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Masters in Construction Management in Canada


In Canada, construction management courses are available as a diploma, graduate certificate, or master's degree programme. These courses teach students how to manage, estimate, and schedule residential, industrial, commercial, and institutional construction projects to become better construction managers. Construction management courses in Canadian universities last between one and two years, depending on the type of degree.

As part of your coursework, you will learn to manage expenses and budgets, interact and indulge with architects, and deal with safety and legal permits.  International construction management students need around 37,000 CAD (on average) to cover their tuition fees at Canadian universities.

In the first year of study in Canada, students learn the necessary construction management skills, focusing on calculating, scheduling, goods procurement, and cost control. These are provided in conjunction with industry best practices in construction safety, quality management, legal documentation, and contracts. Students gain professional experience during their final year through project work or co-op programmes. Construction management graduates are expected to earn a starting salary of 56,000 CAD, rising to 103,000 CAD with experience.

Masters in Construction Management in Canada: Highlights


Master in construction management 



Duration of the Course

1 year (Full Time)


Applicants must have a 1st or 2nd class bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering, Construction, or Architecture from an accredited institution, or a three-year College Diploma or equivalent.

Entrance Exams


Tuition Fees

INR 13,82,519


Construction Manager, Construction Project Manager, Building Service Manager.

Average Salary

76,833 CAD

Why Masters in Construction Management in Canada?

Before we get into the specifics of the course, here are a few reasons why you should consider studying in Canada for this programme:

Top Universities for Construction Management in Canada offer an innovative curriculum that provides you with current industry knowledge. This will help you land job opportunities with industry professionals.

Job Growth: Between 2019 and 2028, there are 28,000 new construction manager job openings (due to growth and replacement demand), with 31,100 new job seekers available to fill them (due to school leavers, immigration, and mobility).

Less Expensive: Obtaining a master's degree in Canada is relatively less expensive. Because most of the programme lasts less than two years, you will pay less than you would in any other popular study destination.

Good Pay: There are numerous job opportunities in this field in Canada. Because construction manager jobs entail a wide range of responsibilities, you can expect a yearly salary of 67,986 CAD.

Who Should Study Masters in Construction Management in Canada?

The following are some of the most compelling reasons to study project management in Canada:

  • According to the Anderson Economic Group (AEG) report Project Management Job Growth and Talent Gap 2017-2027, the project management workforce in various business sectors should grow by approximately 33%.
  • Canada is an excellent place to study project management because of its high-quality education, excellent infrastructure, and reputable institutions.
  • By obtaining work permits, aspirants can stay and work in Canada for three years after graduation.

List of Masters in Construction Management Courses in Canada

  • Graduate Certificate in Construction Project Management
  • Graduate Certificate in the Internet of Things - System Architecture and Integration
  • Ontario College Graduate Certificate in Construction Project Management
  • Construction Project Management

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TOP Universities in Canada for Masters in Construction Management

Various universities and colleges in Canada offer Construction Management programmes that have been recognised by international ranking surveys. 

For international students, some of the best construction management universities in Canada are:

University & College Name

QS World Rankings


University of British Columbia



University of Calgary



Dalhousie University


Nova Scotia

Centennial College



Fanshawe College



George Brown College



Cost of Studying Masters in Construction Management in Canada

The cost of education is primarily determined by the institution's tuition fees and the type of specialisation you are pursuing. The cost of living is also a significant factor in education. Let's look at these two types of expenses.
Tuition Fees: Annual tuition fees for Construction Management Courses at top Canadian universities range from $12,796 to CAD 35,000. However, depending on your specialisations, costs may vary.
Cost of Living: In Canada, living costs vary depending on your room type and preferences. The average monthly cost of living in Canada is between 879 and 1,256 CAD.

Tuition Fees

University Name



Tuition Fees in CAD 

University of British Columbia

MASc in Project and Construction Management


25,585 CAD - 41,857 CAD

University of Calgary

Certificate Professional Management specialisation in Construction Management

1 year

12,695 CAD

Dalhousie University

Certificate in Construction Management

1 year


Centennial College

Graduate Certificate in Construction Management

1 year

26,672 CAD

Fanshawe College

Graduate Certificate in Construction Project Management

2 years

15,706 CAD

George Brown College

Graduate Certificate in Construction Management

Honours Bachelor of Technology Construction Management

2 years

22,785 CAD

Cost of Living in Canada

The cost of living in Canada differs depending on the city and personal expenses. International students studying construction management in Canada should budget around 9,000 CAD per year for living expenses

Here's how it works:

Kind of Expenses

Amount in CAD





Books & Supplies




Health Insurance




Other expenses


Estimated Total


Masters in Construction Management in Canada: Eligibility Criteria

In Canada, the requirements for pursuing a Construction Management programme are less stringent. Each university has different eligibility requirements depending on the course type and other factors. 

Some basic requirements for Construction Management in Canada are as follows:

  • For a bachelor's degree, a student must have completed 10+2 with a minimum of 50%.
  • To pursue a postgraduate degree, students must have a bachelor's degree in the related field.
  • Score on the GRE or GMAT (if required by the university)
  • Above 80 on the TOEFL; above 7.0 on the IELTS

Exams Required to Study Masters in Construction Management in Canada

Because the medium of instruction will be English, international students must ensure that they meet the English language requirements. Students with no formal English education will be required to produce IELTS, TOEFL, PTE Academic, or equivalent exam results to demonstrate their proficiency.

