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Culinary Management Course in Canada for Indian Students

Leap into the exciting world of food and hospitality with our Culinary Management Courses in Canada. A gateway for all the native and international pupils to succeed in the culinary arts and management. Our curriculum is designed to respond to the changing requirements of the gastronomy industry, focused on integrating practical culinary skills with comprehensive management training. Tailored for those who are willing to be more fine-tuned in their culinary skills as well as managerial abilities, these courses present a special chance of learning, growing, and succeeding all within the same stint amidst Canada's rich tapestry of cuisines.

This blog is written with the sole intent of shedding light on culinary management courses in Canada. It delves into the essential information about studying a culinary management course in Canada that would help you decide as you go further down this path.

What is Culinary Management?

In the realm of hospitality, culinary management is a niche area that deals with the oversight and administrative tasks involved in operating a kitchen or food-related business. This field merges the art of cooking with the principles of business management, highlighting the importance of leadership, budgeting, and customer relations. Courses in culinary management provide budding chefs and kitchen supervisors with vital skills in areas like menu creation, maintaining food safety standards, cost efficiency, and team supervision

Why Study Culinary Management Course in Canada?

Canada shines as a leading choice for those interested in culinary management studies, blending top-tier education with a variety of culinary adventures. Known for its exceptional educational quality and dynamic gastronomy, Canada is a perfect setting for aspiring chefs to refine their abilities. Reasons why Canada is a preferred destination for culinary management studies include:

  • Premier Culinary Institutes in Canada: Boasting some of the finest culinary institutes globally, Canada offers extensive culinary management courses that skillfully blend hands-on cooking techniques with vital management skills.
  • Rich and Varied Culinary Landscape: Reflecting Canada's diverse cultural tapestry, an array of international culinary flavours is accessible, enabling students to learn a variety of cooking methods and culinary styles.
  • Welcoming International Students: Canadian culinary courses are specifically tailored for international learners, promoting a learning atmosphere that is both diverse and globally aware.
  • Strong Ties to the Hospitality Sector: In Canada, the majority of culinary institutions maintain very strong connections with the hospitality sector, and they ensure that students get significant assistance in searching for a job through career networking.
  • Emphasis on Creativity and Eco-Friendliness: Culinary programs in Canada give more emphasis to creativity and sensibility in nourishments and try to make the world a better place by protecting the environment.


Top Universities Offering Culinary Courses in Canada

There are many universities in Canada offering culinary courses to international students. Their fees are also affordable, with scholarships available. Most of the courses are two years divided into four semesters.

Below you will find the lists of some top-performing universities offering culinary courses in Canada:

Name Of School

QS Ranking

Course Offered

Tuition Fees CAD

George Brown College Toronto


Commerce (Culinary Management) (Hons


Fanshawe College


Culinary Management Diploma Program


Algonquin College of Culinary Studies


Culinary Management Diploma


Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa Culinary Arts Institute


Diploma in culinary management


Centennial college


Culinary management


Humber College Toronto


Culinary management


Durham College, Oshawa


Culinary Management


St. Clair College, Windsor Canada


Culinary Management Diploma


Vancouver Island University


Culinary management


Eligibility and Requirements to Study Culinary Management Course in Canada

Initiating a profession in the field of culinary management in Canada can be a fulfilling choice for budding chefs and restaurant supervisors. This manual offers a summary of the required credentials, preconditions, and crucial documentation for overseas students interested in joining culinary management courses in Canada.

Essential Qualifications:

  • Educational Requirements: A high college degree or its equivalent is needed. A background in hospitality or culinary arts can be beneficial.
  • Language Skills: Fluency in English or French is important, usually confirmed with a minimal score of 6.0 at the IELTS or a comparable score on other identified checks for those whose first language isn't English or French.
  • Visa and Study Authorisation: International students should reap a Canadian take a look at permit and, in necessary, a pupil visa.
  • Financial Evidence: It's important to show you have enough budget for each training and residing charge in Canada.
  • Health and Insurance: Being accurate health and having suitable health insurance are mandatory.

Necessary Documentation:

  • Educational Records and Diplomas: Includes your excessive faculty diploma and any relevant certificates or diplomas.
  • Proof of Language Skills: Scores from IELTS, TOEFL, or similar assessments.
  • Financial Proof: Bank statements or financial guarantees to demonstrate financial stability.
  • Passport Copy: A current passport for identification and visa procedures.
  • Recommendation Letters: Ideally from academic or industry professionals.
  • Personal Statement: An essay detailing your interest in culinary management and your reasons for choosing Canada.
  • Health and Medical Documents: This may include medical certificates if needed.
  • Portfolio (Optional): Showcasing any relevant culinary skills or experience.

