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Masters in Data Analytics in the UK

Pursuing a Masters in Data Analytics in the UK is an exciting opportunity for students looking to excel in the computing and informatics sector. With over 75 universities offering this course-based postgraduate qualification, the UK is a premier destination for this advanced study. Whether you opt for a full-time one-year program or a part-time two-year course, you're looking at tuition fees ranging from 23,000 to 25,000 GBP for overseas students. This degree equips you with the skills to mine valuable data from vast information sets, a highly sought-after ability in today's data-driven world.

Masters in Data Analytics in the UK: Course Highlights

  • Program: Postgraduate
  • Course: Data Analytics
  • Duration: 1 year (full-time) or 2 years (part-time)
  • Eligibility: Bachelor's degree, English proficiency (IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE), SOP, and LORs
  • Tuition Fees: ₹ 18,35,088 to ₹ 28,34,593
  • Jobs: Statistician, Data Architect, Data Administrator, etc.
  • Average Salary: 45,669 GBP

Why Study Masters in Data Analytics in the UK?

  • Growing Demand: In the past five years, the demand for data scientists and engineers has surged by 231%.
  • Government Investment: The UK government invests heavily in AI, data analytics, and related fields, including 45 million GBP in 200 PhD programs.
  • Salary Increase: The average salary for data analytics graduates has risen significantly, indicating a prosperous career path.
  • Industry Hub: The UK is home to leading AI and big data companies, offering ample opportunities for graduates.

Top Universities for Masters in Data Analytics in the UK

  • Queen's University Belfast
    • Program: MS Data Analytics
    • Typical Duration: 1 year
  • University of Portsmouth
    • Program: MS Data Analytics
    • Typical Duration: 1 year
  • Oxford Brookes University
    • Program: MS Data Analytics
    • Typical Duration: 1 year
  • University of Glasgow - College of Science & Engineering
    • Program: MS Data Analytics
    • Typical Duration: 1 year
  • Wrexham Glyndwr University
    • Program: MS in Data Science and Big Data Analytics
    • Typical Duration: 1 year

Cost of Studying Masters in Data Analytics in the UK 

Applicants planning to study in the UK have to compensate for three types of costs, pre-arrival cost, tuition, cost, and cost of living. Before arriving in the UK, the cost you spend on various applications, exams, etc., is included in the pre-arrival prices. Likewise, you also need to be familiar with the tuition fee and living expenses to study in the UK or any other nation overseas. These costs can range from 19,619 to 30,977 GBP for the top universities.

Tuition Fees


University Name


Duration (In Yrs)

Amount in INR (Approx.)


The University of Edinburgh

MSc in Data Science


₹ 25,00,000


King’s College London

MSc in Data Science


₹ 28,34,593


The University of Manchester

MSc in Data Science


₹ 26,59,548


The University of Bristol

MSc in Data Science


₹ 28,04,614


The University of Glasgow

MSc in Data Analytics


₹ 24,90,304


The University of Birmingham

MSc in Data Science


₹ 25,76,377


The University of Sheffield

MSc in Data Analytics


₹ 26,45,041


The University of Southampton

MSc in Data and Decision Analytics


₹ 20,30,926


Lancaster University

MSc in Data Science


₹ 24,85,468


The University of Sussex

MSc in Data Science


₹ 18,35,088

Cost of Living in the UK

The cost of living for a global student in the United Kingdom includes accommodation charges, transportation charges, meal expenses, and other personal expenses. 

Here is a table for you that display the living expenses for some of the well-known universities in the nation.


Amount in GBP (Approx.) (Yearly)

King’s College London


The University of Manchester


The University of Bristol

Between 9000 and 14496

The University of Glasgow


The University of Birmingham

Between 11100 and 12600

The University of Southampton


Lancaster University


The University of Sussex

Between 7488 and 13620

Masters in Data Analytics in the UK: Quick Guide on Eligibility and Admission

Eligibility Criteria

  • Bachelor's Degree: In computer science, statistics, or related field.
  • Degree Classification: Preferably a 2:1 honours degree (around 60% or above).
  • English Proficiency: IELTS (6.0 to 7.0), TOEFL (90 to 100), or PTE (minimum 60).
  • Additional Documents: Statement of Purpose, two Letters of Recommendation. Some universities may require a GRE/GMAT.

