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Complete guide to study at New York Institute of Technology in the USA

Is New York Institute of Technology one of the universities in your checklist of the favourite universities to study in the US? If yes, then we have got it covered for you. Today, we will be discussing all the aspects of the university to give you a glimpse and look into the university's offerings and contribution in terms of academics to students. Without further ado, let's dive into the blog.Enter your text here ...

New York Institute of Technology is a purpose-driven University with many adopted values and principles as a driving-force for its students. The University strongly believes in its propaganda of students finding their "place" at NYIT. The University is committed to transforming its students as Doers, Makers and Innovators.

Furthermore, with more commitment to research, the University thrives in its research findings and provide a complete research-based study for the students. The University offers courses in almost every education field like Science, Computing, Engineering, Medical, Business, Technology, Education, Energy and Power, Architecture, Arts and more.

With its motto of "Learn More, Do More and Earn More", NYIT values each and every student and strives to provide a space for them to build their independent careers.


The New York Institute of Technology is located in Old Westbury village on Long Island of the New York state. This is one of the two campuses of the NYIT university in the New York state. The other campus is located in Manhattan city.

The third campus is located in Arkansas city in the South Central United States.

Other Campuses

NYIT has other campuses in countries such as United Arab Emirates, China and Canada.

Why Choose New York Institute of Technology?

The New York Institute of Technology gives you many reasons to choose it as your go-to university. Besides the aforementioned aspects of the university in the introduction, the NYIT offers many benefits to its students.

  • The NYIT has a cybersecurity research lab and a bioscience and bioengineering lab in Old Westbury as well as in its other campuses in Arkansas, United Arab Emirates, China and Canada.
  • The NYIT is the first university in the whole world to build a Computer Graphics lab where students can learn about 3D Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) and also where students can experiment with 3D CGI. The 3D film production companies Pixar and Lucasfilm began their research here for their 3D films.
  • The courses offered by the NYIT are accredited by the Commission of Higher Education of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools of the United States. In fact, the other campuses in abroad countries like UAE, China and Canada have their courses accredited by their respective education ministries.
  • NYIT has five schools and two colleges within its campus at Old Westbury. Each of them is entirely dedicated to a particular education field with an emphasis on technology and applied scientific research.

New York Institute of Technology - Highlights



University Name

New York Institute of Technology

University Type

Public and Research-based

Degrees Offered

UG, PG and PhD

Eligibility Criteria

Passed high school with 70%

Cleared any one of the English Language proficiency exams with a high score. 

Admission Requirements

All academic transcripts.

Score certificate of the English Language proficiency exam you attended.




Affidavit of Support.

Proof of Funds.

Application Fee


Annual Tuition Fee


Staff to Student Ratio


Acceptance Rate


Total No of Campuses



Old Westbury, NYC

Manhattan, NYC


Placement Offered



New York Institute of Technology - Rankings

  • The University is currently ranking in the 2nd place in New York State and in 8th place in the US for its diversity in student population and international student representation as accredited by Times Higher Education (THE).
  • The Times Higher Education also ranks the University in the 39th place among all the 79 universities in the New York state of the US.
  • The University has earned the College of Distinction status for the fourth year in a row for maintaining its student engagement, great teaching and vibrant community.
  • NYIT ranks in the number one place among all the universities in the Long Island.
  • Of all the 3,410 US universities, NYIT gets placed under top 2% for helping students earning their return on investment for their invested tuition fees.
  • NYIT occupied the first place for having a diversified student body among all the US universities and colleges.

New York Institute of Technology - Acceptance Rate

The NYIT university has an acceptance rate of 80%, keeping the eligibility requirements at the margin-level.

New York Institute of Technology - Deadlines

The NYIT offers two intakes for students wishing to study in its campus.

  • One is Fall intake for which the deadline falls on July 1 2023.
  • The second is Spring intake for which the deadline falls on December 1, 2023.

New York Institute of Technology - Courses


Course Name



Annual Tution Fees in INR


Applied and Computational Mathematics


5 Years



Architectural Technology


5 Years





5 Years





2 Years



Life Sciences in Osteopathic Medicine


4 Years



Osteopathic Medicine, Medical and Biological Sciences 


7 Years



Biotechnology Engineering


4 Years



Electrical and Computer Engineering


5 Years



Data Science


1 Year



Clinical Nutrition


2-5 Years


Eligibility Criteria to Study at New York Institute of Technology

  • Passed High school scoring an average percentage of 70% and above.
  • Cleared any English Proficiency exam with the expected score. The University has set the following scores for the exams.

IELTS - 5.0 and above.

TOEFL - 41 and above.

Pearson PTE - 36 and above.

Duolingo - 70 -104

New York Institute of Technology - Admission 2023-2024

The New York Institute of Technology advises students to follow the following steps to successfully clear the admission stage.

Once you receive your offer letter of acceptance at the New York Institute of Technology, students have to perform the below steps to get admission.

1. Pay your Deposit - If you are a UG aspirant, you have to pay an initial deposit of $200, which is non-refundable. If you are a PG aspirant, you have to pay a deposit of $500 and these deposits had to be done before four weeks of receiving your letter of acceptance.

2. Create your New York Tech Account Online - Using the my.NYIT portal of the NYIT university, setup your username and password. After creating your account, create the university's Okta Single Sign-on account and the instructions to create a SSO account has been clearly explained in the university's website.

This SSO account will enable you to access the Student Service HUB. This HUB is your gateway to pay your tuition fees, access your university's official mails and view your class schedules.

3. Apply for your Student Visa - To receive your Student Visa, you must submit your financial documents, Affidavit of Support, and English language score to the university. Upon successfully submitting the above-mentioned forms, NYIT will issue your I-20 form, which acts as a "Certificate of Eligibility for Non-Immigrant Student Status" for international students and it is a must to receive the US Student Visa. Once you receive the I-20 form, apply for your student visa online.

4. Attend the Visa interview - Submit the necessary and supporting documents while you apply for the student visa. Once you pass the documents clearance stage, you will be called for an interview. Pass the interview and get your visa. On receiving the visa, you can get successful admission at NYIT.

How to Apply for New York Institute of Technology?

The application process at NYIT is simple and easy.

1. Fill the online application form of NYIT for the intake you prefer.

2. Pay the one-time application fee of US $50.

3. Attach all your academic transcripts including your proof of funds.

4. Along with the academic transcripts, attach your SOP and LORs.

5. Mandatorily, you must submit an Affidavit of Support of the required amount as mentioned by the university to provide you a I-20 form which is needed to receive your Student Visa.

Once you submit all these documents in English, your application process is completed.

New York Institute of Technology - Scholarships

The NYIT offers considerable scholarships for domestic as well as internationals students depending on their eligibility status. The following are some among them.

  • NYITCOM Institutional Needs-based Grant.
  • Arkansas Leaders Scholarship
  • Mississippi Delta Leaders Scholarship
  • National Health Service Corps Scholarship
  • Military Scholarships

Has NYIT impressed you much? Then, without further ado, start your admission process for the current academic year. To help you in your study-abroad journey, we at AECC will assist and guide you throughout. Our counsellors are experts in providing with much precise information about your preferred destinations and preferred universities. Reach out to us now through any of our social media handles or by visiting us at any of our branches that are nearest to you.


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