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Master's in Data Science in Australia for Indian Students

Data scientists are critical in helping businesses make strategic choices and maximise results, from gathering data to presenting conclusions. Once limited to data mining, programming, and data analysis, today's data science encompasses all phases of the data science life cycle.

A Masters in data science in Australia may be earned in two to four years, depending on the candidate's previous education and work experience. A master's degree in data analytics in Australia is a great way to boost your career. This blog might be an ideal resource for anybody considering a Master's degree in data science at an Australian institution. 

Why Study Master's in Data Science in Australia?

  • Students from all over the globe pursue higher education in Australia as their destination. In Australia, thousands of students apply for a master's degree in data science.
  • Around ten institutions in Australia provide students with the opportunity to get a master's degree in data science. The substantial return on investment (ROI) that this course offers results in earnings three times greater than the average salary in the country.
  • According to the QS Globe University Rankings 2023, five institutions in Australia that offer master's degrees in data science are ranked among the top 50 universities in the whole globe.
  • According to the findings of one of the studies carried out by the Institute of Analytics Professionals of Australia (IAPA), entry-level data scientists have the potential to earn up to 300,000 Australian Dollars yearly (1.74 crore Indian Rupees). This figure was derived from the results of the survey.
  • Students interested in pursuing data science should know that it is a burgeoning one with much potential for professional advancement.
  • It is also important to mention that the number of workers has increased by around 38,000 at a growth rate of 2.4% per year.

Top Universities in Australia for Master's in Data Science

The number of Australian institutions providing a Master's in Data Science is large. The following are some of the best schools in Australia to get a master's degree in data science:

  • The University of Melbourne
  • The University of Sydney
  • The University of Queensland
  • Monash University
  • The Australian National University
  • The University of Technology Sydney
  • The University of Adelaide
  • Queensland University of Technology
  • Deakin University
  • The University of Western Australia

Entry Requirements for Master's in Data Science in Australia

Here is the following Master in data science eligibility of entry requirements:

  • A four-year undergraduate degree or its international equivalent is needed for admission to Australia's Master in Data Science program.
  • Degree in a Mathematical or Physical Science; Engineering; Economics; or Finance
  • Minimum Grade Point Average: 5.0 on a 7.0 scale (or 65% minimum).
  • If you take the GRE or GMAT, you should aim for a score of 550 or above.
  • Competence in English Final Exam Mark 6.5 on the IELTS; 87 on the internet-based TOEFL.
  • Essay or Statement of Purpose Because it demonstrates your academic credentials, it is the most crucial part of your application for a Master's in data science.
  • Your Statement of Purpose (SOP) should emphasise your prior accomplishments, future goals, and motivation for obtaining a Master's degree in Data Science.
  • Recommendation Letters: International applicants benefit from having several LORs written by professors and employers.
  • Rest, student visa, health certificates, medical certificates, valid passport, and criminal clearance certificate

Master's in Data Science in Australia: Admission Process

Here is the detailed procedure:

  • Look for the university and research everything.
  • Check out their websites to determine whether you have a Master in data science eligibility at an Australian institution and how to apply.
  • Find out what kind of evidence is needed to apply.
  • Upload scanned copies of your application materials (transcripts, CVs, IELTS/TOEFL/CAEL scorecards) to the university's application portal.
  • After filling out the application and forking over the required amount.
  • After a successful interview, you may be extended a conditional offer of admission to the school of your choice.
  • After reviewing the school's policies, it's time to pay for your Master's in Data Science in Australia.
  • After completing your application, you must wait 6-8 weeks for your acceptance status.
  • After that, you'll get an "Electronic Confirmation of Enrollment" (eCoE) from the school through email. The email will include the cost of the course, when it will begin, and how long it will last. Applicants for an Australian student visa must submit an electronic Certificate of Eligibility (eCoE).

