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Master Of Engineering Management In Australia for Indian Students


Many people now revolve most of their activities around technology since its invention. Ranging from the basics things we use down to our work and things that make our life easier all depends on engineering. This birthed the need to study engineering to foster and explore more ways to achieve technological advancement.

Master of Engineering Management in Australia (MEng) is a highly specialised degree available in various specialisations such as mechanical, civil, and electrical engineering. It is a full-time technical program that lasts two years. In Australia, there are more than 45 universities that offer postgraduate engineering degrees. Engineering specialisation is also available as a master's degree at several universities. In 2022, 19649 overseas students were studying for a master's degree in engineering or a related technical discipline. There were 9,364 new enrollees in total.

From core engineering principles to applied mathematical methodologies, the Master of Engineering program covers it all. As a result, individuals applying for this program must have a bachelor's degree in science or engineering and a basic understanding of arithmetic and physics. The cost of a Master of Engineering degree at one of Australia's best universities ranges from 29,600 to 48,000 Australian dollars per year (15.4 lakhs to 25 lakhs INR). Graduates in Australia may expect to earn an average salary of 81,500 AUD per year, or 42.34 lakhs INR.

Why Pursue Master of Engineering Management in Australia?

  • Unlike the pure sciences, engineering involves solid theoretical knowledge and practical application. As a result, a world-class engineering course must have the infrastructure, motivation, and skills to properly instil a thorough grasp of engineering and its real-world applications in its students.
  • Universities should also equip them with the skills they'll need to adapt to a rapidly changing technological environment once they graduate. This entrepreneurial approach to engineering gives students an advantage over their peers, preparing them to be future inventors, innovators, and leaders.
  • The new Graduate Careers Australia report affirms that there will be a robust job market for engineering students in Australia, which would most likely pique your interest as a future student. The growing demand for engineers in Australia is backed up by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), which estimates that Australia will need to teach 20,500 additional engineers over the next 20 years, well beyond existing projections.
  • Given these facts, it's no surprise that Australia's Master of Engineering Management program is quite popular among international students and is provided by several top-ranked Australian universities.
  • The connection between high-quality education and a realistic view of future labour markets is clear at Australian universities. Here are some reasons why we believe India is the best option for Indian engineering students.
  • Engineering jobs account for about 2.4 per cent of all job openings in Australia in 2019. By 2020, the number of vacancies in the engineering sector is predicted to increase by 7.9%.
  • In Australia, about 4,092 engineering jobs were listed each month in 2019.
  • Highlights from the Master of Engineering Management program in Australia. In Australia, a Master of Engineering is a 72-credit-point program that takes two years to complete. The 72 credits are broken into the following categories:
  • There are 18 credit points in the professional engineering track.
  • A significant decision is worth 42 credit points. Students can major in civil engineering, biomedical engineering, robotics, cybersecurity, telecommunications and electronics, environmental engineering, geotechnical engineering, manufacturing and management, and so forth.
  • The elective courses will take up the remaining 12 credits. Students can choose any two electives worth six credit points each.
  • Students can choose electives based on their career aspirations, including disciplines that aren't connected to engineering or subjects that can help them gain a deeper understanding of their significant streams.

Top Universities to Study Master of Engineering Management in Australia

Engineering is one of the most popular majors among students. It is a vast field that offers fascinating job prospects where you'll get to be creative, solve issues and investigate how things function daily. There are various universities in Australia which are offering engineering courses. 

The following is a list of global rankings for 2022.

QS Ranking 2022

University Name

Courses Offered 

Tuition Fee


The University of New South Wales

Computer Engineering

AUD 47,760

Civil Engineering

Environmental Engineering

Aerospace Engineering

Bioinformatics Engineering

Chemical Engineering

Chemical Product Engineering


The University of Melbourne

Bioengineering Systems

AUD 41,912 – AUD 45,944


Chemical Systems

Civil Systems

Computing and Software Systems

Electrical Systems


Monash University

Civil Engineering

AUD 46,000

Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering.

