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Courses After MBBS

Courses After MBBS

After completing an MBBS, medical graduates are presented with a wide array of advanced educational opportunities. These courses after MBBS, including various post-MBBS courses, are designed to deepen expertise and open new career paths in the medical field. From specialised postgraduate programs to unique training courses, each option offers a way to enhance skills and knowledge in specific areas of medicine. Whether it's pursuing a speciality in India or exploring international programs, these courses lay the groundwork for a successful and dynamic career in healthcare.

What After MBBS?

After completing an MBBS, medical graduates face crucial decisions that shape their future careers. "What after MBBS?" goes beyond job selection, focusing on aligning personal and professional aspirations. Initially, many opt for further education, diving into specialised courses and advanced training in fields like cardiology, neurology, or surgery, through degrees like MD, MS, DM, or MCh. These programs offer deep expertise in various medical specialities.

For those seeking non-traditional roles, diplomas and fellowships in hospital administration, public health, or medical law provide avenues beyond clinical practice, including medical research and academic positions.

Post-education, diverse career options emerge. Clinical practice is a common route, with opportunities in both the public and private sectors. Graduates can work in hospitals, establish private clinics, or engage in health organizations. Roles in public health and policy-making allow for broader impacts on healthcare systems.

Additionally, careers in the pharmaceutical industry, healthcare management, and medical research offer paths involving drug development and healthcare innovation.

Popular Courses after MBBS

After completing an MBBS, graduates are often at a crossroads, contemplating their next academic step. The various popular courses available post-MBBS cater to a wide spectrum of medical and healthcare interests. These courses, pivotal for shaping a medical graduate's career, range from specialised postgraduate programs to advanced training in various medical fields. Some of the courses after MBBS are

  • MD (Doctor of Medicine): Specialization in fields like Internal Medicine, Dermatology, Pediatrics, and Psychiatry.
  • OncologyFocuses on surgical specialities such as General Surgery, Orthopedics, Ophthalmology, and ENT.
  • DM (Doctorate of Medicine): Super-specialty courses for further specialization post-MD in areas like Cardiology, Neurology, and Gastroenterology.
  • MCh (Master of Chirurgiae): Super-specialty surgical training in fields such as Neurosurgery, Plastic Surgery, and Urology.
  • Diploma Courses: Short-term courses in various specialities like Anesthesiology, Radiology, and Child Health.
  • Fellowship Programs: Advanced training in specific areas, including Endocrinology, Infectious Diseases, and Oncology.
  • MBA in Hospital Administration: Combining medical knowledge with business and administrative skills for healthcare management roles.
  • Public Health Degrees: Focusing on community health, epidemiology, and health policy.
  • Clinical Research Courses: For careers in medical research, clinical trials, and drug development.
  • Medical Teaching and Education: specialised courses for those interested in academic roles in medical colleges and universities.

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Here is the list of the most sought-after MD, MS, MCH, and doctorate of medicine courses:

MD (Doctor of Medicine)

MS (Master of Surgery)

MD in Internal Medicine

MS in General Surgery

MD in Pediatrics

MS in Orthopedics

MD in Dermatology

MS in Ophthalmology

MD in Psychiatry

MS in ENT (Otorhinolaryngology)

MD in Radiodiagnosis

MS in Obstetrics and Gynecology

MD in Anesthesiology

MS in Urology

MD in Obstetrics and Gynecology

MS in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

MD in Pathology

MS in Neurosurgery

MD in General Medicine

MS in Cardiothoracic Surgery

MD in Pulmonary Medicine

MS in Pediatric Surgery

MD in Ophthalmology

MS in Gastrointestinal Surgery

MD in ENT (Otorhinolaryngology)

MS in Vascular Surgery

MD in Orthopedics

MS in Surgical Oncology

MD in Cardiology

MS in Trauma Surgery

MD in Gastroenterology

MS in Endocrine Surgery

MD in Nephrology

MS in Transplant Surgery

MD in Endocrinology

MS in Colorectal Surgery

MD in Neurology

MS in Minimal Access Surgery

MD in Oncology

MS in Bariatric Surgery

MD in Emergency Medicine

MS in Hand Surgery

MCh (Master of Chirurgiae)

DM (Doctorate of Medicine)

