MCA in USA for Indian Students

The state of California is known to be the most populated state in USA. It also has a large number of immigrants in the country. The MCA is one of the most popular courses among the immigrants and prospective students looking for the best course. The Master of Computer Applications is a 2-year course meant to provide a practical, theoretical and ha...

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Intakes in USA

Intakes in USA

If you are thinking of studying abroad, the United States is probably the first place that comes to one's mind. The country's educational system is adorned with multiple Ivy League colleges, attracting international students worldwide. US colleges and universities have a batch-based application procedure that takes place three times a year to strea...

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MBA in USA Without GMAT for Indian Students

If you never wanted to appear in the GMAT exam for a specific reason and do not know how to continue your studies without it, you are not alone. So many universities worldwide do not care about GMAT as their focus is on other qualities that a student might have. Especially the USA is a country that values students having qualities like leadership, ...

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Part Time Jobs in USA for Indian Students

Part Time Jobs in USA for Indian Students

Table of Content Types of Part-Time Jobs in USA On-campus jobs:- Off-campus jobs:- Online Part-Time Jobs in USA for Indian Students How to Find Part-Time Jobs in USA Part-Time Jobs in USA for Indian Students Salary A part-time job is crucial to Indian students who go overseas to study. There are several methods to make additional money in the USA f...

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Cost of Living in USA for Indian Students

Cost of Living in USA for Indian Students

Table of Content Cost of Studying in USA Cost of living in USA for Indian Students Accommodation Cost in the USA Cost of Food in the USA Average Electricity Bill/Internet bill in USA Transportation Cost in the USA Student Visa and Application Cost "We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm, and adventure. There is no end to the adv...

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Cost of Studying in USA for Indian Students

Cost of Studying in USA for Indian Students

Table of Content What is the Cost of Studying in USA for Indian students? Average Studying Cost in USA for Indian Students Average Cost of Studying in USA for (Bachelors) Average Cost of Studying in USA for (Masters) General Entrance Examination Costs for the US Yearly Cost of Living in the states of USA The USA remains the No.1 destination for int...

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Top masters courses in USA (PG Courses in USA)

TOP Masters Courses in USA (PG Courses)

The USA is the very first thing that pops out of students' minds when it comes to international education. The USA is equipped with higher standards and an ecosystem for every student to experiment, create, and market their inventions/discoveries to the world. Their world-class universities are facilitated with customized programs for international...

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Study in USA for Indian Students after 12th

Study in USA for Indian Students after 12th

Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.                                                           - Einstein The United States of America, often known as the "La...

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USA travel restrictions for International Students

USA Travel Restrictions for International Students (Latest Update)

Studying abroad in the USA provides students with an excellent atmosphere, characterized by flexible educational techniques and a robust curriculum in many disciplines of study. The number of universities available in the United States is mind-boggling. You will have the opportunity to contribute to your life experience, from internationally recogn...

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Best Indian Restaurant in USA For Indian Students

Indian restaurants throughout the country bring flavour to the eating scene of the United States with a delicate mix of local traditions, hand-down recipes and local influences. If you think of Indian restaurants, the idea of white tablecloth restaurants is the same as in Bollywood, with the background a random Bolivar movie, a dish of creamy chick...

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What Exams are Required to Study in USA?

Apart from your visa application procedure, you have a few things to consider while intending to study in the USA. You must take specific exams as proof of language and academic evaluation in order to receive admittance from US institutions. These include academic evaluations of admissions to US Universities at UG and PG levels. These examinations ...

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The US Govt permits the stay of students, reverses its earlier policy

With more than 60,000 international students currently residing in just Texas, the US government had earlier announced that the international students on F-1 and M-1 visas

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How to Apply for a Student Visa for the USA?

Studying abroad is a significant game-changer that would benefit you in many ways. Global education is bound to make a big difference in how you perceive your studies and yourself.

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Top Reasons to study in the USA

Top Reasons to Study in USA

Think about a home of diverse ethnicities, the highest number of top ranked universities, attractive landscapes, surf along the west coast beach…Pause! Interesting right?

Top 6 Reasons to Study in USA

Top 6 Reasons to Study in USA

Are you planning to study abroad? But confused if you should choose USA as your study abroad destination? Explore Top 6 reasons why you should study in the United States.

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