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How Can I Study in Dubai While Working?


How Can I Study in Dubai while Working? This will be your major question and concern if you aspire to study in an internationally recognised city like Dubai. Dubai is evolving to be a promising city for international students who prefer to continue their higher education and look for a sustainable job that assures them job security and a high-end career. Similar to many Western and European universities in countries like the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland, Germany and many others, universities in Dubai also allow students to work part-time jobs while pursuing their higher education.

Seems interesting enough? Well, you have chosen a perfect coming-of-age city which has attained the position of prominence, respectability, recognition and excellence around the world. What's more? You can enjoy your student life to the fullest by exploring some of the best tourist attractions and the man-made wonders of the city.

By providing you with a much-needed intro about your dream study-abroad destination, let us answer your biggest concern, How Can I Study in Dubai while Working? 

Steps to Study and Work in Dubai

As you know, Dubai is one of the largest cities in the United Arab Emirates and the country's esteemed capital. To experience a one-of-a-kind student life in such a larger-than-life city, you must pass the universities' academic requirements.

We are listing all the steps in order for you that ought to be followed to be eligible to study and work in UAE's stunning city, Dubai.

  • Apply for and Receive your Student Visa: Once you have got admission to study at any one of the universities in Dubai, the immediate next thing you need to do is apply for your Student Visa. Arrange in advance all the required educational and visa documents to show during your visa interview.
  • Get your Work Permit: Your university is the one that grants an approval letter for you to receive your work permit. Once you hand over the approval letter to the UAE Labour Department, they will issue your work permit, which allows you to work part-time during your university/college study
  • Complete your Minimum duration of Study: To be eligible to receive your work-permit approval letter from your university, you must complete a minimum duration of the one-year study period in your university. You should also be enrolled in a full-time degree program.
  • Adhere to the work-permit guidelines: As per the guidelines, you are allowed to work only 15 hours per week and 40 hours during vacation and summer holidays. In addition to that, you cannot work in more than one job at a time. If you disregard the rules, then there is much possibility of your student visa getting rejected and you getting sent back home.
  • Age and other academic factors: To work part-time or full-time in Dubai, you must be at least 18 years of age and clear the medical test. To work on-campus, you need to hold a minimum GPA of 2.2. However, to work off-campus, no such requirements are needed.

Dubai Work Visa Requirements

As an international student, willing to work part-time on-campus or off-campus, you need an authorised work permit or work visa from Dubai's UAE Labour Department. Before obtaining a work permit, you need to get your residence permit which makes you eligible to apply for a work visa to work in Dubai.

Note - Being an International Student in Dubai, you have the option to work only part-time and are not allowed to take up full-time jobs. Thus the documents we list are for only seeking permission to work part-time during your study.

You are eligible to apply for a full-time job only after you graduate, scoring a maximum GPA of 3.75

We will list the documents separately needed for both Residence Permit and Work Visa.

Residence Permit

  • Properly Filled Application Form.
  • Valid Passport
  • Multiple Passport size Photographs
  • Fitness Certificate
  • Entry Permit issued by the Ministry of Labour
  • Payment Receipt of the Application Fee.

Work Visa

  • Apply for a work visa at your university, seeking their approval letter to work part-time on-campus or off-campus.
  • Submit the work visa approval letter to Dubai's UAE Labour Department.
  • Once you successfully pass through their eligibility requirements, you will be authorised with a work visa.

Employment Opportunities in UAE

International students majorly choose abroad countries to pursue their higher education for two primary reasons.

i) To study under high-tech facilities and

ii) To have a multitude of career opportunities and earn a high salary range.

Dubai, being a developed business-centric city, is capable of providing you with all opportunities to move towards your dream career. Let us now see the current trending career fields in Dubai.

  • Information Technology
  • Computer Science
  • Engineering
  • Medical
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Banking and Finance
  • Information Management
  • Human Resource Management

Work After Study in UAE - On Campus

Working part-time on your university campus is an excellent opportunity for you to manage your expenses. Your study in Dubai while working will expose you to the practical world and also help you gain soft skills like communication, critical thinking, problem-solving, time management, decision making and the like.

Particularly, Dubai for Indian Students provides them with numerous work opportunities to handle their money needs.

1. Campus Ambassador - Campus Ambassador (CA) is an interesting job for students who like to display their competency and guiding skills. Students taking up the Campus Ambassador role are in charge of promoting the university and providing them with genuine reasons to join the university. In addition to that, CAs should give campus tours and always be ready for interaction and communication with prospective students.

