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Do UK Universities Require SAT?


Do you wish to study in the land of opportunities and success, known as the United Kingdom?  It has more than 160 universities that welcome students globally to pursue their dream careers. However, the path to studying in the UK has many obstacles. One of them is the competitive exam known as SAT. 

This blog will answer some of the frequently asked questions regarding SAT and its importance in the UK. So if you are also interested, please continue reading.

What is the SAT Exam?

Firstly, you should know that the SAT expanded to the Scholastic Assessment Test, an American exam created with an American audience. Suppose you are a student of standard 11th or 12th who wishes to study abroad. In that case, you can write the SAT exam to prove your academic intelligence. SAT Exam Syllabus includes math and English (reading and writing) questions with the maximum marks of 2400 that you can earn in the test, which is scored on a 200 to 800 scale section-wise. If you want to be enrolled in a preferred university, you need to achieve excellent SAT points.

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Do UK Universities Require SAT?

Suppose you are a student of the United Kingdom (local or PR holder) or wish to pursue an education under the GCSE, O-Level, or A-Level system. In that case, you do not require to give the SAT exam. However, suppose you are an international student such as an Indian. In that case, you can take the SAT or ACT exam and send it to most British universities where they are approved. Furthermore, you need to consider that some universities do not accept SAT. However, you need to give another exam for enrollment. Some universities may also require additional test scores with SAT for registration.

UK Universities that Accept SAT Scores

Name of the University

Minimum SAT Score

Aberystwyth University


American Intercontinental University, London


Bangor University


The University of Bolton


Brunel University London


Cardiff Metropolitan University


City University, London


Durham University


ESCP Europe Business School London


Goldsmiths University London


Hult International Business School 


Keele University


Kingston University London


Leeds Arts University


Nottingham Trent University


The University of Salford


Ulster University


The University of Nottingham


Abertay University


Aston University


Bath Spa University Newton Park


Bournemouth University


Canterbury Christ Church University


Cardiff University


De Montfort University


Edinburgh Napier University


Glasgow School of Art


Heriot-Watt University


Imperial College of London 


King’s College London

1300 to 1410

Lancaster University


Leeds Beckett University


Liverpool John Moores University


SOAS – School of Oriental and African Studies


The University of Derby


The University of Aberdeen


Manchester Metropolitan University


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How to send SAT Scores to UK Universities?

If you are a global student who wishes to study in the UK, you might require to send your SAT score to your selected university. If it is needed, you have several options for it. 

Let us see it in this step-by-step guide.

Option 1: You can share the names of up to 4 colleges to send your SAT scores to before the start of the test for free. However, this option remains for only nine days from the commencement of the exam, so we would advise it only if you are confident that your SAT score would be excellent. Another drawback of this option is that you will not have a choice to send your previous test scores if you have appeared on SAT before. Even if your last score is better than the current score, you will not be able to send it. Here are some points you need to remember.

  • You can give the names of the universities or colleges between 9 days of registration and taking the test.
  • Sending scores early will not give you any extra benefit.
  • The officials will send your SAT scores to the universities within ten days after the result is published.
  • You can change your college or university options only nine days from the publish date. After that deadline, you need to pay an extra fee.

Option 2: Your second option is to request additional score reports. You must pay a prescribed fee under the regular score report. You are allowed this under the following circumstances.

  • You wish to send your SAT score to more than four universities or colleges.
  • If you have not provided the names of the universities or colleges within nine days from the test date.

Option 3: Here is how to usually send your SAT scores to the universities or colleges in the United Kingdom.

  • Log in to your College Board account.
  • Then, you need to check your dashboard for the most recent SAT score.
  • Click on the additional score reports button.
  • Now you have to search for the name of the university or college with which you want to share your SAT score.
  • Now click on continue. It will allow you to choose what SAT score you wish to send to the college or university.
  • Note that the default choice is all scores. However, you can choose the score you wish to send by the name of the test date.
  • All you have to do is review your selections and make the payment for score sharing.

Option 4: You can also send the SAT scores by mail. Your College Board will offer an application form for additional score reports. You need to fill out the form and mail it to the College Board for extra reports.

Option 5: The College Board also gives you the option to send your SAT scores by phone call. You can use the number 866-756-7346 (toll-free) or 212-713-7789 (international) to send the additional score reports.


AECC can help you prepare for the SAT in the best way possible. We can ensure that you achieve high scores to get placed in your dream university in the UK. Contact us today for expert study abroad guidance.

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