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Engineering Management Course in Canada for Indian Students


If you are interested in combining your technical expertise with a dash of business and management knowledge, a degree in Engineering Management in Canada might be an excellent start. The course will focus on crucial aspects of modern management needed by engineers. It will also enhance the individual skillset in managing projects, information systems management, and human relations management by connecting business acumens with engineering and sustainable development challenges. You also get the option of selecting from a variety of elective courses that will lead to prospects for technical improvement.

What is Engineering Management Course in Canada?

With the advent of technology and consequent increase in the workforce, the demand for individuals with both technical and managerial abilities is growing.

Engineering Management is a specialist management course that combines technical knowledge with managerial responsibilities. It aims to equip a person with the necessary leadership abilities for managing Engineering/Technical projects and also personnel management skills for managing the people who work with them. As a result, engineers have the opportunity to learn about management.

Management engineering combines industrial engineering and business management expertise to create, execute, and evaluate more optimal and cost-effective company methods and practices. They assess present systems, identify issues, and provide upgraded solutions.

Engineering managers should be well-versed in both general management and the particular engineering fields that would be used in the workforce they will be leading. A skilled engineering manager will be able to advise, coach, and motivate a variety of employees. Engineering Management is a popular Canadian course for engineers and managers who want to improve their management skills. Here, you can pick from a variety of diploma, bachelor's, and master's graduate degrees in Engineering Management to get an internationally recognized accreditation in this in-demand field.

The outline below are examples of the kind of topics provided as mandatory requirements or electives in the Engineering management degree;

  • System Analysis
  • Engineering Economic Assessment and Analysis
  • Communication in Engineering Management
  • Project Management for Engineering
  • Methods of Operations Analysis
  • System Design for High Quality
  • Marketing and Technical Sales

Why Study Engineering Management Course in Canada?

colleges and distinguished educational programs. When it pertains to a multidisciplinary field like Engineering Management, individuals get to pick from a broad range of short-term and complete degree programs. In Canada, the course is considered to be a worthwhile investment of time and money, with low costs and excellent facilities.

Here are some compelling reasons why you should study Engineering Management in Canada:

  • A plethora of options is on offer for the Engineering Management program.
  • Opportunities for the development of engineering/technical skills and a full-fledged understanding of business and management. Also, working with some of Canada's leading tech and business brands can help you obtain even more global visibility.
  • Working opportunities while studying may lead to full employment after you have completed your study time.

Other reasons are;

  • Engineers are taught to work together through engineering management.
  • Engineers with entrepreneurial skills benefit from engineering management.

Types of Engineering Management Courses in Canada

Engineering Management courses are available in a variety of forms in Canada. Although there are numerous engineering management programs available, including diploma, certificate, professional, and degree programs, the postgraduate diploma in engineering management, as well as the Master's in Engineering Management, is one of the most popular (MEM).


  • Certificate in Engineering Management
  • Graduate Certificate


  • BSc in Management Engineering


  • MSc Engineering in Engineering Management
  • MBA in Engineering Management.
  • MSc in Engineering Management
  • MSc in Applied Sciences in Engineering Management programs are also available in a variety of specialities, including

Note: BSc programs in Engineering Management often last 4 to 5 years, whereas MSc programs can last 1 or 2 years.

Top Universities Offering Engineering Management Courses in Canada

Engineering management colleges in Canada,  as a top-level program, afford students with opportunities for industry-leading exposure to international development and an outstanding educational structure along with a diversified cultural backdrop.

University Name

QS Ranking 

Course Offered

Tuition Fee

The Centennial College, Canada


Certificate in Construction Project Management


The Sheridan College, Canada


Graduate Certificate in Quality Assurance Manufacturing and Management


University of Waterloo


BSc in Management Engineering


McMaster University


BSc of Engineering & Management


University of Alberta


MSc in Engineering management

MEng in Engineering Management


University of Windsor

750 to 800

MSc in Engineering Management


University of Ottawa


MSc in Engineering Management


Ontario Tech University


MSc in Engineering Management


The Royal Military College of Canada


MSc in Defense Engineering and Management

$ 2,450

The University of Regina

601 to 800

MBA in Engineering Management


Memorial University of Newfoundland

701 to 750

Masters of Applied Sciences in Engineering Management (MASc)


Engineering Management Courses in Canada: Eligibility

The following are the prerequisites and conditions for studying engineering management in Canada:

  • For an undergraduate degree, applicants must have earned 10+2 or comparable grades from a recognized institution and meet the course requirements' minimum scores.
  • For master's degree programs, applicants must have finished a 4years bachelor's degree program, or an additional graduate certificate or master's degree if they have finished a 3years bachelor's degree program.
  • An English proficiency test score
  • GMAT or GRE Scores
  • Certain engineering management colleges in Canada need additional prerequisites such as interviews, employment history, a statement of purpose (SOP), and an updated resume/CV.

Engineering Management Courses in Canada: Admission Process

The following are the procedures for applying to engineering management courses in Canada:

  • Select a course and university to begin your engineering management study in Canada.
  • Fill out the application form and send it in with the registration fees.
  • Submit all relevant documentation, including transcripts, a bachelor's degree (if applicable), and any other requirements, such as a statement of purpose, resume, or letters of recommendation, as requested by the university.
  • Attending an interview may be required.
  • If the university offers it, seek scholarships or financial aid.
  • Wait it out.

Engineering Management Course in Canada: Documents Required

The following are general documents that must be submitted:

Cost of studying Engineering Management Course in Canada

The following are the tuition costs for major Canadian colleges that offer engineering management courses;

Degree level

Tuition Fee in CAD

Diploma in Engineering Management 

5000 to 8000 

Bachelors degree

22000 to 50000

Masters Degree

22000 to 30000

Job and Salary After Engineering Management Course in Canada

There are multiple careers in the engineering management field with sustainable earnings and working conditions.

Here are some career opportunities for you if you pursue an engineering management degree:

Job Role

Salary in CAD

Business Analyst 


Project Manager 


Client Service Analyst 


Financial Analyst 


Application Engineer


System Architect 




Product Manager 


Job Cost Engineer


Operations Manager 


Project Engineer 


Architectural Project Manager 


Systems Analyst 


Construction Manager 


Structural Engineer 


Process Engineer


Technical Manager 


Automation Engineer


Electrical Engineer


Technical Consultant 


Plant Manager


Hardware Engineer 


IT Manager 


Other career options include.

  • Providers (Food, Healthcare, Insurance)
  • Finance and banking
  • Goods for Consumers
  • Property Management and Development
  • Outsourcing of Business Processes
  • Technology Information

We hope that this article has given you a thorough understanding and outline of the Engineering Management Course in Canada. The Engineering Management program is designed for individuals who wish to fully comprehend both technical skills and management qualities as it combines the qualities of an engineer and a manager.

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FAQs Engineering Management Course in Canada

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