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Fashion Designing Course in Abroad

"Fashion is part of the daily air, and it changes all the time, with all the events. You can even see the approaching of a revolution in clothes. You can see and feel everything in clothes."

— Diana Vreeland

Fashion has always played a crucial role in culture and society. Fashion Designing is a Fine Arts and Humanities field that focuses on curating garments and accessories. Fashion designers develop and reinvent by analysing old and new trends and producing visually appealing creations.

What is Fashion Designing Course Abroad?

When it comes to art forms, one of the most sought-after disciplines of study is fashion design, which provides a unique mix of a creatively gratifying and financially lucrative job! It is concerned with the design and production of clothing and other accessories. Fashion designers have an important role in designing the apparatus and selecting the correct material, from bracelets and necklaces to professional suits and party clothing.

In general, their work is impacted by societal views and culture. Modern fashion design is divided into two categories: haute couture and ready-to-wear. Fashion design classes cover a wide range of patterns, trends, aesthetics, styles, and colours. Students learn everything from conceiving clothing, accessories, and footwear to researching previous and current fashion trends.

Who Can Pursue a Fashion Designing Course?

Students must be informed of the prerequisites for pursuing fashion design courses after the 12th grade. Here are the skill requirements:

  • There is a fundamental need to complete the final 10+2 examination with sufficient average marks in the appropriate study topic and from a reputable board.
  • Fashion design degree programmes typically last three years at the graduate level and two years at the master's level. On the other hand, a certificate course takes 6 months to complete, while a diploma degree takes nearly a year.
  • This area also needs communication skills and a sense of fashion to travel about the circle and attend seminars, projects, field studies, and so on.

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Did You Know?

The desire for fashion designers is rising by the day. This is largely due to individuals being more fashion-conscious. Fashion design graduates are engaged not just by prominent fashion designers but also by retail outlets.

Fashion Designing Course: Course Highlights

Candidates can review the following major aspects of the Fashion Designing course in the table below:



Course Level



3-2 years

Course Fee

For UG - Up to 12 lakhs

For PG - Up to 12 lakhs

Average Salary

Up to INR 45 lakhs

Top Recruiters

Raymonds, Benetton, Arvind Garments, ITC Ltd., Levis, Lifestyle, Madura Garments, Modelama Exports, Omega Designs, Orient Craft, etc.

Job Positions

Fashion Designer, Fashion Marketer, Fashion Concept Manager, Quality Controller, Fashion Consultant/Personal Stylist, Technical Designer, Fashion Coordinator, and Fashion Show Organisers

Why Pursue Fashion Designing Courses?

Fashion Designing Courses is a career that provides not only flexible working hours but also several other benefits. Some of the benefits of fashion design courses include

  • Work Prospects: Fashion designers are expected to have a 3% increase in job opportunities between 2016 and 2026. The role of fashion designers in the retail trade is expected to expand by roughly 22% throughout the forecast period.
  • Growing Your Business: After completing your Fashion Designing Courses, you will no longer be required to work under any designer. After completing the Fashion Design course, you can establish your firm and build it from the bottom up.
  • Fashion Design Innovation: The Fashion Designing Courses provide you with many opportunities to attempt new ideas. When it comes to creating, you have a lot of creative freedom, and you may create any new fashion and turn it into a trend.
  • Package of Benefits: The national average income for all jobs in India is INR 5,25,720, which is about INR 1,38,220 or 36% more than the national average wage for Fashion Designers. A fashion designer's annual salary is INR 65,000.
  • Work Culture: As fashion design is all about creation and the urge to try something new, fashion designers' work settings are always very creative and have far less pressure than other professions. A group of creative people seeking new ideas aims to keep the workplace calm and composed.

Fashion Designing Course Syllabus

The combination of core and elective courses taught in the Syllabus Fashion Designing Course course may vary depending on the degree/diploma awarded to students upon completion of the fashion design course. In addition, the fashion design course curriculum may differ slightly from one college to the next.

