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Masters in Biotechnology in USA for International Students

The word 'biotechnology' is a simple amalgamation of 'biology' and 'technology'. It is the process of using DNA fragments from one organism, transforming them into the desired DNA sequence, transplanting them into the host organism, monitoring and providing optimal conditions for the growth of the transformed or genetically modified organism (GMO), and processing and sterilising the end products.

When students think of pursuing higher studies in biotechnology, the US is the number one choice because of its cutting-edge equipment and infrastructure and leading field experts. A Master's in Biotechnology in the USA is an undoubtedly good catch with the resources you can have at your disposal. 

Masters (MS) in Biotechnology in USA: Course Highlights

  • Master of Biotechnology
  • Master of Science in Biotechnology
  • Master of Science in Bioengineering
  • Master of Science in Animal Biotechnology and Biomedical Sciences
  • An undergraduate degree
  • Minimum GPA of 3.0
Entrance exams IELTS, TOEFL, GRE
Tuitions fees $15,000-$30,000
Jobs Research scientists, biotechnology research associates, biophysicists, etc
Average salary $73,000

Why Masters in Biotechnology in USA?

  • The US provides a competitive environment for both education and career.
  • Biotechnology is one of the most prosperous fields in the USA, with a high demand for qualified professionals
  • Students can work part-time as students to arrange for personal expenses
  • America is rich in diversity and culture, with people from different ethnic and religious groups.
  • It hosts the world's best universities and faculty.
  • The universities offer generous scholarships.

Best Universities in USA for Masters in Biotechnology 

University Name QS World Ranking City
University of Wisconsin 65 Madison
John Hopkins University 25 Baltimore
University of Georgia 501-550 Athens
California State University 201-250 Long Beach
Northwestern University 30 Evanston
Florida Institute of Technology 301-350 Melbourne

Cost of Studying Masters in Biotechnology in USA

Students need to be aware of several different aspects of studying in a different country before going through with their plans. They need to be mindful of how much they might need to spend monthly apart from the tuition fees. Things like accommodation, groceries, and clothes can rake up high expenses.

Tuition Fees

University Name Program Course Duration Tuition Fees
Northwestern University Post-graduate Master of Biotechnology 2 years 23.7 lacs
University of Georgia Post-graduate Master of Biotech 2 years 10.72 lacs
University of Wisconsin Post-graduate Master of Science in Biotech 2 years 33 lacs
John Hopkins University Post-graduate MS in Biotechnology 1-3 years 37.4 lacs
University of Pennsylvania Post-graduate Master of Biotechnology 1.5 years 24.6 lacs

Cost of Living in USA

Cost of living varies most with the state of the economy and location but also on individual lifestyle preferences and food habits. Shared accommodations and off-campus apartments tend to cost less than single or on-campus rooms. On average, it can cost you anywhere between $1500 to $1800 per month for living decently.

Type of expense Amount in USD
Accommodation $200
Food $100
Electricity $50
Phone $45-$50
Clothes $75-$100
Internet $15-$25
Recreation $200-$400

Masters in Biotechnology in USA: Eligibility Requirements

There are a bunch of prerequisites that a candidate needs to possess to apply for a Master's degree in biotechnology. The requirements vary from college to college but are more or less similar for international students. 

Some common ones have been listed as follows:

  • An undergraduate degree from a recognised institution in a relevant field
  • A minimum GPA of 3.0 or its equivalent percentage
  • English language proficiency test results for non-native English speakers
  • GRE test results for admission into a STEM course
  • Letters of recommendation and Statements of Purpose
  • Some colleges may ask for or prefer records of extra-curricular activities and work experience.

Exams Required to Study Masters in Biotechnology in USA

University Name Exams Accepted Minimum Band Score
Harvard University TOEFL speaking score
Northwestern University TOEFL speaking score
John Hopkins University TOEFL ibt
TOEFL- 100
California State University TOEFL ibt
University of Wisconsin TOEFL ibt
TOEFL- 100

Scholarships to Study Masters in Biotechnology in USA

Scholarship Name




Gunvant & Bharati Parekh College Scholarship

The Parekh family offers this award to promising high-school or college students of Indian origin to commemorate Gunvant and Bharati Parekh.

  • The applicant must be of Indian origin
  • Applicant must exhibit academic and personal excellence


Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation Scholarship

This scholarship is for any blooming young student with expertise in a field that can contribute to society

  • Candidates must be able to prove that they can take care of the expenses that exceed the award limit
  • The candidate must be an Indian resident at the time of application


Rotary Foundation Ambassadorial Scholarship

A scholarship for students in a field that will improve public health and further economic and community development

  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills are a must
  • The candidate must address core global problems 
  • Have a budget of at least $30,000


Aga Khan Foundation Scholarship

Students from developing countries are awarded this scholarship to help them with their dreams of pursuing a postgraduate degree abroad.

  • The candidate must be an Indian resident
  • A candidate below 30 years of age is preferable
  • The candidate must hold a brilliant academic record

Decided based on the applicant's needs.

How to Study Masters in Masters in Biotechnology in USA?

A career abroad requires you to give your all and make yourself the best choice for admission into a prestigious college. For this, you may need to hunt and explore far and wide, or maybe not if you take the personality assessment test at AECC for free. The test is an elaborate, career-oriented, and interactive test based on your personality type from the Myers-BriggsType Indicator test. If you have a knack for several different occupations and fields and cannot decide which one to go for or maybe confirm if you are choosing the right career for yourself, this test can clear the air for you and lead you towards the optimal path.

More and more universities today are discarding traditional teaching methods and demanding practical experience from applying students. AECC provides students with the opportunity to work 20 to 30 hours a week for three months in collaboration with Virtual Internships.

We also assist with student visas, health insurance, scholarships, the college application process, education counselling, and coaching for English proficiency tests like IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE.

Career after Masters in Biotechnology in USA

In a field like biotechnology, you never run out of exciting discoveries to make and touch lives. You get generous career opportunities in pharmaceuticals, food, textile, and so on.

Even agriculture now extensively uses biotechnology to invent new hybrids with greater nutritional value and resistance to abiotic stresses and pests. 

Some attractive job profiles have been listed below: 

Job Profile Salary
Epidemiologist 73,265
Research Associate $54.882
Chemical Engineer $88,952
Bioinformatics Scientist $97,682
Biophysicist $69,859

Read More: 

TOP Recruiters

  • Apex Life Sciences
  • The Hennessey Group
  • PharmaBio Staffing
  • JP Boyle Associates
  • BioQuest Inc.
  • JGB Biopharma Consulting Inc.
  • Commonwealth Sciences, Inc.
  • Apple and Associates

Biotechnology is a very competitive field with experts in almost every industry. Your research and techniques can someday change how we see the world and how we live, just like ground-breaking discoveries such as bioengineered insulin for diabetes patients, antibiotics, the structure of DNA, restriction enzymes, etc. Biotech is seeing growth globally in leaps and bounds and has immeasurable scope for fresh, young minds who can revolutionise life.

Hopefully, we solved all your doubts and questions about pursuing a Master's in biotech in the USA and how you can go about it. We, at AECC, cheer you on as we watch you take flight and embark on a journey to contribute greatly to society and the world at large. For any help or query, our team of global experts is just a call or text away to help you sort out any problems.


AECC is one of the world's leading educational consultancies with versatile expert professionals who are ready to help you with any queries you may have. Contact us so we can be of assistance to you in your journey of fulfilling your dream.

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