Most Preferred Culinary Management Courses in Canada

Begin a taste-filled adventure with our detailed guide to the finest culinary management courses in Canada. Whether you're an emerging chef or an experienced culinary aficionado, our list presents highly recommended culinary programs designed to meet your goals. Discover leading culinary management courses, carefully selected for international students aiming to refine their abilities in the vibrant Canadian culinary landscape.



Estimated Cost

BA in Culinary Management

University of Toronto

CAD 20,000/year

Diploma in Culinary Management

Vancouver Culinary Institute

CAD 15,000/year

MBA in Culinary Management

McGill University

CAD 30,000/year

Certificate in Culinary Skills and Operations

George Brown College

CAD 10,000/year

BSc in Culinary Arts and Food Service Management

University of British Columbia

CAD 22,000/year

Advanced Diploma in Culinary and Hospitality Management

Humber College

CAD 18,000/year

Postgraduate Diploma in Culinary Management

Ryerson University

CAD 25,000/year

Executive Program in Culinary Management

Concordia University

CAD 27,000/year

MA in Culinary Management

University of Alberta

CAD 20,000/year

Professional Diploma in Culinary Arts and Kitchen Management

Centennial College

CAD 16,000/year

Bachelor of Professional Studies in Culinary Management

Simon Fraser University

CAD 21,000/year

Advanced Certificate in Culinary Management and Operations

Sheridan College

CAD 14,000/year

Graduate Certificate in International Culinary Arts Management

York University

CAD 24,000/year

Associate Degree in Culinary Management

University of Calgary

CAD 19,000/year

Postgraduate Certificate in Culinary Techniques and Management

Dalhousie University

CAD 23,000/year

Diploma in Gastronomy and Culinary Management

Ottawa Culinary School

CAD 17,000/year

BBA in Culinary Entrepreneurship

Brock University

CAD 20,000/year

MSc in Culinary Innovation and Food Product Development

University of Waterloo

CAD 26,000/year

BA in Global Culinary Management

Carleton University

CAD 21,000/year

Cost of Studying Culinary Management Courses in Canada

The tuition fees for the culinary course in Canada depend on several factors. Factors such as the course itself, whether is it a diploma, degree, or master's and the type of institution play a considerable role. 

Below are some courses and how much it will cost you as an international student to study them.

Degree Level

Tuition Fees in CAD

Diploma in culinary management

26,000 to 34,000

Bachelor’s degree

14,000 to 72,000

Master’s degree


Foundation for undergraduate


Always remember to check the school website before applying, as it might change at any time.

Jobs And Salary After Culinary Management Courses in Canada

Start an exhilarating culinary career in Canada with a culinary management course, leading to diverse job opportunities. Discover the snapshot of potential career paths and their corresponding salaries, providing valuable insights for aspiring culinary professionals. Explore this list of 20 culinary management jobs in Canada, with average annual salaries in both CAD and INR, helping you gauge the lucrative prospects awaiting you in this dynamic industry.

Culinary Management Jobs in Canada

Average Annual Salary (CAD/INR)

Executive Chef

CAD 75,000 / INR 43,00,000

Restaurant Manager

CAD 50,000 / INR 28,00,000

Food and Beverage Manager

CAD 55,000 / INR 31,00,000

Catering Manager

CAD 48,000 / INR 27,00,000

Sous Chef

CAD 45,000 / INR 25,00,000

Pastry Chef

CAD 40,000 / INR 23,00,000

Kitchen Manager

CAD 47,000 / INR 27,00,000

Banquet Manager

CAD 50,000 / INR 28,00,000

Culinary Instructor

CAD 60,000 / INR 34,00,000

Food Service Director

CAD 70,000 / INR 40,00,000

Corporate Chef

CAD 80,000 / INR 46,00,000

Culinary Consultant

CAD 65,000 / INR 37,00,000

Food Production Manager

CAD 53,000 / INR 30,00,000

Culinary Operations Manager

CAD 58,000 / INR 33,00,000

Food Safety Manager

CAD 62,000 / INR 35,00,000

Menu Development Specialist

CAD 55,000 / INR 31,00,000

Food Stylist

CAD 47,000 / INR 27,00,000


CAD 52,000 / INR 29,00,000

Food Critic/Reviewer

CAD 65,000 / INR 37,00,000

Hospitality Manager

CAD 54,000 / INR 31,00,000

Canada offers a world of opportunities for those passionate about culinary management. With its diverse range of courses, renowned institutions, and promising career prospects, Canada stands out as an ideal destination for culinary enthusiasts. The journey from learning the intricacies of culinary arts to mastering management skills in this field is both enriching and rewarding.

Ready to turn your culinary dreams into reality in Canada? AECC is ready to assist you at every stage. From selecting the ideal culinary management course to manoeuvring through the visa procedure, AECC's team of professionals guarantees a seamless and triumphant journey for your academic goals in Canada. Reach out to AECC today, and kickstart your first step towards a satisfying career in culinary management.


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