Diploma in Fashion Design Syllabus

Diploma in Fashion Design

Fashion Designing

Fashion Accessory

Fashion Illustration

Fashion Ornamentation

Textile Science 

Product Specification

Pattern Making and Garment Construction

Computer-Aided Design

Fashion Merchandising and Management

Fashion Marketing and Management

PG Diploma in Fashion Design

Fashion Design Process

Visualization and Presentation Techniques

Contextual design studies and Communication

Fashion Form and Function

Traditional Textiles & Crafts

Business Studies & Entrepreneurship

Bachelor in Fashion Design Syllabus

BDes Fashion Design

Introduction to Pattern Making & Draping

Introduction to Textiles

Introduction to Fashion Design & Fashion Technology

Fashion Theory

Introduction to Fashion Sketching & Illustration

History of Fashion

Apparel Development

Current Trends and Forecasting

Computer-Aided Design

Apparel Development

Fashion Illustration

Design Process

Advanced Draping

Model & Prototype Development

Research & Communication

Element of Colour & Design

Fashion Model Drawing

Fashion Accessory

BA Fashion Design

Apparel Construction Methods

Colour Mixing

Computer-Aided Design

Elements of Textiles

Fabric Dyeing and Printing

Fashion Illustration and Design

Fashion Studies

History of Costumes

Introduction to Pattern Making and Garment Construction

Leather Designing

Manufacturing Technology

Surface Development Techniques

Textile Science


BSc Fashion Design

Analytical Drawing

Apparel Construction Methods

Basic Computer Studies

Computer-Aided Design

Colour Mixing

Basic Photography


History of Costumes

Introduction to Pattern Making & Garment Construction

Indian Art Appreciation


Leather Designing

Creative Jewellery

Current Global Fashion Trends

Elements of Design


Elements of Textiles

Fabric Dyeing and Printing

Fashion History

Fashion Forecasting

Fashion Illustration and Design

Design Process

Fashion Studies

Free Hand Drawing

Garment Construction

Geometrical Construction

Masters in Fashion Design Syllabus

MDes Fashion Design

Introduction to Design

Visual Design- Principles and Applications


Design Methods

Form Studies

Graphic Design

MA Fashion Design

Apparel Manufacturing Technology

Fashion Communication

Advanced Pattern Making

Construction of Women’s Wear

Design Illustration

Computer Designing

Retail Marketing & Merchandising

Knitwear Design Technology

Construction of Men’s Wear


Basic Product and Manufacturing Related Knowledge

Principles of Fashion Marketing, Merchandising, and Management

Economic Analysis and Statistics

Information Technology

Marketing Research and Consumer Behaviour

Global Textiles and Apparel Product Market Characteristics

Retail Management and Advanced Export Merchandising

Quantitative Techniques and Operations Research

Management Accounting

Marketing Strategies and Brand Management

International Marketing

Fashion Forecasting and Product Development

Financial Management and International Finance

Human Resource Management

Supply Chain Management and e-Business

Customer Relationship Management

Visual Merchandising

Intellectual Property Rights

MSc Fashion Design

Apparel Manufacturing Technology

Fashion Communication

Advanced Pattern Making

Construction of Women's Wear

Design Illustration

Computer-Aided Designing

Retail Marketing and Merchandising

Construction of Men's Wear

Knitwear Design Technology


Top Universities to Study Fashion Designing Course Abroad

There are various universities that offer certificate and degree programmes in Fashion Designing from which to pick. Consider the following top Fashion Design schools, colleges, and institutions from across the world:

  • Queensland University of Technology
  • Heriot-Watt University
  • The University of Technology, Sydney
  • RMIT University
  • Birmingham University
  • Curtin University
  • University of Westminster
  • University of Southampton
  • Northumbria University
  • University of Leeds
  • Kingston University
  • University of South Wales
  • Billy Blue College of Design
  • Torrent University Australia
  • University of Lincoln
  • Manchester Metropolitan University
  • University of Edinburgh
  • The University of the Arts London
  • Sheffield Hallam University
  • Robert Gordon University

Fashion Designing Course: Eligibility

  • Candidates with a Class 12 diploma in any subject (Science, Commerce, or Arts) can pursue a Fashion Design degree at the graduate level. On the other hand, most Popular Design colleges only accept individuals who have finished schooling from a recognised board.
  • Aspirants who have finished a Design course at the graduate level are recommended for admission to Fashion Designing at the postgraduate level.

Fashion Designing Course: Admission Process

The Fashion Design application form is now available online and offline. Candidates may find more information about the Fashion Design application procedure below:

Online Application Process

  • The Fashion Design online application form is now available on the institute's official website.
  • Candidates must go to the website, register, fill out the form, upload the required documents, and submit it before the deadline.
  • Only once the application fee has been paid will the application be deemed successful.

Offline Application Process

  •  Candidates can participate in the Fashion Design offline application procedure by either downloading the application form from the official website or picking it up on campus.
  • Before sending the form to the college campus, they must accurately fill out the data, attach the appropriate papers, and pay the application price.
  • Only until the application money has been received by the institute will the registration be deemed complete.

Fashion Design Skills 

Fashion design graduates who want to pursue a profession in fashion design should first assess the abilities necessary for fashion designers. Good drawing and sketching abilities are required for a fashion designer.

There are also other pieces of software that fashion designers must be familiar with. Adobe Creative Suite is regarded as the greatest fashion design programme for novices, and it is a highly sought-after expertise. It produces customer emails, banners, site sections, and holiday cards. The following table lists fashion designer talents and qualities:

Fashion Designer Skills

Good Drawing Skills


Artistic Thinking

Innovative Skills

Observation Skills to Look for Detailing


Good Communication Skills

Eye for Detail


Good understanding of the market and customer lifestyle

Adobe Creative Suite


Graphic Design

Digital Marketing/Market Research

Cost Of Studying Fashion Designing Course Abroad 

Designers, photographers, and journalists all have professions in the fashion business. Once you've decided on the type of education you want to pursue, you may check into fashion study abroad programmes. The cost of a fashion design degree varies in every college based on its infrastructure and the services it provides to its students.