MCh in Neurosurgery

DM in Cardiology

MCh in Cardiothoracic Surgery

DM in Neurology

MCh in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

DM in Gastroenterology

MCh in Urology

DM in Endocrinology

MCh in Pediatric Surgery

DM in Nephrology

MCh in Surgical Gastroenterology

DM in Oncology

MCh in Vascular Surgery

DM in Clinical Hematology

MCh in Surgical Oncology

DM in Pulmonary Medicine

MCh in Endocrine Surgery

DM in Rheumatology

MCh in Orthopedic Surgery

DM in Infectious Diseases

MCh in Hand Surgery

DM in Pediatric Neurology

MCh in Head and Neck Surgery

DM in Neonatology

MCh in Hepatobiliary Surgery

DM in Cardiac-Anaesthesiology

MCh in Colorectal Surgery

DM in Medical Genetics

MCh in Minimal Access Surgery

DM in Critical Care Medicine

MCh in Transplant Surgery

DM in Interventional Radiology

MCh in Thoracic Surgery

DM in Geriatric Psychiatry

MCh in Skull Base Surgery

DM in Hepatology

MCh in Spine Surgery

DM in Immunology

MCh in Breast Surgery

DM in Medical Oncology

Diploma Courses after MBBS

Diploma courses after MBBS offer a focused and practical approach for medical graduates in India looking to specialise in specific areas of healthcare. These courses, ranging from clinical specialisations to management in healthcare, provide a streamlined path to enhancing skills and knowledge. Here, we list popular diploma courses that cater to the diverse interests and career goals of MBBS graduates:

Diploma in Child Health (DCH)

Diploma in Medical Genetics

Diploma in Obstetrics & Gynecology (DGO)

Diploma in Neonatology

Diploma in Dermatology, Venereology, and Leprosy (DDVL)

Diploma in Immunohematology and Blood Transfusion

Diploma in Anesthesia (DA)

Diploma in Critical Care Medicine

Diploma in Orthopedics (D. Ortho)

Diploma in Pain Management

Diploma in Ophthalmology (DO)

Diploma in Rheumatology

Diploma in ENT (DLO)

Diploma in Endocrinology

Diploma in Clinical Pathology (DCP)

Diploma in Cardiology

Diploma in Psychiatry Medicine (DPM)

Diploma in Nephrology

Diploma in Tuberculosis & Chest Diseases (DTCD)

Diploma in Neurology

Diploma in Public Health (DPH)

Diploma in Gastroenterology

Diploma in Radio-Diagnosis (DMRD)

Diploma in Infectious Diseases

Diploma in Medical Radiotherapy (DMRT)

Diploma in Pediatric Cardiology

Diploma in Hospital Administration (DHA)

Diploma in Pediatric Neurology

Diploma in Health Education (DHE)

Diploma in Oncology

Diploma in Nutrition & Dietetics

Diploma in Hematology

Diploma in Forensic Medicine

Diploma in Respiratory Medicine

Diploma in Medical Virology

Diploma in Diabetology

Diploma in Sports Medicine

Diploma in Emergency Medicine

Diploma in Geriatric Medicine

Diploma in Family Medicine

M.Tech Courses after MBBS

In the realm of medical education, MBBS graduates in India are increasingly exploring interdisciplinary pathways. M.Tech or M.E. courses after MBBS blend medical sciences with engineering and technology, offering new vistas in healthcare innovation. These courses aim to connect the fields of healthcare and technology, fostering progress in medical studies, diagnostic methods, and therapeutic strategies. Here are some M.Tech or M.E. courses that individuals with an MBBS degree might consider:

  • M.Tech in Biomedical Engineering
  • M.Tech in Neural Engineering
  • M.Tech in Medical Electronics
  • M.Tech in Molecular Medicine
  • M.Tech in Clinical Engineering
  • M.Tech in Health, Safety, and Environmental Engineering
  • M.Tech in Pharmaceutical Engineering
  • M.Tech in Nanotechnology
  • M.Tech in Medical Imaging Technology
  • M.Tech in Rehabilitation Engineering
  • M.Tech in Tissue Engineering
  • M.Tech in Genetic Engineering
  • M.Tech in Biochemical Engineering
  • M.Tech in Hospital Management and Planning
  • M.Tech in Healthcare Informatics

