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Masters in Digital Marketing in Canada


Canada is becoming a suitable market for digital advertising, content, and marketing, and over 35.52 million internet users are operating in Canada. It opens many chances for international candidates who wish to pursue a Master's in Digital Marketing in the country.

As per stats, it is said that companies who prefer blogging receive over 55% more traffic. Over 50% of companies have acquired customers through their blogging section.

It indicates that small and big businesses prefer students who have a Master's in Digital Marketing, which can help them gain more engagement and traffic. Students opting for this program in Canada must know that it can be either for one or two years.

It is available in Diploma, Certificate and Degree variants and requires a standard tuition fee of CA$13,000 to CA$38,000 (around 9 to 10 lakh for Indian candidates is needed).

Masters in Digital Marketing in Canada: Course Highlights

We have listed the course highlights required by the Indian students to qualify for Masters in Digital Marketing in Canada.


Resume, SOP, LORs, Bachelor’s Degree in any field


One to two years 

Exam To Pass

TOEFL(80 to 100) or IELTS (Minimum 7.0)

Tuition Fees 

Around CA$13000 to CA$38000 per year 

Work Experience 

Not mandatory (Recommended a minimum of two years)

Top Recruiters 

Intel, Microsoft, Starbucks, TechWyse, KPMG, Delante

Available Job Positions 

Media Planner, Digital Marketing Executive, Digital Marketing Analyst, Media Buyer, Advertising Copywriter, Content Strategist, Content Writer 

Expected Salary As A Fresher 

Approximately CA$32,250 to CA$50,000 every year 

Why Masters in Digital Marketing in Canada?

The benefits to study Master in Digital Marketing in Canada are:-

  • Higher Employment Opportunities
  • Good Package Jobs
  • High Investment And Demand

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Higher Employment Opportunities

Ontario, one of the Canadian provinces, experienced the maximum employment hike touching over 60%. It indicates that after completing your studies in Digital Marketing, there is a high chance of getting hired by the top companies.

Good Package Jobs

The digital market in Canada is growing fast. Today, employees working in this sector can expect a hike of CA$24.04 to CA$33.65 per hour. It gives another reason to complete the Digital Marketing course at the earliest.

High Investment And Demand

The storm has taken the digital marketing sector in Canada, and there has been an increase in funding in this sector over the past few years. Millions of jobs will be created over time, giving better opportunities to aspirants.

Best Universities in Canada for Masters in Digital Marketing

As candidates might be confused about which university will be a suitable one for their studies, here are the best possibilities.

Name of the University


Duration (Years)

Tuition Fees in INR

Lambton College

Ontario College Graduate Certificate in Marketing Management (co-op) - Digital Media


15 Lakhs

Conestoga College

Ontario College Graduate Certificate in Interactive Media Management - Interaction Design


7 Lakhs

Sheridan College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning

Ontario College Graduate Certificate in Interactive Media Management


13 Lakhs

Fanshawe College

Graduate Certificate in Interactive Media Specialist


8 Lakhs

Assiniboine Community College

Diploma in Interactive Media Arts - Interactive


22 lakhs

Algonquin College

Graduate Certificate in Interactive Media Management


10 Lakhs

Centennial College of Applied Arts and Technology

Graduate Certificate in Interactive Media Management


12 Lakhs

Masters in Digital Marketing in Canada: Subjects Covered

A Master in Digital Marketing in Canada is a postgraduate course provided by the top Canadian Universities. It equips candidates with advanced knowledge on promoting the brand and adopting new techniques to connect with customers.

The subjects covered under this program are:-

  1. Customer Relationship Management and Customer Behaviour
  2. Editing Skills and Copywriting or Content skills
  3. Data Analysis
  4. SEO and SEM Skills
  5. Basic Design Skills
  6. Social Media Marketing Proficiency
  7. Mobile Marketing
  8. Expertise in Paid Advertising
  9. Digital Marketing tools technicalities like Adword, Google Analytics, WordPress, etc.

Cost of Studying Masters in Digital Marketing in Canada

The cost of studying Master in Digital Marketing in Canada depends on various factors. It includes the course, the university where you want to study, number of years, application fee, tuition fee, etc.

Tuition Fees

This table briefs about the name of the university, application, and tuition fee needed to study.

Sl. No.

