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Financial Analyst Salary in UK

This article will summarise the typical salary for financial analysts in the United Kingdom using data from various sources, such as salary surveys and job agencies. Financial analyst wages and the elements (such as geography, experience, and industry) that affect them are discussed.
When making wise financial choices, financial analysts are invaluable resources for organisations and people. However, it is crucial to understand the wage expectations and elements that impact them, whether pursuing a career in financial analysis or trying to recruit one for your organisation. The salary, job outlook, and other relevant aspects for financial analysts in the UK will all be discussed in this blog.

Whether you're just starting or want to further your career, knowing the average salary for financial analysts in the UK will help you negotiate a fair wage. Let us delve into UK Financial Analyst Salary in the UK.

Average Salary for Business Analysts in the UK

The average salary is around £54,000 to £78,750. There has been a recent uptick in employment in the financial sectors of both Manchester and Edinburgh (the latter is also a global destination for fund management). Wages there might go as high as $72,800 for men and £77,500 for women.

With the appropriate experience and technical expertise, financial analysts working in Birmingham may expect to earn as much as £72,800 per year.

Gaining proficiency in financial modelling may help financial analysts move up to the next pay grade. The quickest way to a better wage is to get speciality certifications like the ACA, ACCA, or CIMA or to receive training in the most recent data analysis tools.

States-wise UK Business Analyst Salaries 

A business analyst's wage in the UK is heavily influenced by the location in which they work. The cost of living, industry concentration, and rivalry for talent all play a role in the wide range of salaries seen throughout the country.

There are nine separate areas in the United Kingdom, each having its own economy and concentration of certain types of businesses. London, the Southeast, the Southwest, the East of England, the Midlands, the West of England, the Northeast, the Northwest, and Yorkshire and the Humber are all part of these areas. Business analysts might benefit from knowing States-wise UK Business Analyst Salaries patterns in order to negotiate salaries with prospective employers and make informed judgements about where to work.

City Name 

Average Salary Per Year 



North Of England




South West


New York


West of England


East of England


Average UK Business Analyst Salaries Based on the Gender Gap

The business analysis field in the UK is plagued by a chronic gender wage discrepancy, as in many other areas. In 2020, the Office for National Statistics reported that women in the United Kingdom earned an average of 85.4 pence for every pound earned by males. There is a wage disparity between men and women in the business analysis field, although it is less than the national average.

Glassdoor and PayScale report that the average compensation for a business analyst in the United Kingdom is a little over $40,000. However, men's business analysts earn more than their female colleagues due to a significant gender pay discrepancy. The International Institute for Business Analysis found that male business analysts in the UK made an average of £52,500 per year. In contrast, female business analysts earned an average of £47,500 per year, a pay discrepancy of 9.5%.
Several variables, such as unconscious prejudice, discrimination, and inequalities in career advancement and work duties, contribute to the gender wage gap in business analysis. Many businesses are closing the gender wage gap by instituting policies and programmes encouraging diversity and inclusion in the workplace and hiring practices. Organisations may better compete for and keep top business analysts and foster a more diverse and inclusive workplace by eliminating the gender pay gap.

Business Analyst Salaries in the UK: Self-Employed vs Full-Time Analyst

Business analysts may choose between freelancing as a consultant and working for a company full-time in the United Kingdom. The income and other benefits offered by different jobs might vary widely. While working independently as a business analyst might lead to more pay, it also comes with handling your taxes and other financial obligations. Conversely, full-time workers may have more job security, benefits, and prospects for professional growth. It is up to the individual business analyst to decide whether they would choose to be self-employed or work for an organisation full-time.

Job Prospects For Financial Analysts in the UK

Financial analysts are crucial to a company's success since they analyse financial data, spot patterns, and advise upper management. As the role of finance becomes more strategic and data-informed, analysts are being called upon to contribute more often and substantively across teams.
Because of this, a high demand and a low supply of qualified financial analysts in the United Kingdom proficient in financial modelling, financial planning, and data analysis utilising modern technologies such as QlikView and SAS. Financial Analyst Salary In the UK is the highest due to this. Financial analysts who want to be competitive in the future job market will need to keep pace with technological developments and improve their proficiency with cutting-edge software.
It is not shocking that technology solutions are entrusted with the essential computing underlying financial analysis duties. Larger data sets are available for analysis, insight, reporting, and forecasting as more commercial transactions are conducted digitally.
Successful financial analysts will be those who can make valid inferences from the plethora of new data at their disposal. Sharing findings with other teams and stakeholders clearly and practically is another method to provide value to the firm.

Job opportunities for Financial Analysts in the UK

Financial analysts assist people and businesses in making better financial choices by analysis of financial data, investigating relevant issues, and providing expert advice. The financial services business in the UK is robust. Thus financial analysts may find work there.

Investment banking is a popular field for financial analysts in the United Kingdom. Among the many services they provide, investment banks advise clients on mergers and acquisitions and assist corporations in issuing stock and bonds. Investment bankers employ financial analysts who may do financial modelling, due diligence, and valuation research. In addition, financial analysts are needed by the trading desks of central investment banks to track market movements and spot investment possibilities.

The asset management sector is another major employer of financial analysts in the UK. Economic analysts are responsible for researching new investments and giving investment recommendations to customers of asset management organisations. Financial statement analysis, market research, and macroeconomic indicator tracking are all examples.

Financial analysts are also needed in the UK insurance business. Insurance companies often employ financial analysts to help them manage investments, determine premium rates, and assess risk.

Financial analysts are in high demand in a variety of businesses in the United Kingdom, including accounting. Accounting firms hire financial analysts to evaluate financial statements, undertake audits, and advise clients on economic issues.

The demand for financial analysts in the UK is expected to rise substantially over the next several years. Due to the increasing complexity of financial markets, qualified financial analysts in numerous areas will always be in demand, and organisations must make knowledgeable monetary decisions.

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