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How to Avoid Rejection of a Student Visa?

problems. A visa rejection can stop students from getting into their dream university and make them miss out on many opportunities to improve their lives. A Student visa can open up the gate to many opportunities, from better education to a better job in the future. But many students don't get their wishes completed, and some fall into the trap of fraudulent people who make false promises to you.

But not to worry. We are here to tell you How to avoid the rejection of a student visa. 

Student Visa Rejection Reason

There are many reasons that a student visa gets rejected:

  1. Incomplete Paperwork - All paperwork is essential to avoid getting your visa rejected. You need to have all the proper documentation required for the visa.
  2. Financial Insufficiency - You must have good funds in your bank account to ensure your visa. Many countries like Germany require the student to have a fixed amount of money in their bank account. So you need sufficient funds in your bank account to avoid getting your visa rejected.
  3. Eligibility Criteria - Students must clear many criteria to accept their visa. It can involve your language proficiency and your academic score. It would be best if you met your eligibility criteria to get your visa accepted.
  4. Lack of home country ties - The visa approval officers must know that you will return to your home country. A student visa is often rejected because it needs ties in the home country. That's why showing your ties with your home country is essential.
  5. False Documentation - Many students prepare fake documentation on the advice of many fraud agents. It can lead to permanent rejection and police cases, so never send false documentation.

Student Visa Rejection Rate

The student visa rejection rate has been increasing in recent years. Because of COVID, many students want to travel abroad for studies, but the rejection rate is getting higher and higher. Canada is one of the most sought places to study for Indian students. According to recent research, it is reaching a 50% rejection rate.

The rejection rate is similar in Australia. This is to decrease the chance of your student visa getting rejected, be fully prepared, and avoid shady dealers who make false promises and won't have sufficient documents and knowledge to give you a student visa. Be careful and safe and choose a registered dealer; you will increase your chances of getting your student visa.

Student Visa Processing Time

Student Visa Processing time differs from country to country. It also depends on which type of application you send. Was it a paper application or an online application?

Online application is mostly fast for less processing time. For a paper application, it usually takes 2 to 3 weeks. So for more fast processing time, use an online application.
Many countries take 2 to 3 business weeks to process time, but it is highly variable depending on your chosen country. Some countries like Australia take 2 to 3 months to process your visa. That's why checking the estimated time for the embassy of your interest is important. And to shorten your time, prepare your required paperwork in advance so you don't have any issues and won't delay your processing time.

 How Do I Know If My Student Visa Is Rejected?

There are many reasons for getting your student visa rejected, including lack of documentation and other issues. That's why it is important to check on the required documents beforehand to ensure your visa application is not rejected. And in today's technological age checking your visa status is easier than ever. To check your student visa status, you can use the following:

Online Tracking - Many countries allow you to track your visa through their website. So you can check your visa status there

SMS or Email - You might get sms or email informing you about your visa status. Many embassies give you this service to inform you about your visa status.

Contact your Embassy - If you are still trying to figure out your visa status, you can contact your respective embassy to check if your visa is getting rejected.

How to Reapply for a Student Visa After Rejection?

There are many reasons to get your student visa rejected—lack of Proper Documentation and other things. To reapply for your student visa, follow these steps.

Review your Application - Check your Application to see why you were rejected. Many times they do mention the reason for your rejection. So review your application. Check where the problem lies and how you need to fix it. If they want more documents, then make sure to prepare them before reapplying. If you have insufficient funds, then also prepare them. Because if you don't fix your past mistakes, reapplying will be a waste of time and money.
Get professional help - Many professionals will help you understand why you are rejected. And will help you with the solution and rewriting your application.
Rewriting Your Application - After correcting your mistakes and ensuring you have proper Documentation. Your new application mustn't have any issues.
Wait and Resubmit your application - For most countries, you need a few months before submitting your application.
If you follow this process, your chances of getting your student visa approved might increase. It is always important to correct your mistakes and be patient.

Tips to Avoid Student Visa Rejection

There are many things students need to avoid in their student visas. One of the main point every professional suggest is, To Be Honest. If you are honest in your application and about your merits, it will be easy for you to get in. If you use another visa method to study in another country, that would be illegal and could even land you in jail. If you use another method, officers will usually catch you and deport you back, which can lead to more financial loss and a permanent negative mark on your documents.

That's why you should never lie in your application because it can get you in trouble and create a bad reputation that won't even let you reapply. So never lie on your application and about your documentation.

Student Visa Success Rate from India

Indian students have different success rates depending on the country and many other factors that change. The USA has an acceptance rate of 85%, but countries like Canada and Australia have an average acceptance rate of around 50%.

So check the country you are applying for more clear information about your success rate.

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