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Diploma in Psychology


Psychology is a fascinating topic of study that delves further into the science of the mind and allows us to investigate human behaviour and its complexities. A diploma course in Psychology is the most excellent approach for people interested in this field to explore their passion. There are many diploma courses available in this discipline for individuals who want to learn the fundamentals of psychology before pursuing a full-fledged degree programme. This blog will provide you with all necessary information regarding a psychology credential, including its course structure, eligibility, top universities, and career prospects. 

About Diploma in Psychology

A psychology diploma usually lasts between one and two years, depending on the course and university. A diploma will provide you with a basic understanding of any profession and allow you to explore deeper into what it comprises. In this discipline, you can pick from undergraduate diploma or postgraduate diploma programmes and several specialisations like counselling, criminal psychology, etc. These courses are aimed to assist you in learning and mastering basic ideas in psychology, human emotions, needs, and behaviour, as well as acquiring the necessary abilities to pursue careers as a psychotherapist, counsellor, or psychologist.

Diploma in Psychology Courses

Within psychology, there are numerous subfields in which one might specialise. You can get a diploma in psychology by taking a comprehensive course or specialising in one of the many specialisations available.

Some of the most significant disciplines of psychology wherein institutions offer diploma courses include:

  • Diploma in Family Psychology
  • Diploma in Behavioral Sciences
  • Diploma in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Diploma in Behavior Analysis
  • Diploma in Clinical Psychology
  • Diploma in Cognitive sciences
  • Diploma in Child Psychology
  • Diploma in Cognitive Neuroscience
  • Diploma in Counseling
  • Diploma in Applied Psychology
  • Diploma in Behavior Support
  • Diploma in Criminal Psychology

Entry Requirements for Diploma in Psychology

For your convenience, the requirements for studying Bachelor in Psychology courses are mentioned below.

BA Psychology and BSc Psychology are the most common bachelor's degree programmes in psychology.
While BSc Psychology places a greater emphasis on scientific parts of psychology, BA Psychology places a greater emphasis on social components.
In India, the typical cost of these psychology courses ranges from INR 5,000 to INR 50,000, depending on the institute.

Top Universities for Diploma in Psychology in India

  • Mata Gujri College
  • Bon Secours College for Women, Thanjavur
  • CMR University
  • Banaras Hindu University
  • Ranchi Institute of Neuro-Psychiatry and Allied Science
  • Netaji Subhas Open University
  • Institute for Excellence in Higher Education, Bhopal

Abroad Universities for Diploma in Psychology

Students can choose from a variety of diploma programmes in psychology offered by well-known colleges throughout the world. Finding the best college or institution for your field of study necessitates extensive research. As a result, we've compiled a list of some of the top universities in the country, as well as their upcoming diploma programmes:

Diploma Level



Undergraduate Diploma

International Career Institute

Counselling and Psychology

Criminal Psychology

Undergraduate Diploma

Massey University

Arts (Psychology)

Undergraduate Diploma

Open Polytechnic of New Zealand

Child and

  Adolescent Psychology

Organisational Psychology

Undergraduate Diploma

Charles Darwin University


University College Cork

University of South Wales

University College Dublin

National University of Ireland

Oxford Brookes University

Graduate Certificate

University of Arizona

Applied Behavior Analysis

Behavior Support Specialist

Graduate Diploma

Western Sydney University


Psychological Studies

Graduate Certificate

Durham College

Autism and Behavioural Sciences

Graduate Certificate

Florida International University

Cognitive Neuroscience

Graduate Diploma

The University of Melbourne


Psychology (Advanced)

Graduate Diploma

University of Missouri

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

Lifespan Development

Positive Psychology

Postgraduate Diploma

University of Auckland

Applied Psychology

Health Psychology



Graduate Diploma

The University of Western Australia



Graduate Diploma

The University of Adelaide


Postgraduate Diploma

University of Canterbury

Child and Family Psychology

Clinical Psychology

Cost to Diploma in Psychology Abroad

Tuition fees range

Cost of living range


C$2,000 – $16,000

C$15,000 – $20,000


NZ$14,000 – $21,000

NZ$12,000 – $15,000

New Zealand

AU$9,000 – $18,000

AU$18,000 – $20,000


£4,000 – £21,000

£9,000 – $12,000


US$6,000 – 40,000

US$10,000 – $15,000


Diploma in psychology Jobs & Salary Abroad

After completing a psychology diploma, graduates can pursue a variety of job options in both the private and public sectors. NGOs, charity groups, prisons, research institutions, colleges, rehab facilities, local mental health centres, and other companies regularly hire professionals. Following the completion of a psychology diploma, you should consider the following work options:

  • Counsellor
  • Community Worker
  • Social Worker
  • Social Psychologist
  • Therapist
  • Consultant
  • Welfare Worker
  • Child Counselor
  • Psychotherapist
  • Clinical Psychologist
  • Educational and Career Counselor

Job Profile

Job Description



A psychologist examines a patient's or client's ideas, behaviours, and emotions and provides appropriate guidance for resolving psychological issues.

INR 7 – 10 lakh


A psychotherapist assists a single person, a group, a couple, or a family in overcoming psychological challenges. They also help patients in overcoming interpersonal troubles, stress, and addiction.

INR 6 – 8  lakh


A counsellor must protect the confidentiality of the clients' or patients' experiences, sentiments, and emotions. Counsellors must provide appropriate counselling to improve the patient's mental health.

INR 2.5 – 4 lakh

Social Psychologist

A social psychologist studies social interaction and the elements that influence it. They can work for a variety of public and private organisations.

INR 5 – 7 lakh

Rehabilitation Expert

Rehabilitation specialists assist persons experiencing physical, mental, emotional, or developmental difficulties. They help persons who are going through a personal or social crisis.

INR 4 – 7 lakh


A Psychiatrist's role is to chat with their patients and learn about their mental health and personal development. They conduct extensive research on human behavioural psychology and then build treatment strategies for them. They also look at therapies for a variety of mental illnesses.

INR 6 – 10 lakh


Careers After Diploma in Psychology

Depending on your specialisations and interests, psychology degree holders have a variety of alternatives, such as

  • Psychotherapist,
  • Social worker,
  • Human resource manager
  • Research roles
  • Media roles
  • Psychologist
  • Counsellor
  • Teacher
  • Educational psychologist

Although an undergraduate degree will qualify you for many roles, some more specialised functions may necessitate additional education. Training is frequently offered on the job for psychological occupations that do not require more education.

Keep following our updates to learn about the different jobs you can get with a bachelor's degree in psychology (BA or BSc).

There are large-scale transformations around the globe that influence all of us regarding the employment we have and the work we do. This is particularly true for psychiatrists since two fundamental trends directly affect psychology: the transition to the services sector and the dependence on knowledge or the knowledge economy. (For example, you may come across adverts for employment in knowledge management, which was previously unheard of.) Students find it challenging to identify and grasp the employment prospects accessible to them due to these trends and others I've described. It is difficult for all of us, not just academics! When you look at the newspaper job listings, it doesn't appear that the psychologically trained graduate has much to choose from.

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FAQs About Diploma in Psychology

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