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Masters In Architecture in Germany for Indian Students


The Master of Architecture in Germany is an 18 to 24-month professional course for students who wish to become successful architects.

A thriving economy with developments in engineering and an impetus rise in jobs and career opportunities makes Germany even more demanding among students.

Architecture is a massive field, and it has different sub-sectors. From planning, designing, and constructing buildings to urban planning, urban development, and interior designing, a degree in Master's in Architecture helps hone all the fundamental skills you need to equip yourself with the skills to accelerate your career.

Why Study for Masters in Architecture in Germany?

Benefits of pursuing a Master's degree in architecture in Germany:

  • A degree from a prestigious university in Germany helps you develop capabilities to combine the principles of utility, durability, and beauty to boost your career.
  • The architecture of Germany has been continuously improving over various periods, offering students an inspirational and one-of-a-kind experience.
  • Germany has majorly public universities that have no tuition fees.
  • A degree in architecture offers massive career opportunities, such as an architect, urban designer, landscape architect, or structural engineer.
  • The universities in Germany are well known for their excellent academic standards and well-renowned faculties that help in securing jobs in big corporations across the globe.

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Masters In Architecture in Germany: Course Highlights

Master in Architecture in Germany is a course designed to transform students into successful architects who can apply creative and responsible solutions in fields such as interior architecture and interior design.

The general highlights of the course are:
Course Duration: 18-24 months
Course Fee: 25.35K Euros
Application Prerequisites: online application, academic transcripts, Letter of Recommendation, updated CV
Job Roles: Design Architect, Land Surveyor, Interior Architect, Naval Architect

Architecture Colleges in Germany for Masters

Here are the top universities for pursuing a Master's in Architecture in Germany:


Course Offered

Tuition Fee/ Annum (In Euros)

Technical University, Berlin 

M.Sc(Architecture/ Architecture Typology)


Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences

International Master of Landscape Architecture


Technical University of Munich

M.A(Architecture/ Landscape Architecture)


Bauhaus University Weimar

Media Architecture


TU Berlin

Architecture Typology


Technical University Dresden

M.Sc(Landscape Architecture)


Bauhaus University Weimar

Integrated Urban Development and Design - Reflective Urban Practice


Furtwangen University

Business Application Architectures


Masters In Architecture in Germany: Eligibility

The following are the prerequisites for admission to a Master of Architecture programme in Germany:

  • Bachelor's degree in architecture from a recognised university with min 7 GPA.
  • Proof of proficiency in English.
  • Proof of proficiency in German for courses taught in German.

English Language Requirements

For admission to foreign universities, students need to prove their proficiency in the English language.

Most international universities accept TOEFL or IELTS scores as proof of proficiency in the English language.

The minimum acceptable scores are

Masters In Architecture in Germany: Admission Process

  • The admission process for universities in Germany is entirely online. So, to get admission, international aspirants can apply directly to the university website.
  • Apart from this, there is also a common admission portal known as uni-assist maintained by the German Academic Exchange Services. However, not all German universities are on this portal.
  • The university website mentions all the details regarding the application, including important dates, documents required, and more.
  • Keep all the documents in place before starting the application, as you need to submit these documents with your application.
  • Once the application is received, the university takes 2-3 weeks to review it, and accordingly, you will receive the update.

Masters In Architecture in Germany: Documents Required

Here are the documents required for admission to Masters in Architecture in Germany:

Cost of Studying Masters in Architecture in Germany

The cost of attending university in Germany varies depending on the institution. For example, public universities charge no tuition fees, whereas the average tuition fee for a Master's in Architecture in Germany is 25.35K Euros.

Aside from tuition, there are other costs, such as admission fees, visa fees, airfare, living expenses, etc.

Scholarships for Masters in Architecture in Germany



Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Scholarship

The candidate must be a graduate.

The candidate must be looking for admission to any of the KAS partner universities in Germany.

Should be less than 30 years of age while applying.

Proficiency in the German Language should be at the B2 level.

DAAD Scholarships 

Candidates must have excellent English proficiency with a minimum IELTS score of 6.5.

Minimum aggregate of 8.5 CGPA or 85% or equivalent in the previous degree.

A minimum of 2 years of work experience.

MAWISTA Scholarship 

There are no specific eligibility criteria for MAWISTA Scholarship.

Students must submit their previous education's updated CV and academic transcripts.

Deutschland Stipendium Program

Candidate must enrol at UG or PG-level degrees in any German university.

Proof of Proficiency in English or German language.

Jobs & Salary After Masters in Architecture in Germany

Popularly known as the Land of Ideas, Germany is a developed economy with a steady growth rate, robust national income, and numerous opportunities across various fields.

Considering the exceptional prospects, a Master's in Germany is a wise move for students looking to make their career in big corporations.

A Master's degree in Germany ensures high-quality education with a globally recognised degree that offers a rewarding career ahead.

In Germany, the average monthly salary for an architect ranges from 4,770 EUR to 16,500 EUR.

Additionally, there are various job opportunities in the field of architecture.

Here are some of the job roles and average salaries that a graduate with a Master's in Architecture in Germany can expect:

Job Role

Average Salary/Annum (in EUR)

Design Architect


Landscape Architect


Naval Architect


Senior Project Architect


Interior Architect


Project Manager, Architecture


How To Apply for Masters in Architecture in Germany

There are two ways to apply for a Master's in Architecture in Germany:

  • Apply directly to the university website.
  • Apply via Uni-assist. Uni-assist is a common admission portal for international students to get admission to German universities, maintained by the German Academic Exchange Services. However, all the German universities are not in this portal.

Germany Student Visa Process

Applying for a visa can be difficult at times, so to make the process a bit easier, here is the step-by-step guide to help you apply for your visa hassle-free.

Step 1: Gathering Visa Application Documents
It includes documents such as visa application forms, passports, academic transcripts, proof of funds, proof of university admission, and more.
Step 2: Submission of Application
If you have all of the essential documents, the next step is to locate the nearest German Embassy or Consulate and schedule a visa interview.
Step 3: Appear for the Interview
Appear for the visa interview and answer all the questions asked by the interviewer carefully. It is best to prepare in advance for the interview. Post-interview, you will be confirmed whether your visa has been approved or rejected.

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