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Ireland Work Permit for Indian Students


All global college students from non-EU/EEA regions, together with India, want a legitimate Student Visa to go into Ireland as a way to take a look at any Irish university. Students enrolled on a short-time period course of much less than ninety days follow for a C-Study Visa at the same time as the ones on a long-time period direction of greater than ninety days follow for a D-Study Visa. To pursue an Irish Study Visa, non-EEA college students should be enrolled on a full-time direction at the ILEP list (Interim List of Eligible Programmes). All Ireland Student Visa holders have a confined Work Permit and are eligible to work for a stipulated term in Ireland. The Irish authorities additionally present a Stay Back Option to college students from non-EEA international locations reading undergraduate or postgraduate direction at the colleges in Ireland.

Ireland Work Permits Current Processing Dates 2022

As of 24th May 2022, processing programs are obtained on the subsequent dates for particular forms of programs.

Employment Permit applications received by Employer Type


Trusted Partner

12th April 2022


24th March 2022

Reviews of the above employer applications

Reviews Received 

21st April 2022

Requests for support letters for a Stamp 4


Requests received 

14th April 2022

How to Apply for a Work Permit in Ireland

The application for an Ireland work permit starts with selecting the sort of work permit an applicant desires to practice for. Once the candidate chooses the form of work permit they want, they must fill out the associated application form. Here are all of the info you need to fill out on the work permit utility form:

The applicant's private data and whether or not an agent supports the applicant in completing the form.

  • Registration info
  • Details of overseas nationality.
  • Details of redundancy.
  • Employment info.
  • Remuneration info.
  • Additional info

Eligibility Criteria for Ireland Work Permit

Eligibility Criteria for Ireland Work Permit Individuals who might be accredited for Ireland Work Permit want to fulfil standards like:

The applicant ought to have an agreement to work. They might also have a proposal from an Irish organisation. The organisation must clear the Labour Markets Needs Test if an applicant is looking for a work permit (apart from the Critical Skills Employment Permit). This check guarantees that the organisation of the Irish beginning turned into unsuccessful in locating an Irish or EU/EEA/Swiss citizen appropriate for the work role in question. For the candidates searching for a Critical Skills Employment Permit, every year's earnings ought to meet the minimal scale of €30,000 or €80,000. This is decided by the type of activity they may be searching for. General Employment Permit candidates have to have a minimal every year earnings of €30,000. The minimum yearly salary has to fulfil the National Minimum Wage for all varieties of Ireland Work Permit besides the Critical Skills Employment Permit and the General Employment Permit. The corporation of Irish starting place hiring the work allows applicants to have 50% of the personnel which might be of EU/EEA/Swiss starting place.

Ireland Work Permit Documents Required

  • Candidates have to connect all required files to the utility form electronically. They want to choose the file type they want to put up from the drop-down menu and add the corresponding file online.
  • After finishing all of the sections of the utility form on the website, applicants can print it and sign it. They also can ship the files to the applicable government to sign them if required. Once approved, candidates must test the files and add them to the web device again.
  • The work allows you select to use may depend on the form of work you choose for. Here are the files a candidate may also want:
  • A copy of the applicant's passport, including a portrait, signature, and other information.
  • A passport-length photograph that is appropriate for Ireland's photographic circumstances.
  • A signed copy of the agreement of the job role among the applicant and their organisation.
  • Even as they may be applying, Irish residents will want to have a duplicate in their present immigration stamp.
  • Registration Pin or company's license pin or number,
  • Information associated with your organisation includes their name, address, and different essential files from approved places.
  • Information about the applicant's task consists of the applicant's salary or earnings, task obligations, duties, and the duration of their employment. 

Ireland Work Permit Cost

Before the final touch of the web application form, candidates must pay the Ireland work to allow processing price online through a credit score or debit card.

Ireland Work Permit Processing Time

Applicants ready to replace their Ireland work permit status must be patient. The Ireland work allows processing time is around 13 weeks. Once Ireland's visa status is shown as ago, you could gather your visa.

Ireland Work Permit Visa Requirements for Indian Citizens

  • A licensed copy of your passport.
  • Passport-length pictograph that meets Ireland's image criteria.
  • A photocopy of the employment agreement signed through you and your employer.
  • If appropriate, a replica of the IDA/Enterprise Ireland Letter of Support.
  • Information about your processes includes the company's registration number, address, name, and certificates from identified organisations.
  • Job specifics have compensation, process responsibilities, tasks, and duration of employment.

Work Permit After Study in Ireland

  • Under the Third Level Graduate Programme, college students from non-EEA nations retaining scholar permission (Stamp 2) can observe for a post-observe work visa, additionally referred to as Stamp 1G. They can search for employment withinside us an after completing their graduate studies.
  • Under Stamp 1G, graduates can not begin an enterprise or work for themselves.
  • Renewal of the Stamp 1G registration ought to be implemented annually.
  • You could practise for a Stamp 4 and naturalisation in Ireland after five years on a Stamp 1G.

Ireland Work permits Without a Job Offer

More than a few immigration routes are open to people who now no longer have a job in Ireland. Neither of those routes would require you to have an activity, but you may show that you can assist yourself financially at some stage in time in Ireland. These are unique routes below the subsequent stamps: Stamp 0, Stamp 1G, Stamp 2, Stamp 2A, Stamp 3, and Stamp 4.

Stamp 0:

Stamp 0 permission permits you to stay in Ireland for a specific time without necessitating you to work. At the same time, this stamp can be granted to visiting teachers who desire to work with inside the State for much less than nine months.

Stamp 1G:

Stamp 1G permission may be given to individuals who now no longer have a job but who're searching for employment in Ireland. It is primarily aimed at those who've graduated from a Level eight or above course and desire to search for jobs in Ireland below the Third Level Graduate Scheme.

Stamp 2 & Stamp 2A:

This form of immigration permission is for individuals shifting to Ireland to look at within the State. You aren't required to have a process to relocate to Ireland below this route. If you want to work below this permission, you'll be limited to the number of hours you could work consistently during the week.

Stamp 3:

Stamp 3 permission may be granted to individuals shifting to Ireland to volunteer. As a volunteer, you may no longer be authorised to adopt any paid work in your life.

Stamp 4:

Under Stamp 4 permission, you could live in Ireland for a particular period. If you are one of the following applicants, you are eligible: You are now a part of your Irish spouse's civil or de-facto family. You are becoming a member of your minor infant, an Irish citizen. 

What is the Difference Between Ireland Work Permit and Work Visa

To apply for a work visa for Ireland from India, the visa-subject overseas citizen (Indian) must first find a job in Ireland. After the applicant efficiently reveals activity in Ireland, They can apply for a work permit in Ireland through the Department of Business, Enterprise, and Innovation (DBEI). As a result, a candidate is only eligible to get a work visa for Ireland from India while working in Ireland.

Ireland isn't simply the desired destination for schooling; however, additionally, to construct an excellent career. Therefore selecting to stay and return for a put up study job in Ireland may be a tremendous desire for global students. With the data indexed above, ensure all necessities are checked for easy, trouble-free living in Ireland.

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FAQs About Ireland Work Permit for Indian Students

Does Ireland give PR?

Foreign nationals who have lived in Ireland for five years with a sort of work authorisation are eligible for the Ireland Permanent Residence Permit. Foreign nationals granted permanent residency in Ireland will obtain a Stamp 4 on their passport, which is valid for 5 years and is renewable.

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