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Masters in Health Informatics in USA for Indian Students


With the advance in technology, you will need to understand better how the health sectors work. As everyday things and situations change every time, one needs to update their knowledge with advanced technology. Health sectors are coming up in every city and town if you want to get accommodated with good salaries. So, you will need to learn it right! So, with such opportunities available to study Health Informatics In the USA, you can quickly grasp the opportunities and use them for your future advanced career.

Why Pursue Masters in Health Informatics in USA?

  • Health informatics is the latest buzzword in the health sector. It helps the health sector deal with things logically compared to the traditional method that was done before.
  • There are many courses that the famous universities around the world offer, but to compare with all of these, the universities in the USA offer the best stands in education related to health informatics.
  • The criteria for applying for the course is that you must complete the Bachelor's degree in engineering, mathematics, biology, or biotechnology with the IELTS score of 6.5-7 and 79 in TOEFL.
  • The students who want to apply for it must submit their transcript, personal statements, recommendations, and IELTS/TOEFL score.

Masters in Health Informatics in USA: Course Highlights

  • 66 prestigious universities in the USA are offering the course.
  • 53,400 employment opportunities are anticipated to accommodate rising demand.
  • The employment rate saw a faster-than-average increase of 18%.
  • An alluring $87,000 per year average registered wage
  • Bright outlook through STEM-based practical learning
  • The course may be completed in no less than 12 months.
  • additional employment opportunities with a three-year post-study work permit
  • 20 hours per week of the authorized part-time job; a 20-lakh cost for acclaimed education
  • There are teaching, research, and graduate assistantship positions during the course term.

Top USA Universities to Study Health Informatics

We will highlight some of the best universities in the United States where you can study health informatics. Let us see what we have for you.


Top Universities


Course Offered

Tuition Fee


Indiana University


Computer Programming languages, C, C++, Java

$35000 for two years


University of Michigan


Offers courses on preparing students related to health care informatics.

$ 98000 for two years


The University of Arizona


Health data, Health care informatics, health data and informatics, data analytics and so on.



University of Missouri


Maintaining patient data in the health care industry

$ 53000 for 2 years


Tennessee tech university


Using information from the health sciences and conceptualizing using statistical analyses, information technology and computer software.

$50000 for 2 years


University of Massachusetts


Related to information technology and computer software.

$10000 for 2 years


Sacred Heart University


Data analysis from using the electronic health records and design solutions to change the environment of the health care industry.

$25000 for 15 months


Arkansas Tech University


Health information technology, security and privacy in health informatics and health management 

Payable on credit hours basis that is $ 600 per hour basis of 4 years degree.

Eligibility Criteria for Masters in Health Informatics in USA

To apply for the health informatics course at different universities in the USA, you will need to follow some of the rules and regulations on the criteria to be followed while applying for the course.

S. no

Name of the University



Indiana University

Bachelor’s degree in engineering, mathematics, biology or biotechnology


The University of Michigan

Undergraduate degree from a recognized Institution


University of Arizona

Bachelor's degree in a relevant field of engineering.


University of Missouri

4-year baccalaureate degree from a recognized university


Tennessee Tech University

Bachelor's degree from an accredited university


University of Massachusetts

Bachelor degree


Sacred Heart University 

Bachelor's degree from a recognized university with a 60% minimum grade.


Arkansas Tech University

Minimum 4 years of bachelor’s degree with at least 60% score and sufficient credit hours

The Admission Process to Study Masters in Health Informatics in USA

To get admission to the University, you will need to submit the transcript with financial evidence and other necessary documents asked by the University. The forms can be downloaded from the university webpage, where you must submit them along with the transcript.

Want to know about the Application Process? Click Here

Documents Required to Submit While Applying For the Health Informatic Course In USA

Some of the required documents that you will need to submit to apply for the health informatics Course in the USA are a letter of recommendation, resume, an IELTS or the TOEFL score, transcript, course work related to programming, engineering, or medicine, the statement of purpose, and work experience if any.

Scholarship Offered by The Universities

The scholarship that will be offered depends on the qualification of the recipient and the number of qualified applicants. To be eligible for the scholarship, you must meet the criteria outlined on the University's website, and you will need to present the documents accordingly. It is based on financial hardship too.

Applying for VISA to get to Apply for the Course in Health Informatics

The students should submit the documents related to the funding process to cover their program of study. You must certify that sufficient funds are available with the related documents. If you are being sponsored by the agency, you will have to ask the sponsoring agency to provide a letter so that you can submit it to the University. Submit the affidavit of the financial resources and a copy of the passport. You can view the processing of your immigration paperwork by seeing the information on the website provided by the college itself. Once it has been approved, you can proceed with the visa application.

Jobs And Salary After Studying Masters In Health Informatics In USA

After completing your course as Masters In health Informatics, some institutions will offer campus interviews with different companies. Accordingly, you will be selected for your job with the various positions we will mention here in this blog.



Salary Offered in USD


Health Informatics Director

Median salary of $146,000


Informatics Nurse

$61,000 to $115,000


Clinical Analyst



Director of Clinical Informatics

$81000 to $ 140,000


Health Care IT Project Manager 



Health Informatics Consultant


Apart from what has been mentioned above on the job roles and positions, there are many more additional positions that you can get a job role as the Chief Information Officer, Clinical Application Developers, and so on. So do check out the details given on the above content to get a clear idea of how this health informatics will open up the future to the advanced health care scenario that will benefit your career ahead.

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FAQs About Masters in Health Informatics in USA

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