Aerospace Engineering

Biomedical Engineering

Chemical Engineering


The University of Sydney

Mechanical Engineering

AUD 50,000

Mechatronic Engineering

Aeronautical Engineering

Civil Engineering

Software Engineering

Biomedical Engineering

Electrical Engineering


The Australian National University (ANU)

Mechatronic Systems

AUD 46,910

Renewable Energy Systems

Electronics and Communication Systems

Environmental Systems

Master of Engineering Management in Australia: Eligibility Criteria

  • The following are the requirements that an overseas applicant must meet to apply for a master's degree in engineering management in Australia.
  • Most Australian universities require a four-year bachelor's degree in engineering or other relevant subjects with a minimum of a 60% average. TOEFL and IELTS test results are necessary for international students.

Master of Engineering in Australia: Admission Process

To apply for a Master of Engineering in Australia, students must have a bachelor's degree in engineering or a bachelor's degree in science. Applications are accepted directly through the application portals of the individual universities. Some institutions also accept applications that are sent by mail.

Master of Engineering Management in Australia: Documents Required

  • Transcripts from all of the institutes attended, detailing the subjects taken and their outcomes.
  • The transcripts/mark sheets have been translated into English.
  • An examination of the transcripts on a course-by-course basis.
  • The English language test scorecards
  • A personal remark.

Study Cost for Masters in Engineering in Australia

Degree Level

Tuition Fee (AUD)

Master of Engineering Management


Master of Engineering – Civil Engineering


Master of Engineering (Civil and Structural)


Master of Engineering Management


Master of Engineering (Civil)


Master of Advanced Engineering (infrastructural system-Civil engineering)


Master of Engineering Management


Master of Engineering Management in Australia with Scholarships

For international students, Australia has certain benefits prepared for them. While Australian universities continue to rise in the world rankings, the high quality of life and many international students add to Australia's many advantages as a preferred destination, particularly for Indian students. Always seeking the best value, another aspect of Australian higher education is the abundance of scholarships available to overseas students at all levels – undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral. 

These scholarships are divided into two categories: those provided by the Australian government and those offered by universities.

Name of the scholarship


Sydney Achievers International Scholarships is organized by Sidney university.

  • Should meet the requirements for the course (UG/PG) you are applying to.
  • To be considered for this scholarship, you must have received an unconditional offer of admission.
  • Should have been able to obtain a valid Visa.
  • UG and PG courses from universities are covered.

Macquarie Vice Chancellor's International Scholarship is organized by Macquarie University.

  • Should be a student from another country
  • A full offer of admission is required.
  • For PG courses,  a GPA of 3.0 or higher is required, and for UG courses, an average equivalent score of 90 or higher is required.
  • Courses Covered: Undergraduate and graduate courses in Engineering, Environment, Media, Linguistics, and Education.

Adelaide Scholarships International by the University of Adelaide

  • Should be a student from another country and Should have completed a tertiary degree equivalent to a four-year university course in Australia.
  • Must have applied for and been accepted into a master's or doctorate research program.
  • Before the application, you must not have applied for or completed any research degree.
  • Master's and doctoral degrees are covered.
  • Course tuition fees, annual living allowance, and OSHC are all covered expenses (if the applicant holds a valid Student Visa under subclass 574).

Monash International Merit Scholarships by Monash University

  • An international applicant is required.
  • Have an offer of admission from the university and meet the general eligibility and English language requirements of the course you're applying for.
  • Courses Covered: The University's undergraduate and graduate programs.


Jobs and Salary After a Master of Engineering Management in Australia

Full-time engineering management employees typically earn around 3427 AUD per week. This is higher than the national average of 1460 Australian dollars per week. The majority of the professionals work in the fields of science, technology, manufacturing, and construction. Salary packages for entry-level positions start at A$57,000 or more, depending on the company. 

Here's a look at what Master' in Engineering Management graduates can do in Australia:

Job Roles

Annual Salary (in AUD)

Lead Software Engineer


Software Engineering Manager


Field Engineering Manager


Director of Engineering


Production Engineer


Studying a Master of Engineering Management in Australia has numerous advantages; unlike in the United States, Australian universities offer a one-year program. There are currently 22,900 engineering managers employed in Australia. Because engineering managers are so important to the global economy, students who complete the program can find work in well-known companies with good pay.

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FAQs About Master Of Engineering Management In Australia

Which are the subjects of Engineering Management?

Project Management, Low Impact Manufacturing, People Management and Organisation etc. are a few Engineering Management subjects.

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