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Masters in Cyber Security in New Zealand for Indian Students


It is even more crucial that there exist people who are knowledgeable about how computers and networks work, as well as the protection of data and information, as technology becomes more and more pervasive in our daily lives. Gaining expertise through a cyber security degree will make you indispensable in the twenty-Masters In Cyber Security New Zealand

It is even more crucial that there exist people who are knowledgeable about how computers and networks work, as well as the protection of data and information, as technology becomes more and more pervasive in our daily lives. Gaining expertise through a cyber security degree will make you indispensable in the twenty-first century.

A postgraduate degree in cyber security will allow you to expand your abilities and knowledge while also covering the more complex elements of the field. You might study modules on mobile security, advanced computer programming, penetration testing, and security architecture.

Why Study Masters in Cyber Security in New Zealand?

Courses in Cyber Security are among the most popular in New Zealand. Excellent work opportunities are provided for international students studying in New Zealand. Having said that, the following are some of the primary justifications for thinking about enrolling in Cyber Security in New Zealand:

● In the modern world, there is a high need for MS in Cyber Security in New Zealand.

● For students, there are several work options in the IT industry.

● About 75,000 people were employed in the IT industry in 2019.

● With an average salary of NZD 73,000 annually, the ICT sector in New Zealand is one of the highest paying ones.

● The average pays for Cyber Security experts in New Zealand went from 80,000 to 92,000 New Zealand Dollars.

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Masters In Cyber Security New Zealand: Course Highlights

  • The technological, legal, policy, and management aspects of cyber security are thoroughly understood by students.
  • Students gain knowledge in computer infrastructure, cloud computing technologies, and cyber security laws.
  • Students learn how to identify security breaches and take preventative and offensive security measures.
  • The programme addresses new issues as they arise in cyberspace and covers the technological, legal, and managerial elements of cyber security.

Top Universities for Masters in Cyber Security New Zealand

Some of the world's top IT universities are located in New Zealand. Some of New Zealand's finest computer science universities are among the top 601 institutions worldwide those grant degrees in computer science and IT, according to the QS Ranking 2020






University Of Auckland

Masters of Information Technology

NZ$ 44,310


University Of Otago

MS in Computer science; MAS in Computer Science

NZ$ 55,895


Victoria University of Wellington

Master of Computer Science

NZ$ 59,171


University of Canterbury

Professional master of computer science

NZ$ 60,000


University of Waikato

MSc - Computer science

NZ$ 35,980 (120 pts) or $ 53,970 (180 pts)


Auckland University Of Technology

Master of computer and information sciences

NZ$ 37,701


Massey University

Master of information sciences

NZ$ 35,653

Masters In Cyber Security New Zealand: Eligibility Criteria


Entry Criteria


No specific cutoff mentioned


No specific cutoff mentioned

An appropriate bachelor's degree or postgraduate diploma must have been earned by applicants, typically in computer science or computer engineering.

Candidates must have completed Computer Science papers at the 300 level or higher with an average of at least B.


Marks - 6.5/9

With a minimum of 6.0 in writing


Marks - 58/90

With a minimum of 50 for each communication ability


Marks - 90/120

Received a 22 in writing

English Language Requirements

An English language waiver may be considered if English was indeed the language of teaching throughout the final two years of secondary or higher education.

Masters In Cyber Security New Zealand: Admission process

The following documents must be prepared to apply to universities in New Zealand:

● Valid ID and passport proof



● other paperwork

Students can then apply to universities directly through their official websites after that. To make things easier for you, the New Zealand application procedure has been streamlined.

Masters In Cyber Security New Zealand: Documents Required

  •  A certified copy of each document, including a passport and licenses
  • If the applicant's name differs from the name listed on their birth certificate, a verified copy of any documentation supporting a name change
  • Proof of nationality
  • A written justification for the application, if necessary
  • Evidence of prior tertiary education, if any
  • One photo for a passport
  • Evidence that the candidate satisfies the academic entry criteria

Scholarships for Masters In Cyber Security New Zealand

Education in New Zealand might not be accessible to everyone due to the financial constraints. However, being awarded a scholarship can ease your financial burden. And one of the benefits of studying in New Zealand is that it encourages education by providing several scholarships to foreign students.

You may apply for the following scholarships in New Zealand:

  • Scholarship for International Exchange at CMS
  • Scholarships for cyber security from Sir William Gallagher
  • Excellence Award from AUT's Pro Vice-Chancellor for International Students

Cost of Studying Masters in Cyber Security in New Zealand

1st year tuition fees

Fees components Amount
Tuition & fees INR 17,73,702

Other expenses in 1st Year

Fees components


Accommodation Activity Fee

INR 5,014

Student Services Fee

INR 39,711


INR 33,594

Hostel & Meals

INR 6,21,736

Accommodation administration fee

INR 7,521


INR 7,07,576

Jobs & After Masters In Cyber Security New Zealand

Globally, there is a 3.5 times greater demand for educated cyber security specialists than there are available jobs. After completing your training in this field, you'll be qualified to fill a variety of tasks in a sector with "near zero" unemployment.

The majority of our alumni, like Sjoerd de Feijter, a junior software engineer for global conglomerate Gallagher, work in the most prestigious public and commercial organizations in New Zealand and abroad due to the great demand for our graduates.

● Career possibilities

● Head of Information Security

● new security product and service entrepreneur

● Security assessment specialists and penetrators

● IT security expert

In New Zealand, there are many excellent work prospects in IT-related disciplines including computer science. Additionally, degrees in computer science obtained from the best colleges in New Zealand are highly valued elsewhere. This means that a computer science degree from New Zealand can give you access to a variety of opportunities in nations including the USA, UK, and Australia.

New Zealand Student Visa process

It can be argued that studying in New Zealand is a fantastic option for international students because there are close to 50,000+ international students there each year out of a total of 150,000+ applications. Since only a small number of international students are accepted, they also apply for a study visa. Students who receive an offer letter and accept it are qualified to submit a student visa application. Depending on the volume of applications received for a given academic session, the processing time for visa applications can range from 8 to 10 weeks or even more. Check the timeline for New Zealand student visa processing.

There are four distinct ways to apply for a student visa: online, offline, through an immigration advisor, or at a visa centre. If an application was submitted online, it can be followed using RealMe or NZeTA; if it was submitted offline, it can be tracked through the immigration advisors; and if it was submitted through a visa centre, it can be tracked by VAC. International students are recommended to apply for the visa as soon as they know they will be admitted to a New Zealand university.

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FAQs About Masters in Cyber Security in New Zealand

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