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Masters in Engineering Management in Canada


Engineering is a highly-paying degree course worldwide. When combined with the management field, it becomes a unique field where managerial and leadership skills amalgamate with technical and awareness skills.

Engineering Management is one of the highly sought-after, renowned programs in Canada at the master's level or postgraduate level, which prepares candidates for the responsibilities of a manager and engineer. The program is designed to teach students to study resource allocation, planning, controlling and directing technical and engineering activities.

Students are also taught engineering principles in directing and organising technical projects, communicating, and managing the people within them. In general, the field focuses on collecting the plans & concepts created by engineers for use in solving technological issues in an array of real-world challenges.

After gaining immense popularity among international students, engineering management has become a competitive course in Canada. If you are also one of the aspirants aspiring to set up a career in Canada in Engineering Management, read all the information below.

Masters in Engineering Management in Canada: Course Highlights

With the highlights of the given course, you can have a clear idea before pursuing it.

Key features



Master in Engineering Management 


1 to 2 years ( depends on the university)

Eligibility Criteria

  • Diploma in a respective field
  • Four-year bachelor’s degree in Engineering

Fee Structure

1.6 to 8 Lac

Job Roles

Project Manager, Quality Manager, Information Manager, etc.

Salary Offered

46 to 40 Lac ( INR)

Top Universities

  • University of Ontario Institute of Technology
  • McGill University
  • University of Ottawa
  • Memorial University of Newfoundland, Newfoundland and Labrador

Benefits of Studying Masters in Engineering Management in Canada

Canada is home to one of the largest education centres, where the world's leading universities have been established. These institutions offer academic courses where international students can pursue a wide range of full and short-term degree courses and interdisciplinary specialisation areas such as engineering management.

One of the significant advantages of doing a Masters's in Engineering Management from Canada is the budget-friendly fee structure and excellent facilities.

Here are some other benefits of studying engineering master's in Canada:

  1. Ample options
  2. Learn and Work
  3. Techniques & Skills
  4. Scholarships & funds

1. Ample options

From certificate courses to master's degree programs, there are many options for engineering management courses most admired by international students.

2. Learn and Work

International students can stay in Canada after graduation to pursue EM courses from such universities, allowing them to take part-time jobs during their study period. There are enough scenarios for part-time and full-time work allowed by many universities in Canada. In this way, you can get a full-time job and explore the complex opportunities if you finalise to live in Canada after your studies.

3. Techniques & Skills

While pursuing EM in Canada at the PG level, you will be able to develop industrial and engineering skills and business techniques and gain management knowledge and an understanding of how to create a better strategy. You can also get massive exposure by working with a few best business brands and companies in Canada or joining an expert team.

4. Scholarships & Funds

Scholarships are also offered to students with good academic records and skills.

What are the types of Master in Engineering Management in Canada?

Due to the craze for MBA among many engineering aspirants, the demand for a specialised course like M.EM is increasing rapidly. With higher study costs and rigorous admission processes, MBA programmes from Canada are rather a standard area for engineering aspirants. As you all know, MBA stands for Master of Business Administration, which consists of laws, management and business planning. And when engineering combined with it also contains topics like product development, design engineering, technical production, and other factors.

However, very few students know that MEM is offered numerous degrees. These include:

  • MEng refers to a branch of engineering with management
  • MEM, which stands for Master in Engineering Management
  • MBA in EM, which means Business administration with an engineering management specialisation
  • MASc Engineering Management, which means an applied science programme with engineering management.

Depending on your interest and skills, you can pursue any one of these at desirable universities in Canada

Masters in Engineering Management in Canada: TOP Universities

As mentioned above, Canada has both private and public universities that offer certificates, diplomas and degree courses in management for international students related to engineering. Let us take a look at some of the leading Canadian universities along with their duration, annual tuition fees and QS World Rankings:

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University Name

QS World Ranking



Annual Tuition Fee, approximately

( In USD)

University of Alberta


Master of Engineering in Engineering Management, 

Master of Science in Engineering Management (MS)

2 years, 

2.5 years

MEng: 14,870

MS: 6,500

Centennial College


Certificate in Engineering Management



University of Waterloo


Bachelor’s in Engineering Management


11, 601

Sheridan College


Graduate Certificate in Quality Assurance Manufacturing and Management

1 year

8, 103 

McMaster University


Bachelor of Engineering and Management

5 years


University of Windsor


Masters of Engineering Management

24 Months


Ontario Tech University


Master of Engineering Management

24 Months


Memorial University of Newfoundland


Masters of Applied Sciences in Engineering Management (MASc)

1.5 years

2,400 to 3,600

Royal Military College of Canada


Master’s degree in Defence Engineering and Management


7,500 to 10,000

University of Regina


MBA in Engineering Management

2 years


Masters in Engineering Management in Canada: Eligibility Criteria

Depending on the universities offering the course in Canada, eligibility criteria for international students getting admission into Masters in Engineering Management varies.

