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Culinary Management Course in Canada for Indian Students

If you are a food or fine dining lover interested in owning your own food business or building a career in the restaurant and fine dining industry, taking a culinary management course in Canada would be great to kick-start your journey. When you opt for a culinary management course in Canada, you learn how to master the art of food and flavour. You will explore locally grown food and experiment with different types of cuisine, from ethnic to contemporary styles. Develop and master your skills in the art while learning the management skill that will surely give your career a boost. 

This article is written with the sole intent of shedding light on culinary management courses in Canada. It delves into the essential information about studying a culinary management course in Canada that would help you decide as you go further down this path.

What is a Culinary Management Course in Canada?

Culinary management courses are structured to prepare learners to navigate the practical areas of running a restaurant. It is focused on not just teaching culinary cooking skills but on the business of running a commercial kitchen. Participants will learn the necessary skills to manage daily kitchen operations, food production, and sales and provide an excellent customer experience. It also looks into recruitment and human resources management, event planning, raw materials sourcing, and menu design.

Deciding to venture on a career path in culinary management can be a satisfying decision. This will open one up to a large specter of restaurant and food business opportunities. Although quite similar to culinary art courses, Culinary management courses are geared toward providing professionalism at different ends of the restaurant business. The former is concerned with the art and science of food, food preparation designing recipes, understanding culinary techniques, and incorporating flavours while exuding creativity. On the other hand, the latter focuses on more than just cooking.

It teaches students the foundational and needed skills to operate a restaurant business like menu development, strategizing, safety, regulatory concerns, and human capital management. 

Why Study Culinary Management Course in Canada

To study Culinary Management in Canada is to learn from one of the finest countries where you can get inspiration from other cultures and get creative juices flowing. The fusion of Irish, Greek, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and Indian cultures has led to culinary proof in the form of food fusion. Canada is also one of the top countries with the best culinary schools globally.

  • Canada is prominent for being home to some of the most reputable educational institutions globally that provide state-of-the-art learning opportunities.
  • Studying culinary management in Canada provides students with several distinguished institutions and an exciting food industry that varies from local cuisines to English and French delicacies. It also allows you to pick a school based on your location, interest, and budget.
  • And let's not forget the great outdoors! The beautiful scenery and the warmth from the locals. Canada, without a doubt, is an attractive country, and we are sure that the food is not the only thing you will find appealing.


Top Universities Offering Culinary Course in Canada

There are many universities in Canada offering culinary courses to international students. Their fees are also affordable, with scholarships available. Most of the courses are two years divided into four semesters.

Below you will find the lists of some top-performing universities offering culinary courses in Canada:


Name Of School

QS Ranking

Course Offered

Tuition Fees CAD


George Brown College Toronto


Commerce (Culinary Management) (Hons



Fanshawe College


Culinary Management Diploma Program



Algonquin College of Culinary Studies


Culinary Management Diploma



Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa Culinary Arts Institute


Diploma in culinary management



Centennial college


Culinary management



Humber College Toronto


Culinary management



Durham College, Oshawa


Culinary Management



St. Clair College, Windsor Canada


Culinary Management Diploma



Vancouver Island University


Culinary management


Culinary Management Courses in Canada: Eligibility

Every university or institution offering culinary management programs have its eligibility criteria. However, there are similarities; we are summing them up to give you a general eligibility criteria idea. Always check your desired school website for more information. As they may change or get updated yearly. 

To be eligible to study this course in Canadian institutions, you need to meet the following criteria;

  • You must have completed high school or secondary school and have proof of English language competency.
  • Some schools conduct entrance tests and personal interviews before you are awarded a place to study.
  • A resume highlighting the relevant experience you may already have in the culinary field.
  • To study the master's course, you will need to present a diploma or bachelor's degree in the field.
  • Some schools have a minimum age requirement of 18 years old.

Culinary Management Courses in Canada: Admission Process

The admission process for culinary management courses in Canada is simple. Once you are sure that you match the eligibility requirements for your selected university, the next step is to start your application process. You will find all the information you need on the university's website. However, below is how the admission process of some of the institution works.

  1. On the school website, there is an application form provided. Fill out the form following all instructions.
  2. Upload all required credentials and documents
  3. Proceed to pay CAD 500 to get a confirmation letter from the school. With this confirmation letter, you will use it to process your study visa.
  4. Some schools open the application for their program nine months before the commencement date, while others are open two months prior. So, be sure to check the school website.
  5. Some schools admit students on a first-come basis.
  6. Some schools don't require the CAD 500 payment. They go through your application and send you a confirmation letter.

Once you have met all the eligibility requirements, your application is reviewed, and admission is offered if you meet the school's standards.

Want to Know Application Process? Click here

Culinary Management Courses in Canada: Documents Required

The documents required are not many. To study for a diploma in culinary management, you only need

  • High school or secondary school leaving certificate
  • Proof of English language proficiency test score
  • Resume or a CV
  • For a master's in culinary management, you will need to provide a diploma or bachelor's degree in a similar field

Cost of Studying Culinary Management Courses in Canada

The tuition fees for the culinary course in Canada depend on several factors. Factors such as the course itself, whether is it a diploma, degree, or master's and the type of institution play a considerable role. 

Below are some courses and how much it will cost you as an international student to study them.

Degree Level

Tuition Fees in CAD

Diploma in culinary management

26,000 to 34,000

Bachelor’s degree

14,000 to 72,000

Master’s degree


Foundation for undergraduate


Always remember to check the school website before applying, as it might change at any time.

Jobs And Salary After Culinary Management Courses in Canada

As the hospitality and tourism industry re-emerges in 2022, the need for certified culinary professionals is at its peak. Many jobs are now available for people who studied culinary management programs in school. And the best part is, the pay is worth it. Plus, you know with the knowledge you acquired in school, you can always start your own and be the boss.

Below is a table of some of the types of jobs available in the culinary industry and how much they pay per year.

Job Role

Salary per annum

Restaurant manager


Personal Chef


Hotel chef/


Sous chef


F&B manager


Food production chef


The culinary management course in Canada is a lucrative course to venture into. Apart from learning from some of the best chefs and teachers in the industry, get to expose yourself to a world of new foods and flavours and awaken your sixth sense. And if you have always had a passion for cooking, you are heading to the right place. The universities mentioned in this blog are not the only ones that offer this course. Many other good universities, such as Vancouver and Ottawa, provide degree courses in culinary arts. Getting admitted is straightforward as long as you pay attention to details and provide all the required documents.

Studying abroad could be a long and tedious process however at AECC with expert counsellors. The Counsellors will guide you through every step and help you attain your dreams at ease. They will assist with visas, courses, universities, and more.

FAQs About Culinary Management Course in Canada

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