Master's in Data Science in Australia: Documents Required

The following documents are required for admission to Australia's Master of Science in Data Science program:

  • BS in Computer Science, DS, Stats, Eng, Phys, Econ, Fin, etc.
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Report of Language Proficiency on the TOEFL and IELTS
  • 2 Recommendation letters and work history
  • Grading scale
  • Graduate Record Examination results
  • Legal Travel Documents
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Health Certificates
  • Passports and Visa
  • Photographs
  • Criminal clearance certificates
  • Certification of Academic Records
  • Proof of GRE Performance

Cost to Study Master's in Data Science in Australia

The tuition for a Master's in data science ranges from 35,000 to 89,000 AUD (20.30 to 51.63 million INR). The total cost of a student's time in Australia, including tuition, housing, transportation, food, and entertainment, must be calculated. Monthly living expenses in Australia are predicted to be AUD 2,326 (1.28 lakhs INR).

Pre-arrival costs in Australia

Institution Application Fees: These range from AU$50 to AU$ 150.

English Test Fees: Exams to determine English language competence are mandatory for all international students. Costing between AU$ 150 and AU$ 330, tests like the IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE must be taken.

Cost of Visas: International students who want to study in Australia must apply for and be granted a student visa. Depending on the kind of visa and the applicant's place of origin, the fee might be anywhere from AUD 620 to AUD 1,620.

Miscellaneous Cost: International students must have Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) to access medical care in Australia. Costs for out-of-pocket medical care (OSHC) vary widely, depending on factors including insurance scope and length.

Housing: Students must arrange and pay for housing before enrolling, such as the rent and security deposit for a shared apartment or a student dormitory. Location, size, and lodging all impact overall costs.

Airfare: Students must cover the cost of their flights to Australia, which might change significantly depending on the airline, the route used, and the time of year.

Australia Scholarships for Master's in Data Science

Students in Australia who want to get a Master's degree in data science may choose from several different scholarship programs. Some examples are as follows:

Australia Awards Scholarship: Australia offers scholarships to deserving students in the Asia-Pacific, Africa, and Middle Eastern regions. Everything from education to flights and living costs is paid for.

International Research Training Program (IRTP): These scholarships are to pursue doctoral studies in data science. It takes care of college costs, living costs, and medical coverage.

Endeavour Postgraduate Scholarship: International students may get financial aid to finish their Master's or doctorate in Australia with this. It provides a stipend to help with living costs, transportation, and tuition.

Commonwealth Bank of Australia Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Scholarship: Students pursuing data science or artificial intelligence degrees may apply for this award to help cover their tuition costs. It pays for both school expenses and living expenses.

University of Technology Sydney: They offer a data science scholarship to deserving students: Both U.S. and international students may apply for this award. It's a stipend that may be used for living expenses or college.

Monash University's Master of Data Science Scholarship: U.S. and international students may apply for this award. It's a stipend that may be used for living expenses or college.

Career Prospects in Australia for Master's in Data Science

Opportunities for those with a Master's in data science in Australia include the following fields:

Data analysts: They help firms make better decisions by collecting, sorting, and analysing massive amounts of data. They use statistical and analytical procedures to data and then publish their findings.

Data Scientists: Using state-of-the-art analytic and machine learning techniques, data scientists are masters in analysing massive datasets and developing prediction models. Large datasets are used to solve business problems and make educated decisions.

Business intelligence analysts: Use data analysis tools to aid corporations in making pivotal decisions. To disseminate information, they generate reports, infographics, and dashboards.

Data engineers: They are responsible for the design, construction, and upkeep of data centres, networks, and other related infrastructure. They deal with huge volumes of data and guarantee its secure storage, processing, and availability to analysts.

Machine Learning Engineers: They in this field develop and use machine learning models to improve operational efficiency and managerial judgment. Together with data scientists, they develop and distribute machine learning models.

Manager of Data and Analytics: Oversees the work of a team of data professionals and ensures the effective implementation of data-driven strategies. They devise strategies to ensure the privacy, authenticity, and accessibility of stored information. 

Top Recruiters in Australia for Data Science

Several top recruiters are looking for individuals who completed Master's in data science in Australia. The following are examples of some of Australia's top data science recruiters:

  • National Australia Bank
  • Australia's Deloitte
  • Australia's Macquarie Group PwC
  • Atlassian CSIRO
  • Data61
  • Internet Retailer
  • Microsoft
  • IBM Australia

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