Admission Process

  • Research Universities: Shortlist based on course offerings and eligibility.
  • Prepare Documents: Gather transcripts, SOP, LORs, and test scores.
  • Application Submission: Apply via university websites or UCAS Postgraduate. Mind the deadlines.
  • Interviews: Attend if required.
  • Accept Offer: Choose the best fit from the received offers.
  • Visa Application: Apply for a student visa with the offer letter.
  • Preparation for Departure: Arrange travel, and accommodation, and understand living costs.

Exams Required to Study Masters in Data Analytics in the UK

Exam Name 

Minimum Band Requirement


6 to 7


90 to 100



Scholarships for Masters in Data Analytics in the UK

  • John Fisher High Performance (HPC) Scholarships
    • Awarded by: University of Edinburgh
    • Eligibility: Minimum 60% in undergraduate studies; enrolled in the School of Informatics
    • Benefit: 50% tuition fee waiver
  • King's International Scholarship
    • Awarded by: King's College London
    • Eligibility: Postgraduate enrollment
    • Benefit: £25,000
  • GREAT Scholarship
    • Awarded by: British Council; GREAT British Campaign
    • Eligibility: Postgraduate students from India, China, or Malaysia
    • Benefit: Variable
  • ThinkBig Postgraduate Scholarship
    • Awarded by: University of Bristol
    • Eligibility: Postgraduate enrollment
    • Benefit: £5,000, £10,000, or £20,000
  • College of Science and Engineering Scholarship
    • Awarded by: University of Glasgow
    • Eligibility: Postgraduate enrollment
    • Benefit: £10,000

Career Prospects and Salary after Masters in Data Analytics in the UK

  • Data Scientist and Advanced Analyst: £25,000 - £100,000
  • Analytics Manager: £68,009
  • Data Analyst: £28,081
  • Data Systems Developer: £31,271
  • Functional Analyst: £42,707
  • Data Administrator: £25,198
  • Data Architect: £75,158
  • Statistician: £40,597

Top Recruiters

  • Harnham
  • SuperSolid London
  • Informa
  • Afiniti
  • Springer Nature
  • Lloyd Data Group
  • FiveAI
  • Benevolent AI
  • Alan Turing Institute
  • DeepMind
  • Oxbotica

How to Apply for a Master in Data Analytics in the UK?

To apply and pursue a Masters in Data Analytics in the UK, there is an application process you need to know. Here's what you must do to apply for the degree in a step-by-step guide for your reference.

STEP 1: Gather all the required documents. These are the credentials you will need, but you might need some other documents from the university you choose.

STEP 2: Go to the university's website and create a student account. Since it's a master's degree, you can directly apply online.

STEP 3: Fill out an online application form with your personal and academic details.

STEP 4: Submit all your required documents and pay the fee when prompted.

STEP 5: Wait for the university's decision. If you receive an offer letter, book your flight tickets and prepare to fly to the UK. Otherwise, you can try one of these three options.

  • Try again next year.
  • Apply in the next intake.
  • Plead your case with the university.

STEP 6: Done.

In conclusion, pursuing a Master's in Data Analytics in the UK presents a remarkable opportunity for students worldwide. With its blend of rigorous academic curriculum, cutting-edge research facilities, and a dynamic job market, the UK stands out as a leading destination for this field. The availability of diverse scholarships makes it financially feasible for many, while the promise of high-paying roles in top-tier companies adds to its allure. This degree not only opens doors to advanced career paths in data science but also equips students with skills that are crucial in our increasingly data-driven world. For those aiming to excel in the realm of data analytics, the UK offers an educational experience that is both enriching and future-proof.

For more information on Masters in Data Analytics in the UK, contact AECC today and take the first step towards a successful international academic journey.


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