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Job Opportunities In New Zealand


After completing education overseas, students frequently search for opportunities to work and settle in a foreign nation. It is because foreign countries offer better salary packages with extensive professional self-actualisation. The Kiwi subcontinent is one of the top nations to study and work for international students. It provides advantageous career options with a high quality of life, where you can also maintain an outstanding work-life balance.

Top 10 Job Opportunities In New Zealand





Software Engineer

90000 NZD per year


Civil Engineer

71459 NZD per year


Software Architect

136547 NZD per year


Medical Doctor

100000 NZD per year



58113 NZD per year



65000 NZD per year


Investment Banker

92500 NZD per year



90000 NZD per year


Finance Analyst 

74000 NZD per year



91321 NZD per year

Software Engineer

It is, hands down, the most well-known job profile in New Zealand's IT world and corporate in general. Software engineers are in great demand worldwide, and the Kiwi subcontinent is no different. The best part of this job is that you don't need a special degree. They must be experts in computing, software development, and related subjects.

Civil Engineer

With an ever-growing economy, every nation faces a drastic increase in its residential and commercial infrastructures. Thus more qualified civil engineers are needed. Catering to this demand, New Zealand offers plenty of job opportunities to civil engineers. To be qualified for the job, you must get an undergraduate degree in the field.

Software Architect

This profile is similar to software engineering. However, software engineers are primarily employed in the IT industry. These professionals are better specialised in this work. So they deliver better performances at senior levels too. Furthermore, finding a job for this designation in New Zealand is easy.

Medical Doctor

Medical doctors or MDs are in great demand in New Zealand. It is because it takes a very long time to become a doctor in the nation. A doctor's formal training and education take 11 years before becoming a general practitioner or GP. That's why, if you are a doctor in your home town, looking for a job, you will easily get one in New Zealand, with a higher salary and better quality of life.


There is currently a shortage of physiotherapists in New Zealand. These professionals have a great responsibility to maintain the health and vitality of individuals. Physiotherapists can practice independently after obtaining enough work experience in the sector. The certificate generally takes four years to complete, and students can find various jobs after graduation in the Kiwi subcontinent.


Another area New Zealand faces a lack is graduates picking a nursing career, especially in the public industry.

However, the present situation is even worse. Its current nursing workforce is near retiring, which gives you an opening as the demand for qualified nursing increases in the nation. Furthermore, the requirement is also minimal – an undergraduate or equivalent degree in nursing. 

Investment Banker

Even though the Kiwi subcontinent might not be one of the major countries for investment banking, it still provides advantageous career options via its leading banks and financial organisations. Furthermore, the good thing is that experts in this area need no qualifications, such as degree programs in New Zealand.


Accountants are in tremendous demand in the Kiwi subcontinent. There are ample career opportunities in posts such as bookkeeping in non-profit and for-profit companies. The status of CA from most nations is accepted in New Zealand. However, as a general accountant, you will only qualify if you have graduated with a certification, which the New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants or NZCIA approves of.

Finance Analyst

Here's a little bit about finance analysis. These professionals, called finance analysts, read the present financial condition of the market and individual organisations; they help clients select the best financing and investment approach and overlook its implementation. A plus point is that you have plenty of work opportunities as a financial analyst in New Zealand. Furthermore, leading giants don't require you to have any special training or qualification before applying. You only need to have the necessary skills and knowledge.


As a lawyer from overseas, you will be appointed as a barrister or solicitor at the high court of New Zealand. However, since the law is a specialised profession, with various laws in various countries with each one having its regulations, you need to hold a practising certificate from the New Zealand Law Society before you can start earning.


How to Apply Jobs In New Zealand

Please note that you must find and get a job before entering New Zealand. So, let's see how you can get one?

Step 1: Please note that online applications with a CV and cover letter are typical nationwide. However, in the Kiwi subcontinent, CVs are different because they mention your skills and situations where you have used them instead of your previous positions.

Step 2: Now, you need to send a job application as you would usually would, take the help of a visa consultant whenever you are stuck. If your application passes round 1, you may be called for one of the following.

  • A phone interview.
  • A face-to-face interview (be prepared, as these are casual and may include up to 4 applicants at once).

Remember to learn well about the company and your designation before applying. It is because many jobs aren't posted. We recommend you make connections and networks and use them when the opportunity calls for it, rather than waiting for a job opening.

Step 3: Know the Kiwi visas. Note that as per the nation's immigration policies, all work visas are temporary, each with its duration (depending on its type). Let us go through some of the New Zealand work visas.

Essential Skills Work Visa: Offered to select individuals, people who offer their services in areas New Zealand seeks can obtain it, as there are many locally untapped job options in the country, it has a special provision to get overseas professionals in the country, who are skilled enough to take these jobs. 

Below, we have listed some of these career profiles.

  1. Agriculture and forestry construction.
  2. Education.
  3. Engineering.
  4. Finance.
  5. Business.
  6. Health and social services.
  7. ICT and electronics.
  8. Oil and gas engineering.
  9. Recreation.
  10. Hospitality and tourism.
  11. Science.
  12. Trades.
  13. Transport.

Work to Residence Visa: These permits unlock a permanent employment pathway for overseas professionals in New Zealand. Valid for 30 months (2.5 years), these are used at the beginning of careers. 

Here are some rules you must follow while having this visa.

  • You must work for at least 24 months or two years (including holidays).
  • You must pass on various points such as quality work, character, skill development, etc.

Skilled Migrant Residence Visa: If you are looking for a PR in New Zealand, this visa is for you. 

To obtain it, you must do the following.

  • Provide necessary proofs of a Kiwi work and residence.
  • Show good character and utility towards the nation.

It's a points-based visa, where you receive points based on various characteristics. Currently, the bar is set at 160.

Step 4: For some professions, the nation's law requires you to register yourself before looking to make a career. 

Here's a list for your reference.

  1. Architect.
  2. Immigration advisor.
  3. Barrister.
  4. Line mechanic.
  5. Barrister and solicitor.
  6. Medical laboratory scientist/technologist.
  7. Cable jointer.
  8. Medical laboratory technician.
  9. Chiropractor.
  10. Medical practitioner.
  11. Clinical dental technician.
  12. Medical radiation technologist.
  13. Clinical dental therapist.
  14. Nurses and midwives.
  15. Dental hygienist.
  16. Occupational therapist.
  17. Dental technician.
  18. Optometrist.
  19. Dental therapist.
  20. Osteopath.
  21. Dentist.
  22. Pharmacist.
  23. Dietician.
  24. Physiotherapist.
  25. Dispensing optician.
  26. Plumber, gasfitter, and drain layer.
  27. Electrician.
  28. Podiatrist.
  29. Psychologist.
  30. Electrical engineer.
  31. Real estate agent.
  32. Electrical inspector.
  33. Cadastral surveyor.
  34. Electrical installer.
  35. Teacher.
  36. Veterinarian.
  37. Financial adviser.

Step 5: Done.


Got any questions for us? Get in touch with AECC India and get satisfactory answers. Contact us today and get expert assistance to find the best jobs in New Zealand. Thank you for reading.

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