Certificate Courses after MBBS

Certificate courses after MBBS are a great opportunity for medical graduates in India to acquire specialised expertise and abilities in a brief time frame. These courses, often referred to as short-duration courses for medical students, usually last from a few weeks to several months and offer concentrated instruction in particular medical fields, improving both clinical and non-clinical competencies. Here are key certificate courses that MBBS graduates might want to look into:

Certificate in Diabetes Management

Certificate in Infectious Disease Management

Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)

Certificate in Medical Cosmetology

Basic Life Support (BLS)

Certificate in Ultrasonography

Certificate in Medical Law and Ethics

Certificate in Pain Management

Certificate in Hospital Administration

Certificate in Pediatric Nutrition

Certificate in Clinical Research

Certificate in Critical Care Medicine

Certificate in Health Informatics

Certificate in Sports Medicine

Emergency Medicine Certificate

Certificate in Toxicology

Certificate in Geriatric Medicine

Certificate in Occupational Health

Certificate in Palliative Medicine

Certificate in Family Medicine

Non-Medical and Non-Clinical Courses After MBBS

If MBBS graduates wish to explore career options outside the usual clinical roles, there are numerous non-medical and non-clinical courses they can consider. These courses open doors to diverse fields such as management, law, and technology, allowing for a wider application of their medical expertise. Here's a list of significant non-medical and non-clinical courses that can be pursued by MBBS graduates in India:

  • MBA in Hospital Administration/Healthcare Management
  • Master's in Public Health (MPH)
  • MBA in Pharmaceutical Management
  • Master's in Health Informatics
  • Certificate in Medical Law and Ethics
  • MBA in Biotechnology Management
  • Master's in Hospital Design and Management
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Health Economics
  • MBA in Health Insurance Management
  • Master's in Clinical Research
  • Certificate in Healthcare Quality Management
  • MBA in Health and Hospital Management
  • Master's in Medical Journalism
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Medical Tourism
  • MBA in Health Care Economics and Policy
  • Master's in Environmental Health
  • MBA in Health Services Management
  • Certificate in Health Care Informatics
  • Master's in Bioethics
  • MBA in Health Risk Management

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Popular Courses Abroad after MBBS for Indian Students

After completing MBBS, many Indian medical graduates look to international education to broaden their expertise and career prospects. Pursuing courses abroad offers exposure to advanced medical practices, global healthcare systems, and cutting-edge research. Here are 30 popular courses abroad that Indian MBBS graduates can consider:

MD (Doctor of Medicine) in the USA

MSc in Infectious Diseases in Australia

MRCP (Membership of the Royal Colleges of Physicians) in the UK

Masters in Global Health in Canada

Masters in Public Health (MPH) in Australia

MSc in Nutrition and Dietetics in the UK

MSc in Medical Genetics in Canada

Masters in Health Economics in the USA

Masters in Health Administration (MHA) in the USA

MD in Psychiatry in Germany

MSc in Clinical Research in the UK

MSc in Radiology in Australia

MD in General Medicine in Germany

Masters in Medical Law and Ethics in the UK

Masters in Biomedical Sciences in Australia

MD in Dermatology in the USA

MSc in Neuroscience in Canada

MSc in Palliative Care in Canada

Masters in Healthcare Informatics in the USA

Masters in Geriatric Medicine in Australia

MSc in Oncology in the UK

MSc in Pharmacology in the UK

Masters in Sports Medicine in Australia

Masters in Clinical Psychology in the USA

MSc in Cardiology in Canada

MD in Anesthesiology in Germany

Masters in Hospital Management in the UK

MSc in Emergency Medicine in Australia

MD in Pediatrics in the USA

Masters in Health Policy in Canada

 These international courses provide Indian MBBS graduates with diverse opportunities to specialize, research, and practice in various medical fields, enhancing their global perspective and professional growth.

After earning an MBBS degree, a plethora of routes and opportunities await. Be it advancing in specializations, immersing in research, or venturing into novel areas, the array of courses after MBBS is vast and plentiful. Each course imparts a distinct set of skills and knowledge, equipping medical graduates for a vibrant and rewarding career in healthcare. With an apt selection, MBBS graduates can augment their medical proficiency and make notable contributions to medicine and public health.

Are you prepared to elevate your medical career with an international education? The team of specialists at AECC is committed to making your journey to global education seamless and triumphant. Reach out to AECC today to discover your possibilities and set forth on a path of knowledge and development. Engage with AECC to transform your aspirations into actuality!


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