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Master in Australia Requirements for Indian Students


MSc (Master of Science) is a programme that improves study abilities and expertise in a scientific field by allowing students to study the topic in depth. Advanced coursework modules and considerable independent research are included in the study. Psychological Science, Environment & Agriculture, Biological Sciences, Molecular Sciences, Human Sciences, and other topics are among the disciplines covered. 

This blog will give you the Australian requirements to study master's programs in various fields.

Why Study Master in Australia & Benefits

Because of its reputation for high-quality education, research possibilities, and hands-on training in its programmes, Australia has ascended to the third most popular overseas study destination. 

However, there are a few features that make it ideal for earning an MS degree:

  • A degree that is internationally recognised and is based on the British educational system.
  • An internship with a local company that can prepare you for a career
  • Nearly eight Australian institutions are among the top 150 universities in the world.
  • There are several research possibilities available and a good beginning wage.
  • At the same time, improve your technical and leadership abilities.

Academic Requirements for Pursuing Masters in Australia

You must provide details regarding your academic achievement, particularly course subjects and grades, in your submission. Students seeking admission must present a transcript from each institution or university they have attended after high school, detailing all topics studied, credits earned, and additional information such as correspondence courses, diplomas, etc. 

You must submit an authenticated copy of the following documents:

  • X-mark sheet (standard)
  • Mark sheet for Standard XII
  • Provisional Certificate / Bachelor's Degree with Mark Sheet

What is the Minimum CGPA Requirement for a Master's in Australia?

Depending on your chosen subject and university, there are extra prerequisites. Some may demand a CGPA of 4.0 or above, while others may require a minimum of 60% in your bachelor's degree. A solid score on English-language proficiency examinations like the IELTS is also crucial.

English Proficiency Requirements for Masters in Australia

The English language requirements for any certificate, diploma or advanced diploma degree are listed on the course page. 

As a general rule, you'll need to show that you've completed one of the basic levels of English linguistic knowledge for most of the courses:

  • Overall score of 5.5 on the IELTS (Academic module)
  • TOEFL Internet: A total score of 55 was obtained. Sections must receive a minimum of
    • Speaking: 16
    • Writing: 18
    • Listening: 9
    • Reading: 10
  • Pearson PTE (Professional English Test): Overall grade of 42 to 49
  • Advanced (CAE) at the University of Cambridge: Overall score of 162.
  • CAE, TOEFL, PTE, and IELTS: You must take these examinations no more than two years before studying.

What are the List of Master's Courses in Australia?


Popular Universities

Average Program Fees in INR

Average Course Duration

MS in Computer Science & IT

Monash University, University of New South Wales

21.33-51.09 lakhs

1.5-2 years

University of Melbourne, University of Queensland

MBA in Australia

Melbourne B-School, AGSM B-School

25.26-52.21 lakhs

1-2 years

Monash B-School, LaTrobe B-School

RMIT B-School

MS Nursing

UTS, University of Sydney

33.68-44.9 lakhs

1.5-2 years

Monash University, Deakin University

Masters in Engineering

University of New South Wales, Monash University

10.10-28.07 lakhs

1.5-2 years

ANU, University of Queensland

MS Environmental Sciences

University of Queensland, ANU

16.84-39.3 lakhs

1-2 years

University of Western Australia, UNSW

MS Finance

University of Sydney, University of Melbourne

39.29-59.5 lakhs

1-2 years


How to Choose Australian Universities for Masters

There are some important criteria that influence a foreign student's decision to attend an Australian university, including rankings, quality of teaching, the institution's location, the degrees offered, and so on. 

Before shortlisting any Australian university, keep the following factors in mind:

SUGGESTED: Master's Degree

Check the QILT Ranks for Australian Universities

Quality Measures for Teaching and Learning is a transparent and unambiguous assessment done by Australia to track student satisfaction, graduation rate, employment data, and so on. This, in turn, aids students in evaluating their institution of choice in Australia, as well as year-by-year statistics in the case of teaching, student performance, and other pertinent information.

Placement and Internship Possibilities

Australia has access to higher education that offers overseas students placement and internship opportunities.

Best Universities in Australia for Masters


QS Ranking 2022

Popular Program

Total Fees in AUD

Queensland University of Technology


MS Information Technology


RMIT University


Masters in Data Science


Macquarie University


Masters in Information Technology Systems


University of Newcastle




Curtin University


Masters of Teaching


University of Wollongong


Masters in Computer Science


University of Melbourne


MS in Computer Science


University of Sydney


MS in Mechanical Engineering


UTS (University of Technology Sydney)


Masters in Finance


University of Adelaide


MS in Civil & Structural Engineering


University of Western Australia


MS in Oil & Gas Engineering


Monash University


MS in Information Technology


University of Queensland


MS in Computer Science


UNSW Sydney


MS in Mechanical Engineering


Australian National University


Masters of Computing


Australian Universities Requirements for Masters

As an overseas student, you must meet specific entrance requirements to get the most out of your education. The visa, healthcare coverage, English language and academic procedures are among them.

Academic Requirements

  • Academic recommendations are a crucial component of the MS admissions process in Australia. For applicants, at least two certificates of recommendation are necessary.
  • It is necessary to get an undergrad degree in a relevant area.
  • In Australia, most professional MS degrees need working knowledge and professional certifications.
  • Standardized exam results, such as the GRE and GMAT, are typically needed by top-ranked colleges in Australia. You may not be required to submit your exam scores to other colleges.
  • Academic references are an essential part of the MS enrollment process in Australia. Candidates must submit at least two letters of recommendation.

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Overseas Student Medical Insurance

  • Overseas students in Australia have access to a unique healthcare system. OSHC is a type of insurance that covers you for the duration of your course or stay in Australia. 
  • Minimum coverage costs 450 AUD/year for individuals, 2700 AUD/year for partners, and 4200 AUD/year for families.

Eligibility Criteria for Studying for Master's in Australia

  • There may be additional requirements depending on the subject and University you choose. A bachelor's degree is the minimum required. 
  • Some may demand a GPA of 4.0 or above, while others may require a threshold of 60% in your bachelor's degree. 
  • A solid score on English-language proficiency examinations like the IELTS is also crucial.

Student Visa Requirement for doing Masters in Australia

Only if you satisfy the required primary conditions will your Australian student visa be accepted:

  • A Certificate of Enrollment.
  • Meet the standards for legitimate temporary entrants.
  • Proof of enough funds: According to the Australian government, the living cost for overseas students in Australia is 21,000 AUD per year, which must be included in their financial status.
  • Comply with ELP requirements
  • Health and character standards must be fulfilled.
  • OSHC should be submitted.

How to Apply for Masters in Australia?

  • International students interested in pursuing a master's degree in Australia should know the following facts and prerequisites. Universities have different deadlines.
  • You must apply for the first semester (Feb to June) after the end of October.
  • you must apply after the end of April for the following semester (July to November).

In Australia, there is a process for applying for MS.

  • Agents can submit applications on your behalf: Directly through university agents in your native nation, apply for your programme.
  • Directly apply on the University's website.
  • Comply with the application's requirements
  • Interviews should be attended: if necessary and invited.
  • You will receive an admission confirmation through email.
  • After accepting your offer and enrolling, you will get an e-COE.
  • Make an application for a visa.

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FAQs About Master in Australia Requirements

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