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Courses after 12th Non Medical


Class 12th is a critical stage because it is the time for you to identify your strengths and weaknesses to choose a career that is a good fit for you. Although numerous degree programmes are available in the Arts and Commerce streams, courses after the 12th Non-Medical in the Science stream remain a popular choice for many.

After completing 12th grade in non-medical fields, there are numerous career options available, but selecting the right one is critical. Numerous factors influence one's career path after high school, including subject interest, knowledge, and financial resources.

Non-medical is a stream that provides students with a diverse career path. Except for the medical line, all paths are open to students, implying that career opportunities in all educational fields are available. Even if you want to pursue a course in another field, such as business or the arts, you can do so quickly.

The greater the number of options, the larger the confusion. Thus, you must be clear before enrolling in any of the courses. Among the numerous career options available to non-medical students, the following are some of the best opportunities for non-medical students to pursue and succeed. However, before making a final decision, make sure you do some additional research on individual courses on your own.

Best Courses after 12th Non Medical

This article outlines the career options and top courses available to you if you have non-medical in your 12th grade. We have also provided a brief description of these non-medical courses. You can read through the details, and we are confident that you will find what you are looking for.

Here are they :

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Actuarial Science Courses

Most non-medical and business students are interested in actuarial science. The course teaches how to calculate risk and other relevant metrics. The BFSI and aviation sectors are the most likely to hire actuarial science graduates, opening up the sector to a large job market. If you are good with numbers and want to work in the BFSI sector, you can enrol in the Actuarial Science course. Following the course, you can pursue courses such as FRM, which will help you advance in financial risk management. The course is divided into modules, and you must complete each one individually to receive the certifications.

Bachelor of Arts

Even though you come from a non-medical background, we understand that students can make mistakes. It is only later in class 12th that they realise their choice of stream. If you are also dissatisfied with your choice of non-medical in the 12th, you can pursue a BA course. There are numerous subject options available in BA, and you can select whatever interests you. The duration of this course is three years, and to be admitted to BA, you must have a very high 12th-grade point average. This is because admission to BA programmes is mostly based on merit.

Bachelor of Science

The next course we'd like to discuss is B.Sc. In terms of specialisation, the Bachelor of Science course, like the BA course, offers a plethora of options. The duration of a B.Sc. is also three years, and you can undoubtedly choose a subject that interests you. After completing your B.Sc., you can work in your chosen field or go into higher education. Admission to B.Sc. is also based on merit, so you must perform well in 12th.


After Class 12th, Engineering is one of the most popular non-medical courses chosen by many. It is available as a BE/ BTech and entails the study of Science, Mathematics, and Technology to innovate, design, develop, and maintain structures, machines, tools, software, hardware and systems, and processes. Aside from traditional courses such as Chemical, Computer Science, and Mechanical Engineering, there is now a plethora of unconventional courses available such as Nanotechnology, Transportation Engineering, Telecommunication Engineering, etc.

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Bachelor's in Architecture (BArch)

BArch is a combination of theoretical and practical concepts that entails the study of drawing, designing, and constructing various types of physical structures. An architect is responsible for various tasks, from conceptualising and mapping a blueprint to supervising construction projects. You can advance your career by pursuing MArch after completing this course!

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

You are pursuing courses after 12th Non-Medical in Business Management and Administration. It is an excellent choice, as it provides numerous career opportunities across industries. The BBA subjects, divided into core and elective modules, cover the fundamentals of business management, operations, accounting, and wealth management, among other things, and provide you with the business acumen needed to launch a successful career. You can also pursue a dual degree programme such as the Integrated BBA-MBA. 

Some of the specialisations you can pursue are as follows:

  • BBA (Aviation), BBA (Legal)
  • Airport Management Bachelor of Business Administration
  • BBA Finance BBA Marketing
  • BBA Logistics, Inc.

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Bachelor's in Computer Application

If you have strong reasoning and analytical skills and can solve technical problems quickly, this course is ideal for you! During the three years of the course, you will study various subjects such as C programming, computer architecture, Python scripting, financial accounting, and so on, all of which are required for the BCA. Upon completion of the course, you may be able to work as a Software Consultant, Software Developer, Web Developer, Programmer, or Hardware Technician, among other positions. You can pursue an MCA or a five-year integrated course to gain advanced knowledge!

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Bachelor in Hotel Management

While the covid-19 impacted the tourism and hospitality sectors last year, the industry is gradually regaining its footing. Hotel Management courses typically last three to four years and have a broader scope in foreign countries and India. You can find employment in hotels, restaurants, the food and beverage industry, event management, and even airlines.

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Bachelor in Mass Communication

If you have always been interested in jobs like radio jockey, news presenter, content writer, or journalist, then pursuing a bachelor's degree in mass communication is the perfect fit for you. A Bachelor of mass communication is a three-year degree programme with numerous opportunities in India and abroad. You will learn about media laws, media history, digital marketing, media channels, filmmaking, public relations, and advertising.

Ethical Hacker

As digital India grows, so does the risk of data leaks and hacking. This is where an ethical hacker can help.

An ethical hacker's job is to find security flaws. While your skills and computer knowledge are more important than your degree in ethical hacking, a degree in computer science is recommended.

Mobile app developer

Smartphone usage is increasing by the day. Almost everyone now owns a smartphone with internet access, so the opportunity to work as a mobile app developer is expanding. Many people use various smartphones, and the greater the usage and demand, the higher the pay an app developer receives. You can create apps for both Google's Android and Apple's iOS.

Mobile app developers create mobile apps for MNCs and other large corporations. Mobile app development necessitates advanced programming skills, and the pay is commensurate.


One change that is increasing almost daily is the number of robots and automatic machines. Even today, these robots are here to assist us in our daily lives; for example, many of us have smart set-up televisions in our homes, and we have all used Google Assistant voice search features.

There are many career options in robotics, the most well-known of which is robotic engineering, which creates robots and robotics systems.

Career options after 12th Non Medical

One of the most popular streams among Indian students is non-Med. Choosing this path opens up opportunities in fields such as business and the arts. Every career path has its own set of advantages. For example, some jobs include serving the country, such as Defense or Civil Services. Others include a high pay grade, such as Actuary, Engineer, etc. Still, others are adventurous, such as Merchant Navy or Pilot.

  • Bachelors of Architecture
  • Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)
  • Economist
  • Actuarial science
  • Bachelors of Architecture
  • Aviation
  • Merchant Navy
  • Defence
  • UPSC

Non medical stream jobs

We are well aware of the significance of career selection after class 12th boards; your school life is over, and now you must decide which field and career you want to pursue, and if you are from the 12th Non-Medical stream, there is a chance that you will pursue engineering as a career option.

Job Profile

Salary in INR


5-12 lac

Commercial pilot 

6-13 lacs

Air traffic control officer 

5 lac -7 lac

Merchant navy

12K to 8 lacs

Indian Navy 

3 to 9 Lacs


1.2 lacs to 34 lacs 

Ethical Hacker

12 lacs to 80 lacs

Mobile app developer 

1 lacs to 9 lacs

Data Scientist 

3 lacs to 20 lacs

Web developer 

1 Lakh to 4 lacs


3 lacs to – 4 lacs

Actuarial science

20 lacs


7 lacs

Game developer

6 to 10 lacs


10 lacs

Game tester

3 to 20 lacs 


20 lacs 


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