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Masters In International Relations in UK for Indian Students


International relations is a branch of political science that studies how governments, non-governmental organisations, and multinational enterprises interact in a globalised world.

The Master of Arts in International Relations program is a full-time, two-year postgraduate program in international relations. As the course's name implies, it concentrates on contemporary international relations, security studies and strategies, regional studies, public policy development and administration, and so on.

You will get the skills necessary to play a part in global diplomacy and international relations by investigating the links between countries and the basic concerns confronting global development, such as human rights, conflict, and integration.

Why Pursue Masters In International Relations UK?

  • The world could use a little more love and compassion right now. From war to hunger, deforestation to epidemics, we live in perilous times and face formidable challenges.
  • The world requires individuals with high ambitions and a willingness to contribute positively. International relations are a fantastic approach to a more profound understanding of global issues.
  • It is an interesting and important subject that focuses heavily on the influences of economics, culture, education, and political science on society. You will also learn how and why nations, governments, and individuals react to such crises.
  • The United Kingdom is home to some of the brightest minds and most extraordinary international relations and development studies courses.
  • Six of the top ten QS universities for development studies and three of the top ten for international relations are located in the United Kingdom.
  • Whether you are pursuing a bachelor's or master's degree, UK courses provide creative, interdisciplinary training and the ability to customise your study to your preferred vocation.
  • Due to the United Kingdom's distinctive cosmopolitan climate, you will be exposed to various international perspectives from day one.

Highlights of Studying Masters In International Relations UK

Over the years, we have seen MA in International Relations grow as one of the most desired degrees in India in terms of the various possibilities it provides concerning personal and career growth. Some advantages of enrolling in this course in the UK are mentioned below:

Opportunity to work in a variety of settings: A degree in development studies is an excellent starting point for those who wish to work for an aid organisation, international charity, or non-governmental organisation (NGO), but it does not limit you to these jobs.

Practical Exposure: Many UK international relations graduates go on to work in a variety of fields, including media, private sector development, government, and research-based positions, as well as for global organisations such as the United Nations, the World Bank, and UNICEF.

Better career perspective: A degree in international relations in the United Kingdom will equip you with the world-class knowledge and analytical skills necessary for a number of career paths, such as a diplomat, analyst, lobbyist, and jobs in politics, economics, and the media.

Focuses on skill development: With such a comprehensive skill set and a globally-respected UK degree, you will graduate with a vast array of employment options and the opportunity to work anywhere in the world.

Popular Courses for Masters In International Relations UK

In accordance with the extensive range of specialisations that fall under the course's umbrella, international relations encompass a vast array of fields, in which a substantial number of students are eager to advance their studies and future professional possibilities in international relations.

The numerous courses and specialisations important to the topic of international relations are listed below. Some programs comprehensively review major international relations issues, whereas others are explicitly centred on a specific field.

  • MA Political Science
  • MA in International Politics and Military Affairs
  • MBA/ MA in Diplomacy and International Relations
  • MA in International Relations
  • MA in Diplomacy and International Security
  • MA in International Relations and Diplomacy
  • MA in International Science and Technology Policy
  • MA in International Studies
  • MA in International Relations
  • MSc Global Studies and International Relations
  • MA International Affairs
  • MA in Peace and Justice Leadership
  • MSc in International Development
  • MSc in Management and International Relations

Top Universities in UK for Masters In International Relations UK

Here is the list of universities in UK for Masters in International relations degree.


QS ranking

Course Offered


University of Westminster 


International Relations MA


Liverpool John Moores university


MA in international relations


London Metropolitan University


MA in government and international affairs. 

Politics and International Relations

Research Methods




University of Roehampton


PG in Human rights and international relations. 

MA in international relations



Durham University


MSc in  Arab World Studies

Ma in Government and International Affairs

International relations MA

Politics and international relations

Research (IR) 






Eligibility Requirements for Masters In International Relations UK

Postgraduate international relations programs typically require a bachelor's degree with a minimum of an upper second class (2:1) or equivalent, usually in a relevant field such as international relations, politics, or the social sciences.

Admission Process to Study Masters In International Relations UK

To apply for Masters in International Relations in the UK, you need to follow the steps outlined below:

  • First, you need to register and create an account on the college website to which you are applying.
  • The next step is to fill out the application form carefully, putting in all necessary details and uploading the supporting documents.
  • Subsequently, you'll receive an acknowledgement email informing you of further procedures to complete the application. As part of the application process for your desired course, you may be asked to attend an interview.
  • If the application is accepted, the college will send a formal offer letter by email, at which point you will be required to pay the fee for the programme.

Payment of fees confirms your seat in the institution, and pending student visa clearances, you are considered provisionally admitted to the programme.

Documents Required

Here is a list of the documents required for admission in MA International Relations:

Cost of Studying in Masters In International Relations

The cost of education in the United Kingdom varies by institution. The annual tuition at English institutions for students from the United Kingdom is approximately £9,250 or $13,050. This represents steady growth over the years. In contrast, tuition fees for international students begin at roughly £10,000 or $14,130. Comparatively inexpensive are degrees in the humanities and social sciences, whereas clinical degrees and laboratory studies are more expensive.

Online master's degrees in international relations typically cost between $500 and $775 per credit. Students should anticipate total tuition costs between $15,000 and $28,000.

Scholarships to Study Masters In International Relations UK

Scholarships and fee concessions are significant factors influencing a student's decision to enrol in a university abroad. The most well-known scholarship opportunities are as follows:



British Chevening Scholarships for International Scholarships

Providing grants to pursue a master's degree in the United Kingdom for a year with full tuition covered.

Great scholarship

One year of postgraduate study in a taught program will be supported by a minimum of £10,000.

Felix Scholarship

Felix scholarships have been given to students from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Cameroon, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Lebanon, Belarus, Peru, Czech Republic, Kenya, Ghana, Turkey, South Africa, and Egypt, Nepal, Hungary, and Lebanon.

Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarships (CWIT)

Provides grants covering accommodation, tuition fees and fares. 

Inlaks Scholarship

provided to Indian students for full-time Masters, MPhil, or Doctoral studies at top-ranked American, UK, and European universities

Jobs & Salary After Masters In International Relations UK

Completion of this course shall open various career opportunities in several fields. International Relations is a wide area of expertise, and graduates can potentially work in diverse sectors like intergovernmental organisations and NGOs. Media and News houses, Publishing, Marketing, Public Relations, Business, Law, Education and Social Service. There are several lucrative options to choose from for an International relations graduate, including Government Offices, Human Rights Advocacy, International Diplomacy, International Law, International Business Management, etc.

Some of the common job roles available to you after this course are Patent Engineer, Assistant Manager, Analyst, Research Analyst, Business Head, etc. Here are some job profiles that you can opt for as a graduate in International Relations, presented in greater detail:

Job Role


Salary (per year)


Forming & maintaining relation, negotiating treatise.


Political Analyst 

Study political systems, originate and develops plan 



Involves in the analysis of the election and balloting


Social worker

Helping people, interpersonal and community causes


International lawyer

Working with different business cultures and laws across the globe.



A person who participates in an organised attempt to influence legislators.


Public relations expert

Creating and maintaining a positive public image. 


Foreign Relations Expert

Experts in international politics and the links between various countries throughout the world


MA International Relations salaries may vary depending on the experience earned in the sector and according to the abilities acquired. On average, graduates are entitled to receive £36,031 per annum in the early stages and are eligible for pay raises based on the experience obtained. Therefore, an MA in International Relations from the UK is a great way to kickstart a career in a wide range of fields with excellent salaries and benefits available.

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FAQs About Masters In International Relations in UK

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