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Master’s In Endodontics in the UK for Indian Students


What if we told you that the area of Endodontics is continually expanding, keeping up with the rise in dental issues and the high need for dentists with the necessary training? It's essential to remember how difficult it is without proper mentoring, guidance, or coaching to give one the best chance of succeeding in this field. By studying Endodontics at a UK university, you'll gain essential skills to manage endodontic cases during their various stages, from initial consultation to taking x-rays at regular visits and providing retentive therapies as required.

What exactly is Endodontics? Which are the top universities to study the course at? What is the eligibility requirement to study the course?

You can read this blog further if you need answers to these questions and many similar ones. Discover more about studying Endodontics in the UK in the sections below, then schedule a free consultation with AECC to get started on your application.

Master's In Endodontics In the UK: Highlights

The fragile pulp tissue inside teeth is the subject of the dentistry speciality known as Endodontics. Practitioners may receive training to do root canals and manage pain for their patients after learning traditional dentistry techniques. It is studied full-time for one year or part-time for two years and has a strong clinical focus.

Course Level



1-2 years

Examination Type

Semester based

Admission process


Average Annual Tuition Fees

INR 50,000 to INR 45,00,000 

Average Salary

INR 3 LPA to INR 6.5 LPA

Why Study Master's in Endodontics in the UK?

A Master's in Endodontics is one of the oft-chosen courses in the UK. We have given below a list of the reasons why you should choose to study the course in the country.

  • Candidates for this program should be interested in learning about dentition's maintenance, rehabilitation, and repair and how to establish a pleasant learning environment utilising appropriate teaching strategies and evaluation methods.
  • Candidates seeking positions as lecturers in public or private dentistry institutions should apply.
  • To address the tooth's condition, it also teaches how to carry out root canal therapy and related surgical procedures. Treatments include different fillings, root canal therapy, surgical endodontics, endodontic implants, whitening, and tooth management.
  • The course is helpful for advanced degree programs like the PhD since it gives them a solid basis.
  • The course will assist you in identifying and treating dental caries. It will show you how to maintain a healthy tooth structure while giving your teeth a functional and pleasing appearance.

Syllabus for Master's In Endodontics

Students pursuing Master's degrees in Endodontics in UK institutions may encounter diverse course offerings. The course provides students enrolled in it with both academic and practical expertise. The Master's degree in Endodontics comprises five course sections, including research, dentistry principles, patient management, operative, complicated treatment, and dissertation, totalling 180 credits.

Some of the topics covered are

  • Dental Applied Principles
  • Examination and Treatment of the Patient
  • Control of Anaesthesia, Sedation, Pain, and Anxiety
  • Soft Tissue Management and Periodontal Treatment
  • Principles of Treatment Core Course (Prosthodontics, Implant Dentistry, and Conservative Dentistry)
  • The Basics of Fixed and Implant Dentistry

Top Universities to Study Master's In Endodontics in the UK

Dental practitioners with extensive expertise are in demand. As a result, students in UK institutions receive top-notch instruction. Universities providing an MS in Endodontics in the UK benefit from highly qualified professors, cutting-edge labs, hands-on training, and a wide range of options.

These top dental schools in the UK are available to overseas students seeking a Master's degree in Endodontics.

University Name

QS World University Rankings 2023

King’s College London


University of Manchester


University of Birmingham


University of Leeds


University College London  


University of Glasgow


Queen Mary University of London


University of Edinburgh


University of Plymouth

651 - 700

Master's In Endodontics in the UK: Eligibility

You should satisfy a few eligibility criteria to get admission to a Master's program in Endodontics in the UK. Though there can be slight differences in it based on the university you choose, a few criteria will remain the same. They are as follows.

  1. Candidates must have completed their Bachelor's degree in Immunology with a score of at least 50% to be eligible for a Master's of Science in Endodontics.
  2. A student's CGPA or graduation rate may also be taken into account by some universities when admitting applicants based on merit.
  3. To be considered eligible for admission to institutions with entrance exams, students must pass the following prerequisites.

Master's In Endodontics in the UK: Admission Process

The following steps are required to apply for a Master's in Endodontics studies in the UK. If you have completed the admissions criteria and gathered all the necessary data, you can follow the following stages of the admissions process.

  1. Decide which institution in the UK provides an Endodontics Master's degree before looking at the universities listed above.
  2. Create a list after choosing your top university, then check the official website to confirm all criteria.
  3. Complete the application form and pay the applicable application costs.
  4. Before the application deadline, submit all the gathered documentation.
  5. If you get an invite, go to the university interview.
  6. After attending, wait for the application letter and make arrangements for the university's depository money.

Documents Required

Students must submit a few necessary papers as part of the UK's application procedure for Endodontics Postgraduate programs. These may consist of the following.

  • A transcript of grades
  • Original institutional certificates
  • ELP, GRE, or GMAT report cards
  • Statement Of Purpose (300 - 500 words)
  • Two to three Letters Of Recommendation (LORs)
  • CV or resume that includes any volunteer experience
  • A genuine duplicate of your passport
  • Evidence of financial capability

Cost of Studying Master's In Endodontics in the UK

The university you pick will determine the cost of your Master's in Endodontics for international students in the UK. The tuition fees range from GBP 13,000 to GBP 52,000 each year. However, you will find scholarships to cover your tuition and living expenses.

Scholarships for Master's In Endodontics in the UK

Sometimes, students need to have adequate financial help in order to pursue an MS in Endodontics in the UK. Scholarships are the ideal choice for those students who find it much more challenging to attend prestigious UK universities. Universities also provide grants and awards to their students to help with expenses. Here are several scholarships for overseas students attending Endodontics Master's programs in the UK.

Scholarship Name 

Average Amount (in GBP)

Leeds Master’s Scholarships

GBP 5000 

GREAT Scholarship

GBP 10,000 

University of Birmingham Commonwealth Scholarships 2022/23

GBP 3000 

UCL Global Master’s Scholarship

GBP 15,000 

King’s International Scholarship

GBP 25,000 

Career Scope After Master's In Endodontics in the UK

International students may seek careers in Dental industry after finishing their Master's degrees in the UK. You have a wide range of prospects in this subject because it is related to the healthcare sector. For graduates wishing to launch their careers in this field, the following list of job profiles may be helpful.

Job Role

Average Salary (in GBP)

Dental Surgeon

GBP 59,917

Dental Assistant

GBP 21,722

Medical Representative

GBP 28,531

Sales Representative

GBP 27,432

MDS Senior Lecturer

GBP 28,734

Public Health Specialist

GBP 38,227

We hope to have included all important information about pursuing a Master's in Endodontics in the UK. If you wish to learn more about the cost of living and studying in the UK or about scholarships available, you can read our blogs on them. You can also contact AECC directly for expert assistance.

Is there anything else you're not sure about? There's no reason to be concerned. Contact AECC right now to have your questions addressed! AECC, one of the world's leading educational consultancies, has professionals with a wide range of skills ready to help you with any difficulties you may have. Get in contact with us so that we can assist you in achieving your goals.


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