UK Travel Restrictions for International Students

UK Travel Restrictions for International Students (Latest Update)

When it comes to studying abroad, UK universities are always at the top of the list for international students. The United Kingdom is the most recommended destination for the majority of international students. It has some of the most popular universities in the world which offer global outreach to their students, and high-quality education. Degree...

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Best Places to Visit in UK for International Students

Best Places to Visit in UK for International Students

Many people wish to study in the United Kingdom, and a few are fortunate enough to be able to do so. You're working hard to succeed. It's a part of life to work hard. The same goes for the regeneration of new energy, which only comes when you relax. The United Kingdom is packed with these places. The UK tourism destination offers a good history, cu...

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Masters in UK for Indian Students

Masters in UK for Indian Students

In the UK, there are some of the world's finest universities famous for their teaching and research quality. The successful graduate degree or masters in UK often takes only a year compared with two-year master's programmes in other parts of the world. This means that you can save time, money and get on with a well-respected postgraduate degree fro...

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Exams Required to Study in UK

The United Kingdom is a popular foreign student choice in much of the globe with 18 universities in the world's top 100 rankings at the QS World University Ranking 2021. While the country has a fantastic cultural experience, international exhibition, and world-class qualifications, you may require standardised testing to complete your university ap...

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The United Kingdom UK Universities to Cover Quarantine Costs for Indian Students

Our students' health and safety remain a priority, and few of our partner universities look forward to welcoming our international community to their campuses. The university has adopted its preparedness plan COVID-19, which is ready to welcome foreign students and to help them. Over the previous year, Coronavirus has been challenging for everybody...

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7 Places You Shouldn't Miss To Visit While Studying In UK

7 Places You Shouldn't Miss To Visit While Studying In UK

Road map? Check. Food & Snacks? Check. Travel accessories? Check.   But what about the list of places you could visit while studying in the UK? The United Kingdom is full of breathtaking places. While studying in the UK, exploring places can be exciting and act as a source of knowledge about their history, culture, businesses, and tra...

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Best Universities in the UK

Ever wondered why the United Kingdom has been the most preferred study destination for most international students?

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5 Benefits of Studying Cybersecurity in the UK

Benefits of Studying Cyber security Cybersecurity is an essential part of technological growth that acts as a protective system against malicious attacks.

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UK provides international students access to COVID-19 vaccine

With the COVID-19 vaccine being tested across various places in the UK, the government has come up with a happy promise for its international students.

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Popular Courses in England

Art museums and theatre plays, themed cafes, legendary music, quiet canals, a criss-cross culture, culinary quirks, and an amicable atmosphere.  

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The University of Plymouth offers business-related scholarships

The University of Plymouth, England has introduced new scholarships for students to encourage them in pursuing business-related programs.

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Has your study in UK dreams come to a halt due to travel restrictions?

Interact with UK university representatives at AECC Global's GVEF and learn how you can move forward with your UK educational goals.

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UK to open new immigration route soon

The UK government was delighted to inform an early opening of the new immigration route for its international students.

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Your Journey Forward: Pathfinder - UK Pre Departure.

Congratulations on having decided to study in the UK! Education in the United Kingdom offers excellent learning opportunities and provides you with a fantastic study and living experience. 

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QS survey reports - online classes most preferred by staff in the UK

With the UK proposing to start classes on campus by introducing a blended form of learning which is inclusive of both online and face to face learning earlier this week, a recent survey has suggested that most universities prefer online courses to that of the other.

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UK hosts first set of students on campus after COVID - 19

While studying on campus still appears to be a far fetched dream for many international students, “The University of Nottingham” in the UK has paved the way for the first set of international students to resume their study at the University.

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UK promises post-work study visa for International students

The UK government has confirmed that the International students will be eligible to apply for their post-study work visa after graduating, provided they are back onshore by April 2021.

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Best Time to Apply in UK: 2 Year Post Study Work Rights Re-introduced !!

Best Time to Apply in UK: 2 Year Post Study Work Rights Re-introduced !!

Are you aware of the latest policy changes which have happened in the UK Higher Education Sector?

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Choose Your Future – Explore Bachelor Options in UK

Choose Your Future – Explore Bachelor Options in UK

Now that you have given your board exams, you might be exploring various undergraduate study options.

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Shape Your Career in Top UK Universities

Shape Your Career in Top UK Universities

Ever wondered why so many international students choose UK as their study abroad destination? UK is one of the most popular study destinations and is well known for its language, history, culture, research and innovation.

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