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IT Courses in Canada for Indian Students


Canada is one of the popular study-abroad destinations chosen by international students. There are several reasons that have made the country popular, and one of them is its affordability. The tuition costs in Canada generally tend to be on the lower end. Even within the country, there are several courses that are popular among international students, and one of them is Information Technology or IT.

Do you plan to pursue an IT course in Canada? Do you know that there are several top Canadian universities that offer the course?
You can read the blog completely to learn more about the admission process, eligibility criteria, top career options etc., after completing IT courses in Canada.

List of popular IT courses in Canada

Canadian institutions, home to around half a million international students, offer high-quality education at affordable tuition fees with globally recognised degrees. Also, Canada is very popular for its immigration opportunities, immense post-study work, and excellent quality of life. Among all the courses offered to students by the top universities in Canada, Information Technology (IT) in Canada is the most famous. The Universities in Canada offer students an edge over their international competitors. You can apply to some of the best IT colleges in the country.

Are you on the hunt for the most popular IT courses in Canada? Then we have got you covered. This article presents a list of popular IT courses in Canada. We have also put light on the reasons to study IT courses, eligibility criteria, and admission procedure, and discussed future career aspects as well that will help you get admission to the top universities.
A broad range of courses In Canada delivers various specialisations. You may go for
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Science and Big Data Computer Science
  • Machine Learning
  • Video Games
  • Cloud Computing
  • Web Technologies
  • Cyber Security

Reasons to Study IT Course in Canada

The Information Technology courses comprise computer-based as well as telecommunication system support, design, and administration. There are various advantages of taking an IT course in Canada. Some of the reasons that make Canada a favourite with students all over the world are:

  • As a growing country, Canada has multiple multinational corporations and has a significant demand for experienced IT professionals.
  • IT service management, leadership, soft skills, teamwork, and project management are only a few tops taken in this useful program.
  • The education system of Canada places a robust emphasis on delivering hands-on experience through case studies, internships, and actual projects, ensuring that you are employable immediately upon the completion of your course.
  • You can even enrol in specialised trade requirement-based diploma and postgraduate diploma programs in addition to the degree programs. 

Top Universities in Canada for IT Courses

The colleges in Canada provide international students with a vast array of specialised IT courses. Here you get a multichannel environment to appreciate diversity and technologically advanced classrooms. Most of the institutes in Canada have some foundational studies to help the students understand this course better. We have mentioned below the list of the best IT universities in Canada.

Sl. No.


World Ranks


University of Toronto



McGill University



The University of British Columbia



University of Alberta



McMaster University



University of Montreal



University of Waterloo



University of Calgary



Simon Fraser University



Dalhousie University



University of Ottawa



University of Victoria


Eligibility Requirements to Study IT Course in Canada

To enrol in an information technology course, you must meet certain entry requirements. However, requirements may vary from one university to another. Certain universities may need prior work permits or work experience. The standard requirements have been put forth:

  • For undergraduate courses: You must complete twelve years of formal education with at least a 50-55% academic score. A good International English Language Testing System (IELTS) score will make a difference for entry.
  • For Postgraduate IT courses: You must complete a bachelor's degree program of 3 years in IT with at least a 50-55% score.
  • For Diploma: It is mandatory to complete education from a higher secondary school with a good IELTS score.
  • For PG Diploma IT courses: You must complete a three-year bachelor's degree in IT with at least a 50-55% score.

You might require to take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) along with IELTS. Also, you may need to take one Canadian Academic Aptitude Test like Canadian Academic English Language (CAEL) test.

Admission Process for Studying IT Course in Canada

To get started, you need to choose a degree program that you wish to pursue. Among the elementary paperwork that is essential commonly by every university are a recommendation letter, letter of motivation, and a portfolio of your previous work (if applicable). Also, universities will need proof of completion of your previous studies. For this, you need to send the university one official transcript from the secondary school if you are beginning a bachelor's and the previous university in case you are pursuing a master's degree or higher. You have to pass one English proficiency test as well. Check the university website for the requirement of any specific documentation. Application forms are available through the specific websites of the university and require the application fee to be paid. Attach the necessary documentation after you have completed the application form and email the same to the university.

However, it is recommended to check the websites of the universities that you wish to apply for. It's a bit challenging to tell which university follows what norms. A university responds in around four to six weeks. When your application gets approved, a letter of acceptance will be sent to you.
To pursue your studies in Canada, you must apply for your Study Permit and Electronic Travel Authorization or Visitor Visa. To obtain the same, you require an acceptance letter from one designated learning institute, a travel document or a valid passport, and financial proof that exhibits you can help yourself. Details of any family member/s who will come with you are also needed.

Career after studying IT courses in Canada

Pursuing IT courses in Canada for students is quite a lucrative academic option. An IT degree from a University in Canada may bring you a high proficiency in the specialisation. The practices and teaching methodologies of the universities of Canada aid hands-on experience in project management, solving advanced technical concepts, and complicated technical problems. Networking jobs in the country are popular.

Sl. No.

Job Role

Salary (In Canadian Dollar Annually)


Business Analyst

C$ 82550


IT Consultant

C$ 78653


Game Developer

C$ 67227


Information System Manager

C$ 100089


Database Manager/Administrator

C$ 76335


Technical Author

C$ 102914


System Developer

C$ 152827


Hardware Engineer

C$ 81563


System Tester

C$ 80000


Project Manager

C$ 85680

The above article presents a list of popular IT courses in Canada. Post your study of an IT course from an institute in Canada, you will be able to discover new pathways where technology trends are changing the world. This will help you to secure your dream job in any corner of the world. 

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