The following table lists the popular graduate Fashion Design courses and the average course fee.

Course Name

Fashion Design Course Fees

BSc Fashion Design

INR 95,580 – INR 10,74,000


INR 4,87,000 – INR 11,09,000

BVoc Fashion Design

INR 29,240 - INR 5,40,000

BA Fashion Design

INR 11,500 - INR 7,50,000


INR 5,45,000 – INR 11,09,000

BE/BTech in Fashion Design

INR 76,000 - INR 6,92,000


INR 1,08,000 - INR 5,63,000

BBA Fashion Design/Fashion Management

INR 2,35,000 - INR 7,36,000

The following table lists the popular postgraduate Fashion Design courses and the average course fee:


Fashion Design Course Fees

MSc Fashion Design

INR 5,550 - INR 3,06,000

MDes (Fashion Design)

1,70,000 - INR 5,35,000

MBA Fashion Design/PGDM

INR 2,60,000 - INR 12,90,000

MA Fashion Design

INR 14,700 - INR 4,01,000


INR 1,74,000 - INR 5,35,000

ME/MTech Fashion Design

INR 50,000 - INR 1,90,000

Study Abroad Scholarships for Fashion Designing Courses

Numerous international scholarships for Fashion Designing are available to assist students with covering the tuition costs while studying abroad.

Some of the scholarships for international students are mentioned below:

  • Saltire Scholarship
  • MSc International Fashion Marketing Scholarship
  • Moorhouse Scholarships
  • Harry J Hargrave Memorial Graduate Scholarship in Animal Science
  • Canadian Tire Corporation Iain Summers Scholarship in Textile Science
  • Helen DeSilva Buchanan Memorial Graduate Scholarship
  • Sheepdrove Trust Scholarship
  • William Callaway Graduate Diploma Textile Bursary and Scholarship
  • Alexander McQueen Scholarship
  • The Honourable Daphne Guinness Scholarship
  • Gaudio Family Foundation Scholarship
  • Dairy Farmers of Ontario Doctoral Research Scholarship [E5894]
  • UCA Impact Scholarships (February 2023 only)
  • QUT Excellence Scholarship (Creative Industries)
  • Pathway to Victoria Scholarship
  • Aspire Diploma Scholarship
  • Talent Scholarship

Jobs & Salary After Fashion Designing Courses Abroad 

There are several Fashion Designer Job Vacancies available just as you begin your fashion designer profession. Fashion design graduates work in various fashion design internships and professions as Fashion Designers, Fashion marketers, Fashion consultants, Personal Stylists, Technical designers, and Fashion Coordinators.

  • Fashion stylists and Fashion Designers are the top-paying fashion design careers, with national average salaries ranging from INR 1,76,000 to 3,98,000 and INR 1,77,000 to 10,00,000, respectively.
  • Fashion designers often work 8-10 hours per day on a paid basis, five days per week. During the peak season of the runways and fashion shows, they are expected to work a few more hours.
  • The starting compensation for a career in fashion design for a newbie is generally between INR 8,000 and 10,000. To earn INR 60,000 a month, you must have several years of job experience and skills.
  • Fashion Designer with five years of experience in Sydney, New South Wales, would make an average income of $61,621. This will most likely vary depending on industry experience, region, and other considerations.

Job Profile

Job Description

Average Salary

Fashion Designer

Fashion designers work for their own label or another company, designing and styling garments to meet the demands of their clients.

INR 3,81,032

Fashion Marketer

Fashion marketers work at well-known shops, apparel labels, and retail stores to promote, and advertise their brand names to increase sales and profits.

INR 3,00,000 – 5,00,000

Fashion Consultant/Personal Stylist

They work for individual clients or celebrities to assist them to stay current with fashion trends, dressing well, and enhancing their public image.

INR 2,56,021

Fashion Coordinator

Fashion coordinators stay current on current trends and assist nearly all fashion businesses, firms, and organisations on how to increase the value of their brands.

INR 17,60,985

Technical Designer

Technical designers choose how the outfit will be manufactured, including the design, Stichting, wash description, and packing.

INR 5,00,000

Fashion Concept Manager

They mostly do research for new ideas or concepts relating to fashion, clothes, and branding.

INR 4,00,000 – 8,00,000

Fashion Show Organiser

Fashion show organisers plan and coordinate fashion shows and events.

INR 3,00,000 – 4,00,000

Students can earn diplomas, degrees, and certifications in all three types of programmes. A student's interest and enjoyment in fashion will make his or her professional job more effective in nature. Drawing and craft creativity should be strong, allowing students to pursue rewarding careers. The garment industry requires new technology, and several newest fashion-designing equipment and machines make the cloth-creation trip easier for students.

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