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Highest Paying Jobs in Australia for Freshers


Landing that dream job right after graduation—it's a vision that shines brightly in the minds of fresh graduates. But not just any job. It's the one with the promise of a rewarding paycheck, career growth, and the chance to make your mark in the world of work. Well, guess what? Australia, with its vibrant economy and a constant thirst for fresh talent, is the place where these dreams can truly take flight.

In this blog, we embark on a journey to explore the highest-paying jobs Down Under specifically tailored for those who are just starting out in their careers. It's a road map to those golden opportunities that not only set the stage for a prosperous future but also let you dive headfirst into your professional aspirations. We've done the research, gathered the insights, and are ready to share with you the most in-demand career options, and the lucrative paths that lie ahead.

So, if you're a fresh graduate eager to step into the Australian job market, or even if you're just curious about where the career treasures lie, now is the time to uncover the highest-paying jobs in Australia for freshers. It's time to turn those ambitions into achievements.

Top 20 Highest-Paying Jobs in Australia

Picture this: you've just earned your degree, and the world is your oyster. Now, what if we told you that your journey could begin with not just a job, but a career that promises generous rewards from day one? Australia offers a treasure trove of opportunities for freshers, where your passion meets prosperity. Here's a curated list of the top 20 highest-paying jobs that open doors to a world of success and financial growth. From healthcare heroes to tech trailblazers, these roles span various sectors, offering a spectrum of career paths for the ambitious.

Now, let's dive into the details. The table below showcases these coveted positions, along with their respective sectors, qualification requirements, and the average annual salaries you can expect. It's your chance to envision the possibilities and chart your course towards a prosperous future.

Job Role



Average Annual Salary (in AUD)



Medical Degree + Residency




Medical Degree + Residency




Dental Degree


Engineering Manager


Engineering Degree + Experience


IT Manager

Information Technology

IT Degree + Experience


Data Scientist

Information Technology

STEM Degree




Pharmacy Degree


Financial Manager


Finance Degree + Experience


Construction Manager


Construction Degree + Experience


Nurse Practitioner


Nursing Degree + Certification


Software Engineer

Information Technology

IT/Computer Science Degree


Marketing Manager


Marketing Degree + Experience




Aviation Training


Mechanical Engineer


Engineering Degree


Human Resources Manager

Human Resources

HR Degree + Experience


Civil Engineer


Engineering Degree




Physiotherapy Degree


Occupational Therapist


Occupational Therapy Degree


Registered Nurse


Nursing Degree


High School Teacher


Teaching Degree


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These roles not only promise substantial financial rewards but also provide the satisfaction of contributing to society and advancing in your chosen field. As you explore these opportunities, remember that the path to success in each profession may vary, but the destination is one—prosperity and fulfilment.

Now let's take a deeper look into some of these job sectors and find out what their eligibility criteria and average salaries are.

Healthcare Sector

In the realm of healthcare, where compassion meets expertise, opportunities for freshers abound. To step into roles like Surgeon, Anesthesiologist, or Dentist, aspiring candidates must complete a medical or dental degree followed by rigorous residency or internship programs. The average annual salary in this sector is impressive, with Surgeons and Anesthesiologists earning around INR 2.2 crores, while Dentists can expect an annual income of approximately INR 1.5 crores.

Engineering Sector

The engineering sector is a hub of innovation and progress. Fresh graduates aspiring to become Engineering Managers, Mechanical Engineers, or Civil Engineers should hold an engineering degree and gain relevant experience. Engineering managers earn around INR 1.6 crores, while Mechanical and Civil Engineers can anticipate annual salaries of approximately INR 1.36 crores and INR 1.1 crores, respectively.

Information Technology Sector

In the fast-paced world of Information Technology, freshers with IT or Computer Science degrees can explore careers as IT Managers, Data Scientists, or Software Engineers. A STEM background is crucial for Data Scientists. IT Managers earn around INR 1.44 crores, Data Scientists command salaries of approximately INR 1.2 crores, and Software Engineers can expect an annual income of about INR 1.14 crores.

Finance Sector

For those with a knack for finance, positions like Financial Managers offer lucrative prospects. A finance degree coupled with relevant experience opens doors to this field. Financial Managers earn an impressive average salary of around INR 1.1 crores, making it an attractive choice for freshers with financial acumen.

Construction Sector

In the dynamic world of construction, Construction Managers are in demand. Aspiring fresh graduates should hold a construction degree and accumulate experience to excel in this sector. Construction Managers can expect an annual salary of approximately INR 91 lakhs, making it a rewarding career choice.

Aviation Sector

The aviation sector offers a thrilling career path for those who dream of taking to the skies. Pilots, with comprehensive aviation training, embark on high-flying adventures. Pilots in Australia can earn around INR 91 lakhs annually, making this profession both exhilarating and financially rewarding.

Marketing Sector

In the realm of Marketing, freshers can aim for roles like Marketing Managers. Marketing degrees paired with hands-on experience pave the way for success. Marketing Managers can earn an annual salary of approximately INR 82 lakhs, offering a balance of creativity and financial growth.

Human Resources Sector

The Human Resources sector values fresh talent in roles such as Human Resources Managers. Aspirants should hold an HR degree and gain relevant experience. Human Resources Managers earn an average salary of around INR 82 lakhs, making this field an exciting avenue for freshers.

Education Sector

In the field of Education, fresh graduates with teaching degrees can pursue careers as High School Teachers. Teaching qualifications are essential. High School Teachers earn an annual salary of approximately INR 71 lakhs, combining the joy of educating with financial stability.

In this land of opportunities, ranging from the realm of healthcare to the dynamic tech universe, fresh graduates are welcomed with open arms. With ambition, hard work, and the right qualifications, you can turn your aspirations into thriving realities right here in Australia. So, don't just dream; take the leap, and let your career story unfold Down Under.

Which of these sectors sound like the perfect fit for you? Contact us, and we'll have you mapped out a study path and a career path towards the ideal job sector for you!


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