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Letter of Recommendation for MS in the USA

Are you interested in studying abroad in the USA? Then the most important of documents is the Letter of Recommendation. Whatever degree the student might be planning to pursue, a LOR is a document that helps institutions identify their application's worth. It forms the basis of their acceptance into their choice of university and course.

A letter of recommendation for MS in the USA is a formal letter that offers insight into the candidate's academic and professional abilities. The letter is usually from a professor, supervisor, or mentor and thoroughly assesses the candidate's skills, accomplishments, and academic or professional potential. 

What is a Letter of Recommendation for a Master's in the USA?

The letter of recommendation for a master's in the USA is a formal document that shows that the candidate is eligible and has the potential to pursue a master's degree in the USA. The letter contains a concise yet detailed record of the individual's ability, academic background, and area of expertise and lists any relevant professional experience they may have.

The letter highlights the candidate's strengths and achievements and demonstrates their potential for pursuing a master's degree program in the United States of America. The letter can also list the students' past roles, feedback, recommendation, or constructive criticism. It will help identify the letter as worthy of consideration and not superficial. 

How to write a LOR for MS in the USA?

Pursuing a master's degree in the USA is as tough as it can get. Due to the high rate of applicants, getting admission into an MS degree in the USA has become very competitive. In such cases, documents such as the LoR or SoP become critical parts of the student's application. For drafting an eloquent LOR, here are some tips:

1. Choose the right Recommender: A letter of recommendation for MS in the USA is a formal document that verifies the ability and potential of the candidate. Hence, choosing the right Recommender is a significant first step toward the application's success. The Recommender should further know how to draft the LOR.

2. Detailed Information: The candidate must ensure that all of the data in the LOR is accurate and presented in detail. The Recommender must describe all the abilities, strengths, successes, and experience. The qualifications of the applicant must be emphasised, along with the reasons why they are the greatest choice for the educational institution. The LoR must also discuss the students' capacity and eligibility to pursue their MS in the US, the benefits to their career, and the standing of the academic institution to which it is sent.

3. Proper Format: Each education institute or university in the USA has a specified format for the LOR. Hence the letter must be according to that format and follow the word limit. If they have not specified the preferred word limit, format, or length, the Recommender must follow the general format mentioned in this blog. 

What is the Structure/format for a Master's in the USA?

It is pretty simple to draft a letter of recommendation for a master's in the USA. However, it is as simple to get off track and make mistakes. Hence, given below is the general structure or the format that all LoRs for Master's in the US must have:

The first step to drafting an LoR is to have a general introduction of the Recommender, i.e., their name, post, institute, etc. Next, the Recommender explains their relationship to the applicant, including the duration they have known the applicant for.

After this, the Recommender must provide an overview of the applicant. This overview must contain information about the applicant's academic background, professional experience, and other relevant information that might help the reader assess the applicant's background.

The Recommender must then highlight the candidate's personal qualities, including their motivation, abilities, skills, intellect, and values. These must not be superficial but written from an observatory point of view. The Recommender can give real-life examples and occurrences to support their observation of the applicant.

Following this is a brief description of the applicant's academic history, which is the most important section. It should contain their grades, projects they've worked on, coursework, research, academic accomplishments, and any other pertinent information about their academic background. The Recommender can use this space to emphasise why they think the applicant will make a good choice.

After these details, the Recommender can include any relevant information that does not fit the abovementioned sections. It can include any hardships the applicant has gone through or financial issues to show the reader the worth of the applicant's application.

Last but not least, it is important that the Recommender must end the LoR with a strong conclusion. This conclusion should again highlight the applicant's potential for success in their preferred Master's program and why the applicant is the best candidate for the educational institute or university in the USA. 

Tips for Writing a Letter of Recommendation for MS in the USA

Writing the perfect LoR can be difficult even for the best of Recommenders. However, it is also an opportunity for the Recommender to help deserving and capable individuals and help them achieve their future goals. Hence, here are a few tips so that you can draft the perfect LoR:

1. The most important tip is getting to know the student. Many times Recommender might need to know the applicant personally. In this case, it would be good to take some time to learn about the applicant's interests, achievements, and future goals. It will help draft the most personalised and compelling LoR for MS in the USA.

2. The Recommeder must not make the LoR seem superficial with excessive praise and compliments. It will make the LoR look unworthy and reduce the student's chances.

3. Focus on highlighting the positive aspects of the student. There might be some students who need a stronger academic background. In this case, you must highlight the student's capabilities and talents and explain, despite the pitfalls, that they deserve admission.

4. While it is important to highlight the student's capabilities and strengths, you must remain honest and keep a professional tone throughout the LoR. It will make the LoR more impactful and help make it a compelling supporting document.

5. We cannot emphasise enough how important proofreading is. No matter how perfect you think the LoR is, it is important to proofread it twice or thrice. Additionally, match the entire LoR with specified format or guidelines. It would help make sure there are no errors. A well-written, error-free letter of recommendation for MS in the USA will amplify students' chances of getting into their favourite university and preferred study program. 

LOR Sample for MS in the USA

If you still need help writing a compelling Letter of Recommendation for MS in the USA, we have a sample ready for you to get help from. Here is a sample LoR:

Respected Sir/Ma'am,

I am Evangeline K. from the University of Derbyshire. And it is my absolute pleasure to recommend Thomas Elwin for admission into your Master in Data Science program at the New York School of Technology. I have known Thomas personally for the last 6 years and professionally for the last four years. I have had the pleasure of teaching and working with him on a few professional assignments.

Thomas is exceptionally smart, curious, and motivated, yet hard-working. His desire to succeed and dedication to the well-being of all around him is praiseworthy. He has excelled in every class I have taught him and has maintained a strong 4.5+ GPA every time. He has engaged in numerous research projects and has demonstrated commitment to this field of study.

Apart from his excellent academic record, he has demonstrated strong leadership, communication, and critical thinking skills on several occasions. He successfully headed the IT club in his second year of college, organising and scheduling numerous activities, programs, and exhibitions. He has worked part-time alongside a few professors in the research wing of the college and me to work towards devising sustainable internet technology and devices. Furthermore, he brought several laureates and prizes for himself and the institute in numerous IT exhibitions and discussions.

I am confident that Thomas possesses the academic and professional capabilities for your Master in Data Science Program. He is extremely dedicated and hard-working, undeterred by the harsh circumstances he faced early in life. He lost most of his family in an ice accident but continues to work hard towards his goals and to work full time. I highly recommend Thomas for admission into your prestigious university, and he will make a worthy and valuable candidate for this program and the institute.

Please feel free to reach out to me for any additional information.


Evangeline K.

Dept of Informatics

University of Derbyshire

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