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Masters in Marketing in the UK for Indian Students


The M.Sc. in Marketing in the UK is primarily a two-year degree that focuses on improving overall business knowledge and marketing strategies. This postgraduate course covers a variety of business topics, including marketing and brand strategies, product management, distribution, effectiveness, pricing, segmentation, and so on. Many universities prefer a bachelor's degree in marketing for PG degree admission. However, many top universities in the UK accept international students with science and arts degrees. The program's primary focus is to sharpen students' marketing skills and principles and application. The average course fee of top universities offering Masters in Marketing in the UK is anywhere between 25,500 GBP and 32,500 GBP. Due to the increase in demand for marketing professionals worldwide, many international candidates are increasingly choosing to pursue masters in marketing in the UK. 

Why Pursue Master in Marketing in UK?

Here are a few more reasons why international students should consider studying for a Masters's program in marketing in the UK:
  • Most UK universities are consistently ranked among the top global universities in lists that offer PG in Marketing, according to QS News Rankings for 2021.
  • Marketing job profiles in the UK are increasing yearly with an annual growth rate of 21%, and the number of jobs generated per year rose from 154,000 in 2021 to 205,400 in 2021.

Course detail


Degree type


Course duration

2 Years

Specializations offered

Strategic marketing, international marketing, Digital marketing, etc

Admission Requirements

Bachelors with 65%

Entry-level Salary

35,250 GBP per annum

Top Universities in UK for Masters in Marketing

While most universities in the UK offer various master's programs in marketing, according to QS news world university ranking 2022 for master of marketing, here is the list of the top-rated UK universities to look to study a Master's in Marketing if you want to apply to study marketing in the UK.

QS World University Rankings 2022

Business School/University


Course Duration

Total Fees (in INR) per year


University of Manchester

MSc Marketing

2 Years



University of Birmingham

MSc Marketing

2 Years



University of Edinburgh

MSc Marketing

2 Years



University of Glasgow

MSc in International Strategic Marketing

2 Years



Durham University

MSc Marketing

2 Years



Cranfield University

MSc Strategic Marketing

2 Years



University of Bath

Master in Marketing

2 Years



Imperial College London

MSc Strategic Marketing

2 Years



Lancaster University

MSc Advanced Marketing Management

2 Years



University of Warwick

MSc Marketing and Strategy

2 Years


Popular Courses in Masters in Marketing in UK

Students are taking master's in marketing courses in the UK equipped with the latest-age marketing knowledge and transferable skills for a wide range of exciting marketing roles. Most of the courses covered under the postgraduate program focus keenly on analyzing, developing, planning, and promoting good communication skills. With demand for marketing jobs increasing at a skyrocketing rate, universities in the UK offer a vast list of marketing courses that are popular among international students.
Below are some of the most widely popular courses for masters in marketing in the UK:

  • Master's in International Marketing
  • MSc Global Digital Marketing
  • Master in Marketing
  • MSc in Marketing and Creativity
  • MSc in Digital Marketing
  • MSc in Strategic Marketing

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Masters in Marketing in UK Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for pursuing a master's in marketing in the UK may vary from university to university. But there are some general eligibility requirements for MS in Marketing for candidates who get to study in UK universities, which are mentioned below:


Eligibility criteria

Basic Eligibility

Applicants must have acquired a minimum of a relevant degree at the UG level from a recognized institution.


TOEFL and IELTS to study master in the UK

Course duration

Varies from university to university

Medium of Instruction


Relevant work experience

Not mandatory

Admission Process to Study Masters in Marketing in UK

International students can apply to UK universities via the UCAS portal or the university's website. It is always a good idea to apply through UCAS. Still, students can apply to multiple universities through one application. Most of the top universities are associated with this portal. Applications are invited for the January intake in most cases.

