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Letter of Recommendation for Master’s


As the name suggests, a Letter Of Recommendation (LOR) is a document in which the writer recommends the students to the concerned university. It is generally written by someone who holds the capacity to know about the student personally. It is considered one of the key documents asked for by most universities for admission to Master's programs abroad. It is essential to have a good LOR so that your chances of getting shortlisted for admission are more.

Do you know that there are a few types of LORs? Would you like to have some sample LORs for your reference? Are you interested in getting some tips for writing a good LOR?

If your answer is "Yes" to the above questions, this blog is for you. Read it completely, so you do not miss out on anything and can stand out from the crowd.

Letter Of Recommendation For Master's: Sample

As promised, below is a sample Letter Of Recommendation for admission to a Master's program abroad. You can take a reference from it and frame one for yourself.

As the Head of the English Department at the English and Foreign Language University (EFLU), Hyderabad, I am more than happy to write this Letter Of Recommendation for XYZ, who was a BA English Language and Literature student of the department. I have known XYZ for the past two years and know what she is capable of. She is a brilliant student who uses every opportunity in front of her to better her skills.

XYZ joined EFLU with a good score on her entrance test and a remarkable score in grade 12. She has even published a few articles in some of the state's leading literary journals. As someone interested in teaching, XYZ has also tutored a few first-year students.

On top of all these, XYZ has taken the university to the state level in an essay-writing competition. She is also interested in writing and has created scripts for a few plays that were staged at the university as part of cultural programs. XYZ also attended a few national and international literary seminars in 2020.

XYZ is the leader of the university's literary club, which has been actively involved in conducting literary competitions of various kinds. She undeniably has a great passion for English Literature and has repeatedly proved it. XYZ is one of the most valuable students that the English department at EFLU has seen. I am sure that she will continue to shine bright wherever she is. I feel happy to recommend XYZ for admission to the Master's program at your esteemed university.

Yours sincerely

Full name of the Recommender

Designation, Department

Name of institution, City

Contact No:

Email ID:

Types of Letter Of Recommendation For Master's

A LOR can be divided into two types based on the nature of the recommendation. They are explained below in detail.

Academic LOR: An Academic LOR is written by the professor or Head of the Department of your previous or current institution. Some universities ask for two or three LORs. In an Academic LOR, the recommender is expected to highlight your accomplishments and explain why you will be an asset to the university.
Professional LOR: A Professional LOR is required for admission to MBA programs in most cases. It is to be written by your immediate supervisor. A Professional LOR describes your skills as an employee and focuses on your ability to work in a team.

Tips for Writing a Letter Of Recommendation for Master's

It should always be remembered that a LOR is not a document where the recommender boasts about you. Your skills and accomplishments should be talked about in such a way that it sounds natural and essential. For that reason, we have compiled a list of tips for writing a good LOR.

  1. The recommender must know you well: When we say that the recommender should be someone who knows you well, we mean that he/she should know about your skills and accomplishments. Only then will they be able to include all the relevant information. You can even describe your achievements and abilities to the recommender.
  2. Include all the points: You should ensure that the recommender includes all your diverse skills and accomplishments. A LOR can include details about your traits, personality, extracurricular activities, achievements etc.
  3. Talk about your personal improvements: A good LOR is one that includes details about how you have grown and improved yourself over time. Giving valid information that includes years and dates will make it more authentic.
  4. State examples: You can include real-life examples when writing about your skills. For instance, to prove that you have good writing skills, you can give details of the competitions in which you have participated and the awards you have won.
  5. Never copy: This is one of the key points to remember. Do not try to take a sample LOR from somewhere and rephrase it as your own. It will create a bad mark on you and can even lead to your application being rejected.
  6. LOR should not be too dry: A good LOR includes all the information yet is interesting to read. You can use some not-so-common words and phrases while at the same time keeping your writing formal in nature.

Whom Should You Ask for a Letter Of Recommendation for Master's?

A Letter Of Recommendation is a document that has significant importance in your application consideration. The application processing team at the university will go through them in detail. As such, you should take good care while writing a LOR. Another important point to think about is the person who will write the recommendation.

The recommender depends on the university you are applying to. A few universities specify that the recommender should be your Professor, employer, professional mentor etc. Some universities do not hold any particular specifications on the recommender. If you are giving an Academic LOR, it should contain details about your academic background, achievements and skills. Similarly, if it is a Professional LOR, it should contain details about your professional skills and accomplishments. Asking the right person to write your LOR is an important decision to make because only then will it seem authentic to the university. 

How to Submit Your Letter Of Recommendation for Master's?

You should know that some universities hold specifications on how you submit your LOR. You should know about it before proceeding with the application. The most common formats in which a LOR can be submitted are given below.

Online form: This is a method in which the recommender has to log in to the university portal and answer specific questions. This helps them identify your skills and achievements.
Post: This is the most common way of submitting a LOR. In this case, you have to get a LOR written by the concerned person and get it signed and sealed by them. You should then send it to your university.
Email: Here, the recommender should write the recommendation through email and send it from their official email id.

A Letter Of Recommendation is one of the most crucial documents you submit along with your application. As such, its formal nature and importance should be taken into consideration while you submit it. It should be error-free and should also include all the necessary information. Some universities do not have LOR as a compulsory requirement for admission. However, you can submit one along with your application so that you will stand out from the others.

If you have any doubts about writing a good LOR or anything related to studying abroad in general, you can contact aecc. We will assist you with everything related to overseas education and ensure that you get the right information. Feel free to contact us so that we can help you get the best!


How do I write a Letter Of Recommendation for a Master's degree?

You can write a Letter Of Recommendation for a Master's degree by including your skills and achievements. The LOR should be written by someone with authority to recommend you.

Who should write Letters of Recommendation for a Master's?

The recommender is determined by the type of LOR you need. If it is an Academic LOR, your Professor, Head of the Department etc., can write it. If it is a Professional LOR, it should be written by your immediate superior.

How long should a Letter Of Recommendation be for a Master's program?

The ideal length of a Letter Of Recommendation is around 500 words.

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