Exam Name

Minimum and Score





Scholarships to Study Masters in Construction Management in Canada

Without scholarships, studying in Canada, whether for a graduate certificate or a master's degree programme, can be quite costly. International students in Canada can apply for various scholarships based on their academic and other exceptional abilities. Before considering any scholarship, students should check the eligibility requirements and application deadlines.

Some of the scholarships offered by top universities in Canada that offer construction management courses are listed below:

Scholarship Name



Amount in CAD

Kim Rowe Memorial Award

This award was created to recognise and encourage international students who have completed one year of their programme at Fanshawe College.

All campuses and programmes are welcome. diploma, advanced diploma, degree, advanced degree, or any post-graduate certificate

Attending on a full-time basis

Maintain a minimum of 3.0 GPA (cumulative)


British Columbia Graduate Scholarship

A completely filled-out application form

A 500-word essay describing your preparation as a leader in the science or technology field, including current and future research and learning activities, as well as future plans to contribute to that field after graduation

All transcripts from post-secondary institutions

An academic or professional reference in your field of study attesting to current or potential leadership.

Permanent resident or Canadian citizen

Current research or areas of study in science or technology disciplines.

All post-secondary transcripts must have a minimum GPA of 3.67/4.33, or the equivalent of an "A-" average.

At the time of the award application deadline, you must have a minimum of twelve months left in your current programme. While all candidates who meet the other requirements are encouraged to apply, Indigenous students may be given priority.

First-time RRU students will be given priority


Entrance Scholarship

Academic excellence, leadership abilities, extra-curricular involvement, contributions to community life, outstanding scientific research proposals, athletic performance, or any other form of excellence are all examples of merit-based financial awards given to new students, whether they are Canadians or internationals, who demonstrate one or more of the following: academic excellence, leadership abilities, extra-curricular involvement, contributions to community life, outstanding scientific research proposals, athletic performance, or any other form of excellence.


Entrance Excellence Scholarship

Entrance scholarships are available to students who have recently graduated from high school and have accepted their offer of admission to Fanshawe College for a specific programme. Because they are based primarily on the students' overall admission average, many of these opportunities do not require students to apply.


George Brown Certificate Scholarships for returning students

Thirty-one scholarships to be awarded to eligible returning students in full-time post-secondary programs (diploma or degree) as follows:

Fall competition- 14 worth $5,000 and 17 worth $1,000

Winter competition- 6 worth $5,000 and 9 worth $1,000

Be enrolled in a full-time 2, 3, or 4-year diploma or degree programme as an international student with a valid Study Permit

Have completed at least two semesters of study with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5 prior to the current semester have participated in activities that have benefited other students, their academic department, and/or the College community, in general, has not previously received a scholarship from the George Brown College International Centre


CAEL Scholarships

The CAEL Scholarships are our way of helping CAEL test takers on their journey to study in Canada.

You can apply for the CAEL Scholarships, whether you take CAEL online or at one of our test centres, as long as you meet the score requirements.


Career after Masters in Construction Management in Canada

Construction management, a branch of civil engineering, has a broader scope in Canada and abroad. The construction industry is a major contributor to the Canadian economy. Construction manager, project manager, site engineer, and many other high-paying jobs are available in Canada. One of the advantages of studying construction management in Canada is that your degree will be recognised internationally, opening up a wide range of opportunities. Construction management in Canada provides theoretical knowledge and industry exposure, practical skills, and other benefits. On average, construction management graduates in Canada can expect to earn between INR 20 lakhs and INR 30 lakhs per year.

Job Profile

Salary in (CAD)

Construction Manager

CAD 92752

Building Control Surveyor

CAD 82801

Project Manager

CAD 65448

Site Engineer

CAD 67443

Sustainability Consultant

CAD 64627

TOP Recruiters

Construction management is one of the most important contributors to Canada's economy, with one out of every thirteen workers employed in the industry. Because this field is in high demand in Canada, job opportunities and starting salaries are excellent. Construction management jobs are available at several companies.

  • SNC Lavalin Group Inc.
  • Group of Companies
  • Flynn
  • Aeon Group Inc.
  • Ledcor Group of Companies
  • PCL Constructors Inc.
  • EllisDon Corporation.

How to Apply for Masters in Construction Management in Canada?

For all intakes in Canada, the application process is the same. 

The application process for construction management in Canada is as follows:

  • Visit the university's official website if you're interested.
  • Examine the course outline as well as the prerequisites.
  • Select the appropriate university's application form.
  • Enter your phone number or email address to create an account.
  • Login information and verification will be sent to your registered contact number via email or SMS.
  • Enter your personal information using the login credentials provided ( name, gender, date of birth)
  • Enter your academic credentials and attach the necessary documents.
  • Choose a course and submit your application.
  • Every university has its own application fee, which can be paid with a debit/credit card or internet banking.
  • Submit your application form; you can also track it through your account.
  • Some universities will require selected students to participate in a virtual interview.

As a result, choosing to study Construction Management in Canada is a decision that will propel you deeper into this field and open up a plethora of career opportunities. Our AECC experts can help you find the right course at a top Canadian university to help you start your career in construction management. So, why wait?  Contact us today!


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