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Masters In International Business In Canada for Indian Students


Master's in international business in Canada teaches students about cross-border business transactions. Through the two-year curriculum, you can gain comprehensive knowledge and awareness of the global market. International business school students study products, services, management, finance, marketing, and the effects of domestic and foreign laws on trade and markets.

If you prefer working with multinational corporations, you ought to get a Master's in international business. It's the perfect employment location for those constantly curious to learn about various viewpoints and diverse cultures.

Why Study for a Master in International Business In Canada?

A master's in international business in Canada is the best option for students who want to learn and comprehend different business management techniques. The advantages listed below are:

  • Students can build on their undergraduate education with the help of this program in Canada. It will also give them a thorough understanding of the field and allow them to pursue their interests.
  • A chance to experience the world and learn about the functioning of the global market.
  • By assisting students in developing skills applicable to any industry, an international business degree program will help you become more employable. International students will learn to communicate effectively and make essential decisions under time constraints while developing their curriculum's critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • Business success depends on knowledge of and an awareness of how people conduct business worldwide. Making relationships and participating in networking opportunities can help students develop their communication skills, making them great employees in the business world.

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Difference Between Masters in International Business In Canada and MBA in International Business in Canada

  • A degree in international business can broaden your employment options and introduce you to the necessary knowledge and abilities for a career on the world stage. The Master in International Business (MIB) and the Master in Business Administration (MBA) are both management programs with comparable outcomes.
  • Most MBA programs demand a minimum of three years of work experience, although Master of International Business programs are open to applicants with no prior work experience.
  • In MBA, having job experience fosters peer engagement. However, in MIB it is less important. Additionally, compared to MIB students, MBA students are anticipated to have a higher level of comprehension. The MBA is typically more sophisticated as a result.
  • Given that it has a strong affinity for academic research, quantitative training is frequently a foundational component of MIB training. The specialization chosen in an MBA typically affects the quantitative training.
  • MIB prepares its students for the workforce through its training in managing and sustaining firms in international markets. They work in positions including, but not limited to, business analysts, product managers, trading specialists, economists, policy analysts, etc.
  • Most MBA schools concentrate solely on preparing future managers who actively control business choices in firms. MBA programs produce graduates who are not only capable of handling management-related roles but also excel in fields like accounting, consulting, business operations, marketing, information technology, business analytics, the non-profit sector, and more.

Universities Offering Masters In International Business In Canada

The top-ranked universities listed below are available to international students who want to study in Canada. The university's information, national rankings (QS), and the complete list of program fees are tabulated below.


QS Ranking

Course offered

Total fees (in CAD) 

University of Alberta


MBA International Business


Western University (UWO) 


MSc International Business


Queen’s University


MSc International Business


University of Victoria


Masters in Global Business


York University


MBA International Business


The University of New Brunswick


MBA International Business


HEC Montreal


MSc International Business


Trinity Western University (TWU) 


MBA International Business


Masters In International Business in Canada Without GMAT

The GMAT evaluates students' written, quantitative, analytical, and communication abilities. The GMAT aids business schools in selecting the most suitable applicants based on their performance, even if the GRE is also necessary for graduate programs.

GMAT scores are not required for Master's programme admission in Canada. This option is only available to people with additional credentials that demonstrate exceptional academic and professional performance and go beyond what is required of the GMAT. Instead of the GMAT, certain universities may need GRE or other entry exam results. Applicants must fulfil all other requirements for the Master's degree in international business admission in Canada to be qualified for a GMAT waiver.

Masters In International Business In Canada: Eligibility Criteria

Universities in Canada have different admission standards. There is, nevertheless, a rough overview of what is necessary to be admitted into a master's program in Canada. They are displayed below:

  • A minimum GPA of B in a comparable undergraduate program.
  • Depending on what the university requires, GMAT or GRE scores.
  • Scores from English proficiency tests like the PTE, TOEFL, or IELTS.
  • For entry into their postgraduate programs, most Canadian universities require candidates to have at least two years of professional experience. The requirement for work experience may not apply to all universities.
  • A personal statement is known as a Statement of Purpose (SOP).
  • Due to their importance as a component of the eligibility requirements, interviews may be done after selection.

Masters In International Business In Canada: Admission Process

The processes listed below can help you apply to your desired program at a Canadian university:

  • Do extensive research on your program.
  • Choose the college where you want to enrol.
  • Visit the institution's main webpage.
  • Choose the desired program.
  • Complete the application on the website.
  • Do the necessary paperwork online.
  • Pay the required funding.
  • Finally submit.

Depending on how many applications the university has received, you should anticipate a response after filing your application successfully in 2 to 4 weeks.

Want to know about the Application Process? Click Here

Masters In International Business In Canada: Required Documents

The applicants must provide the following paperwork to enrol in a Canadian university:

  • CV/Resume.
  • Letters of recommendation—at least two (LOR).
  • Official transcripts of your past academic achievements. If the transcripts are not in English, the university must get authentic translations of the transcripts that have been certified.
  • Visa for students.
  • Passport copy.
  • Reference letter.

Tuition Fees for Studying Masters In International Business In Canada

Canada is renowned for its wide selection of universities for domestic and international students. Numerous overseas students choose to study in Canadian universities because of the unmatched educational system. The advantages of earning a master's degree are innumerable, starting with the qualifications that will be valued in the job and continuing with the widespread acknowledgement of Master's degrees in international business. The fee structure for various Master's programs is as follows-

Degree level

Tuition fees (in CAD) 

MBA International Business


MSc International Business


MSc International Business

Master of International Business


Masters in Global Business


MBA International Business


MBA International Business


MBA International Business


MSc International Business


MBA International Business


Scholarships for Studying Masters in International Business In Canada

Several scholarships are available in Canada for students who want to study there but don't have the financial means to do so. The following is a list of some of the most well-known institutional scholarships for students, along with their eligibility:

Name of the Scholarship


UBC International Leader for Tomorrow Award

Offered to foreign students wishing to enrol in UBC’s first-year undergraduate program. The UBC entrance standards must be met, and you must provide documentation of your financial need.

Lester B. Peterson scholarship

Offered to international UG students at University of Toronto

Western University International President’s Entrance Scholarship

The choice is based on academic success, and a comprehensive approach is used, taking into account pupils’ entire development and extracurricular indulgences.

York University Automatic Entrance Scholarship

Students with an aggregate score of 80-95% are offered.

University of Manitoba Scholarships

International scholarships for master’s program students.

University of Alberta International Scholarships

Country-specific and distinct scholarship awards

Carleton University Scholarship

International students enrolled in undergraduate, master’s, and Ph.D. programs.

Dalhousie University Scholarship

International students enrolled in undergraduate, master’s, and Ph.D. programs.

Jobs & Salary After Masters in International Business In Canada

Master in International Business in Canada is a lucrative program with a good return on investment. The occupations that a postgraduate in international business can apply for are listed below, along with their typical median earnings-

Job role

Salary (in CAD)

Market Analyst




International Trader


Financial Controller


Business Development Manager


Marketing Executive


Supply Chain Manager


External Auditor


Compliance Officer


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FAQs About Masters In International Business In Canada

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