Daily Wage: $10.94/hour.

2. Barista: Barista is an another exciting role to work on campus. You can keep yourself busy the whole day during weekends, holidays or vacations. Besides making enjoyable drinks for your customers, you will get to meet new people and can start an interesting conversation regarding studies, internships and career opportunities in the country.

Daily Wage: $11.59/hour

3. Teaching Assistant: The Teaching Assistant role will suit you the most if you want to understand the work of a professor or lecturer. Being their assistant, you have to supervise/organise classroom activities and assist students who are struggling in their studies.

Daily Wage: $11.85/hour

4. Library Assistant: If you are a bookworm, then Library is your place of worship. Being a bookworm, you will enjoy working as a librarian or library assistant. You will be satisfied with recommending new books and new genres to your fellow bookworms. You also get to help them by finding the books they want to read and also organise the events that have to happen in the library.

Daily Wage: $13.24/hour

5. Receptionist: Though this is a regular job, you will learn about the administration of an office through handling calls, guests, business people and others. If you are good at communicating and handling people, then performing this role will be a breeze for you.

Daily Wage: $13.31/hour

Other primary part-time jobs include Research Study Assistant, Department Assistant, Catering Assistant, Tutor/Peer Mentor, etc. These jobs too, provide reasonable daily wages.

Work After Study in UAE - Off Campus

Your study in UAE while working shouldn't be affected though you have a responsibility to manage your expenses. So it is important that you choose a part-time job that demands minimal time from your busy study schedule.

Below we are listing the part-time jobs that help you earn a high daily wage by demanding you to work only for a few hours.

1. Cab Driver - Make use of your impeccable driving skills by working as a cab driver and helping people safely reach their destination.

Daily Wage: $60/hour

2. Retail Cashier - Fast at billing and invoicing, then this part-time is the best for you. Taking up orders and organising order deliveries will also be part of the job.

Daily Wage: $40/hour

3. Waiter/Waitress: Can you work in a busy restaurant and keep up with orders? Then hesitate no more to take up this job. Apart from the daily wage, you can also get complimentary tips for your wonderful service.

Daily Wage: $40/hour

4. Baby Sitter: Are kids your heartthrob? Then you should take up the role of the babysitter. Though it is a responsible job, you can enjoy your time babysitting by taking care of newborns or toddlers.

Daily Wage: $70/hour.

5. Pet Sitter: Pet Sitting is another popular part-time job in countries abroad. If pets are your favourites, then this role greatly serves you by helping you earn a good amount of daily wage, and you also get to have a good and enjoyable time with other people's pets.

Daily Wage: $60/hour

How many hours can I work part-time while studying in Dubai?

As an international student, you can work part-time for 15 hours a week and 40 hours during holidays and vacations.

How to get an Employment Visa in Dubai?

The Employment Visa is applicable to you as soon as you graduate. So before you graduate, start looking for job opportunities and get a job offer from any of the companies. Because you can't stay in the country using your Student Visa once you are out of your university.

We will give you a gist of the Employment Visa process maintained by the Country.

  • At the time of getting employed in Dubai, your employer will start the application process to get you the Employment Visa. (Yes, you can't apply for an Employment Visa, only your employer can).
  • Once you get your employment visa in hand, it is both your residence visa and work visa to legally stay and work in the country.
  • During the process, your employer will arrange for a medical checkup, Emirates ID, Labour Card and Health Card to begin your career journey without any external interruptions.
  • Your work visa is called Residence Permit for Employment, issued for an Employee in Dubai.
  • Your Work visa, also known as a Residence visa, is valid for two years from the date it is issued. Once the validity ending date nears, your employer should renew your work visa.
  • To receive your employment visa, you should be at least 18 years of age.

What are the Rules for Working in Dubai?

To commence your career journey in Dubai, you must fulfill the country's eligibility requirements, which are otherwise informally called the rules for working in Dubai.

  • You should be at least 18 years of age.
  • The company that hired you must be accredited and registered in the country's labour sector.
  • Your company should not have breached any of the country's laws.
  • You as an employee should not have violated the country's laws and orders.
  • You should work in the role which you have been hired for.
  • Your work should be in accordance with your company's service to its clients.

Commencing your Work in Dubai seems tiring? Worry no more. By pursuing a study in Dubai, you can reach your dream of working in Dubai. To help you pursue your dream career, we at aecc, provide you with all the guidance and assistance through our expert in-house counsellors. Reach out to us today and begin your dream study and career journey.


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