diverse, and highly competitive, requiring a strong artistic skill set.

Career Opportunities in Fashion Designing

  • After 10th Grade: Opportunities include Fashion Designer, Fashion Retailer, Visual Merchandiser, Pattern Maker, Fashion Stylist, Fashion Forecaster, Event Coordinator, Textile Designer, Creative Designer, Fashion Photographer, and Store Manager.
  • After 12th Grade: Career options expand to Footwear Designer, Fashion Editor, Personal Stylist, Makeup Artist, Costume Designer, Fashion Journalist, Accessory Designer, and Textile Designer.
  • Below is a table creation showing different job profiles and their salaries to help you give you a picture of the lucrative of this job market.

Job profile


Fashion Designer


Fashion buyer


Fashion marketing specialist


Fashion Blogger


Fashion Product Manager


Fashion Stylist




Fashion Designer Salary

  • Salaries vary based on experience, education, and skill set.
  • Top-paying cities for fashion designers include Los Angeles, Riverside, Dallas, New York, and Portsmouth.

Qualifications To Become A Fashion Designer

  • Education in fashion design is crucial, with a focus on enrolling in reputable fashion design colleges.
  • Internships are essential for gaining practical experience and industry connections.
  • Skills required include drawing, illustration, pattern cutting, draping techniques, tailoring, sewing, and computer-aided design.
  • Soft skills such as communication, organisation, budgeting, and attention to detail are also important.
  • Apprenticeships offer practical experience for those unable to obtain a university education.
  • Showcasing talent through collections, sketching, and creating a portfolio is vital.
  • Fashion blogging can help stay informed about trends and connect with industry professionals

Top Universities for Fashion Design Abroad

  • Kingston University
  • Paris College of Art
  • Parson School of Design
  • Central Saint Martins
  • School of the Art Institute of Chicago
  • Instituto Marangoni
  • Manchester School of Art
  • Royal College of Art
  • Fashion Institute of Technology
  • London College of Fashion

Fashion designing is a way of self-expression. A designer should be able to tell a story with the way the cloth is worn. It is an industry that tags at the heart of an individual's creativity. Whatever field you choose to deep dive in within the fashion industry, challenges are inevitable but be assured that this career is truly worth it is salt.

Fashion is always being reinvented, which means there is never a dull day in this industry. We hope that this article has enabled you to learn about the career opportunities available for you to explore within this industry at different levels and the pay scale within different fields in the industry. Feel Free to reach our experts if you need any clarification or have any questions.


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