Name of the University

Application Fees in INR

Tuition Fees in INR


University of Waterloo (MS in Digital Experience Innovation / MA in Experimental Digital Media/ Co-op)


16 Lakhs / 12 Lakhs


York University


27 Lakhs


Simon Fraser University


43 Lakhs


University of Alberta


10 Lakhs


Ontario Tech University


22 Lakhs


Ryerson University


13 Lakhs

Cost of Living in Canada

While preparing to study abroad, one most important thing to consider is the cost of living. It includes books and supplies, electricity and gas, utilities, transportation, living expenses, internet connection, etc.

Masters in Digital Marketing in Canada: Eligibility Criteria

Every Canadian University has its own set of requirements to screen candidates. The general eligibility criteria followed by most Canadian Universities are listed here.

They are:-

Exams Required to Study Masters in Digital Marketing in Canada

The score obtained by students to study this program are:-

Name of the University




University of Waterloo (MS in Digital Experience Innovation / MA in Experimental Digital Media/ Co-op)


iBT: 100


York University


PBT: 577, iBT: 90


Simon Fraser University


PBT: 550, iBT: 93


University of Alberta


PBT: 600, iBT: 100


Ontario Tech University


PBT: 560, iBT: 83 to 87


Ryerson University


iBT: 93


Masters in Digital Marketing in Canada: Scholarships

Enrolling in a Master's Degree can be expensive in a foreign land for many students. That is why several scholarships are available, which they can opt for to reduce their expenses. 

A few popular scholarships for all candidates from India wishing to study in Canada are:-

Name of the University



Amount in CAD

Government of Canada

Vanier Graduate Scholarships

Deserving candidates with leadership and research skills

CA$50,000 per year (renews up to a maximum time of three years))

University of Alberta

University of Alberta International Scholarships

Awards to international students as per country-specific 


University of Waterloo

University of Waterloo International Funding

Available for several award options to international aspirants wishing to pursue doctoral courses or masters in the country

2,045 per term for 2 years

York University

York University Automatic Entrance Scholarship

Deserving students who have obtained 80 to 95%

1000 to 4,000

Rotary Foundation

Rotary Foundation Scholarships

Candidates from other countries with communication skills and language academic excellence 


IDRC Research Awards

IDRC Research Awards

Candidates from developing countries wishing to pursue doctoral programs or masters

Up to CA$15,000

University of Alberta

UAlberta Master's Entrance Scholarship

At UAlberta, students admitted in Masters program with a GPA of at least 3.7 


University of Waterloo

UWaterloo Graduate Entrance Scholarship

International applicant with an outstanding academic record on a study permit


How to Apply for Masters in Digital Marketing in Canada?

Aspirants interested in applying for a master's in Digital Marketing in Canada should know that it starts before the classes begin. Every Canadian University has two main intakes, the winter intake and the fall intake, for the international candidates to begin their journey.

The step-by-step guide to follow is here.

  • Firstly, start filling out the application form for several universities through a dashboard.
  • Secondly, aspirants should compile documents like essays, SOPs, LORs, certificates, and examination scores, like TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT, GRE, etc.
  • Students must be aware of the application deadline and submit all the details before.
  • They should also get their visa approved to fly to Canada to fulfil their dream. 

Jobs After Masters in Digital Marketing in Canada

In today's time, digital marketing has become a need instead of choice. Also, a company will not be able to survive in the competitive world without having an online presence. It is said that over 44,100 job positions are available under this category. Over time, the numbers will increase. Students who complete their Master in Digital Marketing in Canada will have a better chance of getting a job in a reputed firm.

Here is a table which includes the details of the job profiles and salaries they can earn.

Job Profile

Salary in CAD

Analytics Specialist


Creative Writer


Search Marketing Strategist


Marketing Analyst


Product Development


Trade Marketing Professional


Specialist in Social Media


Marketing Specialist


Web Content Manager


Digital Marketing Manager


Content Marketing Strategist


Brand Manager


We would like to conclude with our article on Masters in Digital Marketing in Canada. The entire world is expanding at a faster rate with digital marketing. It becomes important for a company and an individual to be aware of this concept.

Also, this sector is expected to grow more in the coming times. Aspirants planning to proceed in this sector will have a great career ahead. In addition, there are numerous job opportunities available so students can get recruited soon after completing their studies.

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