Some of the essential eligibility requirements that students need to fulfil are as follows:

  • An international student must possess a 4-year bachelor's degree when applying for the Master's in Engineering Management.
  • Those completing 3-year bachelor's courses have a diploma or a master's course in a respective field to be a part of Canadian's institute for Masters in Engineering Management.
  • Students need to obtain a bachelor's in engineering, excluding the University of Regina.
  • If you want to apply to the University of Regina, you must have a bachelor's degree in business.
  • Applicants need to obtain a diploma course in business if the UG degree is in another subject.
  • Some universities also require you to have a specific period of experience. Universities like Regina and Windsor ask for two years of work experience, while the University of Alberta and Ottawa do not require any work experience.


Before applying to the Canadian Institute for Engineering Management course, students must submit certain documents when applying. These include a Letter of Intent, proof of language proficiency, resume/ CV, filled-in application form, proof of financial stability, transcripts, etc.

Letter of Intent:  Those applying to Canadian universities must submit a Letter of Intent or LOR. Moreover, these could be either professional or academic. Depending on the university requirements, the figure of the letter varies.

Transcript:  Universities can ask you to submit certified, official, or unofficial copies of transcripts. Some institutes also required you to provide English-translated transcripts.

Evidence of Language Proficiency:  Proof of language proficiency is an important document that needs to be submitted by non-native English-speaking international students. These include IELTS, TOEFL, etc. Besides TOEFL and IETS, some institutes also accept CAEL, PTE, exam scores, etc.

Resume/CV:  Universities in Canada also require that international students submit a current resume with the application form.

Admission can be challenging, so students must focus on numerous criteria like past academic records, interviews, test scores, and skills.

Exams Required to Study Masters in Engineering Management in Canada

To get into Canada's leading institute for engineering management courses, you need to score well in IELTS or TOEFL with at least minimum marks. 

This is a list of minimum scores for the colleges you plan to take admission to.

Name of Institute

IELTS Score ( Minimum)

TOEFL iBT Score ( Minimum)

University of Windsor



University of Alberta






University of Ottawa


79 to 80

University of Ontario Institute of Technology


83 to 87

University of Regina



Cost of Living in Canada

For the international student, living cost in Canada includes several costs. These include tuition fees, cost of living and pre-arrival expenses. The fee to study Engineering Management at the PG level is around 14,000, up to 38,500

Information about each cost is mentioned in this section.

Kind of Expense

Amount in CAD (approximately)

Course Application Fees


Health Insurance 


Visa Application Fees


IELTS fees


TOEFL fees




Air expenses

570.55 to 1,662.77

Tuition Fees

4,988.31 to 19,953.24

Food and Beverage

3,325.54 to 4,988.31


6,651.08 to 13,302.16

Other Expenses


Masters in Engineering Management in Canada: Scholarships

Some students have the ability but cannot bear the expenses. There is only one good option for such students, scholarships, which many universities in Canada offer. 

Depending on your academic record and personal skills, you can apply for the given scholarships for different Universities in Canada:

University Name

Name of the Scholarships


Amount in CAD

University of Windsor

  • Offers only to domestic students.
  • International applicants can apply for external scholarships.

Visit the official website of the institute


University of Alberta

University of Alberta Thesis/Course-based Masters recruitment Scholarship

Visit the official website of the institute

21,078.08 For the first term only. (non-renewable scholarship)

University of Ottawa

International Admission Scholarship

Official website to check eligibility


University of Ontario Institute of Technology

Ontario Graduate Scholarship

Go to website

4,815.48/ semester 


School of Graduate Studies Fellowship

Official Website

3,820.80 to 11,462.40/year

How to Apply for Masters in Engineering Management in Canada?

Students who wish to apply in Canada for Masters in Engineering Management need to meet some requirements and submit further documents and the submission form. In addition to this, a student must possess a study permit for a Canadian institute. The eligibility requirement details and admission process for students interested in pursuing study in Canada for M. EM should read the following information.

Hopefully, the given information on studying master's in Engineering Management in Canada will help you choose the right path, achieve your future goals, and get a job in reputed companies in a leading job role. You can also contact AECC Global for further help or assistance studying abroad.


AECC Global is one of the world's leading educational consultancies with versatile expert professionals who are ready to help you with any queries you may have.

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