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Letter of Recommendation for Master’s

When Indian students aspire to study abroad, one of the pivotal elements of their application is the "Letter of Recommendation for Master's". This document plays a significant role in shaping the decision of admission committees. It's not just a formality but a powerful testament to a candidate's abilities, character, and potential. In this guide, we delve into the nuances of crafting an impactful letter of recommendation, tailored specifically for Indian students aiming to pursue higher education overseas.

Types of Letters of Recommendation For Master's

A LOR can be divided into two types based on the nature of the recommendation. They are explained below in detail.

  1. Academic LOR: An Academic LOR is written by the professor or Head of the Department of your previous or current institution. Some universities ask for two or three LORs. In an Academic LOR, the recommender is expected to highlight your accomplishments and explain why you will be an asset to the university.
  2. Professional LOR: A Professional LOR is required for admission to MBA programs in most cases. It is to be written by your immediate supervisor. A Professional LOR describes your skills as an employee and focuses on your ability to work in a team.

Understanding the Purpose of a Letter of Recommendation

A "Letter of Recommendation for Master's" is more than just a character certificate. It provides a third-person perspective on your academic and professional capabilities. This letter should ideally corroborate your strengths and achievements, as presented in your resume and personal statement, offering a holistic view of your suitability for the chosen program.

Who Should Write Your Letter?

The choice of the recommender is crucial. It could be a professor, a project supervisor, or an employer. The key is to select someone who knows you well academically or professionally and can vouch for your abilities and accomplishments. A "letter of recommendation for masters from a professor" carries weight, especially if it comes from a faculty member in a relevant field of study.

How to Write a Letter of Recommendation for Master's

1. Understanding the Importance of a LOR

  • Essential for enhancing admission prospects.
  • Should be written by someone familiar with LORs and their key components.

2. Choosing the Right Recommender
  • Select someone who knows your academic/work achievements well.
  • The recommender should professionally articulate your strengths.

3. University Preferences for Recommenders

  • Check if the university has specific preferences (e.g., LORs from professors, heads of institutions, or past employers).

Ideal Format of a Letter of Recommendation for Master's

Introduction of the Recommender

  • Briefly introduce the recommender (designation, college/university, department).
  • Describe the relationship with the student and context (subjects taught, duration of acquaintance).

Highlighting Academic Traits

  • Focus on a single positive academic quality of the applicant.
  • The recommender should explain why this trait is impressive.

Discussing Personality Traits

  • Cover another aspect of the applicant's personality (e.g., creative thinking).
  • Provide specific instances demonstrating this trait.

Emphasising Additional Attributes

  • Discuss the candidate's soft skills (organizational abilities, leadership, teamwork).
  • Include relevant examples.

Summarising the Student's Portfolio

  • Summarize the overall qualities discussed.
  • Include the recommender's contact details.

Tips for Writing a Letter of Recommendation for Master's

What to Include

  • Choose an appropriate recommender.
  • Support claims with significant examples.
  • Reflect a genuine professional relationship.
  • Ensure honesty and accuracy in details.

What to Avoid

  • Avoid bragging or exaggeration.
  • Stick to the word limit (400-500 words).
  • Ensure authenticity and uniqueness; avoid plagiarism.

Tailoring the Letter for Specific Master's Programs

The content of the letter should align with the specific requirements of the Master's program. For instance, a "letter of recommendation for masters in computer science" should focus on technical skills and analytical abilities, while one for a business analytics program might highlight problem-solving and quantitative skills.

Sample of a Letter of Recommendations for Masters


[Recommender's Name]





[Phone Number]

[Admission Committee's Name]

[University Name]


Dear [Admission Committee's Name],

I am writing to wholeheartedly recommend [Applicant's Name] for your Master's program in [Program Name]. As [Your Position] at [Institution/Organisation], I have known [Applicant's Name] for [Duration] and have been consistently impressed with their [Qualities/Skills].

During their tenure at [Institution/Organisation], [Applicant's Name] demonstrated exceptional abilities in [Specific Skills or Projects]. For instance, [Describe a Specific Instance]. This not only highlights their [Skill/Quality] but also their potential for advanced study.

[Applicant's Name] has also shown [Personal Qualities], which I believe are crucial for succeeding in a Master's program. [Provide Example].

Based on my experience working with [Applicant's Name], I am confident in their ability to

excel in your esteemed Master's program. Their dedication, intellect, and pursuit of excellence set them apart as an outstanding candidate.

Please feel free to contact me if you require any further information or insights into [Applicant's Name]'s abilities and potential.


[Recommender's Name]



How to Submit Your Letter Of Recommendation for Master's?

You should know that some universities hold specifications on how you submit your LOR. You should know about it before proceeding with the application. The most common formats in which a LOR can be submitted are given below.

  1. Online form: This is a method in which the recommender has to log in to the university portal and answer specific questions. This helps them identify your skills and achievements.
  2. Post: This is the most common way of submitting a LOR. In this case, you have to get a LOR written by the concerned person and get it signed and sealed by them. You should then send it to your university.
  3. Email: Here, the recommender should write the recommendation through email and send it from their official email id.

A Letter Of Recommendation is one of the most crucial documents you submit along with your application. As such, its formal nature and importance should be taken into consideration while you submit it. It should be error-free and should also include all the necessary information. Some universities do not have LOR as a compulsory requirement for admission. However, you can submit one along with your application so that you will stand out from the others.

In conclusion, a "Letter of Recommendation for Master's" is a critical component of an application for Indian students seeking to study abroad. It should be thoughtfully written, highlighting the candidate's strengths and suitability for the program. For more details and assistance in crafting an effective letter of recommendation, Indian students can contact AECC, a trusted resource in guiding students through their journey of studying abroad.


How do I write a Letter Of Recommendation for a Master's degree?

You can write a Letter Of Recommendation for a Master's degree by including your skills and achievements. The LOR should be written by someone with authority to recommend you.

Who should write Letters of Recommendation for a Master's?

The recommender is determined by the type of LOR you need. If it is an Academic LOR, your Professor, Head of the Department etc., can write it. If it is a Professional LOR, it should be written by your immediate superior.

How long should a Letter Of Recommendation be for a Master's program?

The ideal length of a Letter Of Recommendation is around 500 words.

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