Want to know about the Application Process? Click Here

Documents Required

Although there is no particular set of documents required to apply to study at a UK university, there are certain documents that will have to be submitted to make the most of the candidate's appointment and application.
Here is the list of documents required to pursue a master's in marketing in the UK:

Cost of Studying for a master's in marketing in UK

The cost of a master's in marketing in the UK is GBP 13,700 for local students, whereas international students must pay GBP 21,500 as a postgraduate marketing course fee in the UK. Planning marketing in the UK before even applying for the course is essential for the candidates. This gives them an idea of how much the expenses they would likely incur during their master's studies in the United Kingdom would be. The cost of a Master in Marketing in the UK is likely to vary from one university to another. It generally includes tuition fees and the cost of study materials available from the universities. Therefore, applicants must calculate costs like accommodation, food, medicine, and sports when estimating the cost of an M.Sc. in Marketing in the UK.

Scholarships for MS in Marketing

Most international students seek educational scholarships to fund their living and tuition fees. Here is a wide range of scholarships offered by UK universities for pursuing an MS in Marketing in the UK:




University of Cranfield

Cranfield Scholarship

Full tuition waiver

University of Edinburgh

Business School International MSc Scholarship

30% of tuition fees

University of Glasgow

International Leadership Scholarship


University of Warwick

WBS Scholarship

50% of tuition fees

Durham University

Alumni Scholarship

Up to 5,000

University of Manchester

Alliance MBS Masters Scholarships for International Students

25% of tuition fees

University of Birmingham

Birmingham Masters Scholarship

Full tuition waiver

Imperial College London

Imperial Business Scholarship

30% of tuition fees

Lancaster University

LUMS Program Scholarship

Up to 10,000


Masters in Marketing in UK: Student VISA Requirements

Candidates should apply for a UK student visa for a master's in the UK after receiving an acceptance letter from the university they applied for. This tier-4 visa must be applied for only if the course lasts six months or more. Usually, UK student visa processing takes three weeks or more during peak seasons. Also, the student must apply for this visa three months before the course commences. Here's the list of requirements to have a UK student visa to pursue a master's:

  • A copy of the passport
  • Proof of funds for course fees
  • Acceptance letter from any recognized UK university
  • English Language Proficiency Test Score
  • Bank statements and scholarship letters (if applicable)

Jobs & Salary after Masters in Marketing in UK

Marketing plays a vital role in any business, so any job role related to marketing will be a well-rewarding one. This is why masters in marketing in the UK are gaining popularity and being chosen by many international students as their careers. An MS degree in Marketing offers many job opportunities and career options. The average salary earned by a graduate who completes their master's in the marketing domain is 145,000 GBP per year. Let's take a look at the below table to learn more about the jobs, descriptions, and salaries for an MS Marketing student in the UK:

Jobs Role

Job Description

Average Salary in GBP

Public Relations Officer

A Public Relations Officer responds to requests for information and maintains the positive image of a business.


Market Development Manager

Market Development Manager has vital responsibilities that include researching new markets, developing relationships with businesses, and prospective clients, and presenting sales pitches. 


Digital Marketer

A Digital Marketing Manager is responsible for developing and implementing strategies that promote a company or brand's products.


Product Marketing Manager

The Product Marketing Manager is responsible for creating marketing strategies for products, their branding, and positioning in the market.


Market Researcher

A market researcher is responsible for collecting and analyzing data to make informed political, social, and economic decisions.


Market Research Analyst

The Market Research Analyst will research, compile, and analyze information on products and market conditions.


Marketing Executive

A marketing executive is one who conceives and develops efficient and intuitive marketing strategies.


Marketing Specialist

A marketing specialist is responsible for creating advertising campaigns, pricing strategies, and targeting the demographic data of their target audience.


Marketing Analyst

A marketing analyst is a professional responsible for interpreting research about a company's consumers and their buying habits.


Marketing Associate

A Marketing Associate works closely with account executives and marketing managers, does research, edits copy, and follows trends.


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FAQs About Masters in Marketing in the UK

1. Is UK good for Masters in Marketing?

Yes. 3 of the US universities rank among the top 10 world universities offering master's in Marketing. Also, Marketing jobs in the UK has increased from 1,44,000 to 2,00,000 in the year of 2022.

2. Is MSc in Marketing worth it in the UK?

Yes. It is absolutely worth doing master's in Marketing in the UK and we have clearly stated the reasons in the above question.

3. Which UK university is best for Marketing?

Best UK Universities for studying Marketing:

  • Bath University
  • University of London
  • University of Strathclyde
  • Durham University
  • Heriot-Watt University

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