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Exploring UK's Top Master Programs in Mechanical Engineering


Available as a one-year degree, A Master's in Mechanical Engineering in the United Kingdom is provided by more than 50 universities. For overseas students, the fee for pursuing a Masters in Mechanical Engineering in the UK is about 33,000 GBP per year. Even though this investment is very high, you have many scholarships and funding options. Furthermore, the return you get on a high salary is also worth the fees. 

So if you also wish to pursue Masters in Mechanical Engineering from the UK, this blog is for you as it shares essential information about the degree. Here is what you will read in this blog.

Masters in Mechanical Engineering in the UK: Course Highlights

Program Postgraduate
Course Mechanical Engineering
Duration of the Course 1 year
Eligibility Undergraduate with 65 % in mechanical, automotive, energy system engineering, or any other relevant degree
Entrance Exams IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE
Tuition Fees 20430 GBP
Jobs CAD technician, biomedical engineer, manufacturing engineer, etc
Average Salary 31000 to 32000 GBP

Why Masters in Mechanical Engineering in the UK?

  • Four of the universities in the United Kingdom offering Masters in Mechanical Engineering rank among the top 50 for the degree.
  • After completing their degree, about 70 % of mechanical students are employed.
  • Around 60 % of the graduates employed in the UK work in the engineering and building sector.
  • Since the unemployment rate in the UK is around 3.8 % only, landing a job in mechanical engineering is easy for you.
  • The visa acceptance rate for the United Kingdom is around 90.08 %, which suggests that entering the UK is easier for overseas students than in any other nation in the world. 

Quick Read: Masters (MS) in the UK

Best Universities for Masters in Mechanical Engineering in the UK

University Name

QS World Ranking 2024



University of Cambridge


MPhil in Mechanical Engineering

1 year

Imperial College London

MSc in Advanced Mechanical Engineering

1 year

University of Oxford


MSc in Engineering Science

1 year

University College London (UCL)


MSc Mechanical Engineering

1 year

University of Manchester


MSc Mechanical Engineering Design

1 year

University of Leeds


MSc Mechanical Engineering

1 year

University of Sheffield


MSc Mechanical Engineering

1 year

University of Southampton


MSc Mechanical Engineering

1 year

University of Nottingham


MSc Mechanical Engineering

1 year

University of Bristol


MSc Mechanical Engineering

1 year

Cost of Studying Masters in Mechanical Engineering in the UK 

The price of studying in the UK includes pre-arrival and post-arrival costs. Being familiar with these expenses will help an overseas student plan ahead with a budget and apply for scholarships or other financial aid options on time. For example, it can be between 15,000 and 36,000 GBP as an estimate when studying in one of its top colleges for mechanical engineering.

Tuition Fees

University Name


Tuition Fees in INR (Approx.)

University of Oxford

MSc in Mechanical Engineering

30,00,000 - 35,00,000

Imperial College London

MSc in Advanced Mechanical Engineering

29,00,000 - 34,00,000

University of Cambridge

MPhil in Mechanical Engineering

28,00,000 - 33,00,000

University College London (UCL)

MSc in Mechanical Engineering

25,00,000 - 30,00,000

The University of Manchester

MSc in Mechanical Engineering Design

22,00,000 - 27,00,000

University of Leeds

MSc in Mechanical Engineering

20,00,000 - 25,00,000

University of Sheffield

MSc in Advanced Mechanical Engineering

19,00,000 - 24,00,000

University of Southampton

MSc in Mechanical Engineering

18,00,000 - 23,00,000

University of Nottingham

MSc in Mechanical Engineering

17,00,000 - 22,00,000

University of Bristol

MSc in Mechanical Engineering

21,00,000 - 26,00,000

Cost of Living in the UK

This section shows the detailed schema of living, meals, and personal expenses of an individual while he or she is staying in the United Kingdom. The cost of living will depend upon the accommodations in the nation, lifestyle choices, the city you live in, etc.


Amount in GBP (Approx.) (Monthly)

Accommodation (Rent)

400 - 800

Utilities (Electricity, Gas)

40 - 90

Internet and Mobile Phone

30 - 50

Food and Groceries

150 - 250

Transportation (Public)

40 - 150

Entertainment and Leisure

50 - 100

Health Insurance

20 - 40

Personal Expenses

30 - 60

Study Materials

20 - 40

Clothing and Miscellaneous

30 - 70

Masters in Mechanical Engineering in the UK: Eligibility Criteria

  • You need to have a relevant bachelor's degree with at least 65 % to apply for Masters in Mechanical Engineering in the UK.
  • You must  have good English language competency with at least overall scores of IELTS 6.5, TOEFL 80, or PTE 58.
  • Some institutes might request your General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) English language test scorecard with a minimum of grade C.
  • You need to have good math knowledge, especially algebra, complex mathematics, geometry, and trigonometry.
  • You also need a CV or resume.
  • You also need to submit your Statement of Purpose or SOP. It is an introductory essay in which you write about yourself and why you wish to pursue the course at the university, your academic and career objectives, etc.
  • Finally, you need to submit your Letter of Recommendation (LOR). Most universities request you for at least 2 LORs. They always prefer academic LORs over professional LORs. 

Exams Required to Study Masters in Mechanical Engineering in the UK

Exam Name

Minimum Band Requirement








Scholarships to Study Masters in Mechanical Engineering in the UK

Scholarship Name



Amount in GBP (Approx.)

Chevening Scholarships

UK government's global scholarship program, funded by the Foreign Office.

Open to all international students with leadership potential.

Varies (Full or partial tuition fees)

Commonwealth Master’s Scholarships

For students from Commonwealth countries for full-time Master's study.

Must be a citizen of a Commonwealth country.

Airfare, tuition fees, and living expenses

Engineering and Physical Sciences Scholarships

Offered by various UK universities for specific engineering programs.

Typically for students with excellent academic records in relevant fields.

2,000 - 5,000

Global Excellence Scholarships

Offered by many UK universities to attract the best international students.

Based on academic excellence, leadership qualities, and potential.

5,000 - 10,000

International Postgraduate Scholarships

Offered by UK universities, focusing on specific regions or countries.

Criteria vary; often include academic excellence and country of residence.

1,000 - 4,000

University-specific Scholarships

Various universities offer their own scholarships for international students.

Criteria vary by university; often based on academic merit or financial need.

Varies (Partial to full tuition)

JOBs & Salary after Masters in Mechanical Engineering in the UK

Job Profile

Salary in GBP (Approx.)

Mechanical Engineer

28,000 - 40,000

Design Engineer

26,000 - 38,000

Project Engineer

30,000 - 45,000

Automotive Engineer

27,000 - 40,000

Aerospace Engineer

29,000 - 42,000

HVAC Engineer

25,000 - 37,000

Maintenance Engineer

27,000 - 39,000

Systems Engineer

31,000 - 46,000

Structural Engineer

28,000 - 41,000

Research and Development Engineer

29,000 - 43,000

TOP Recruiters

  • Jaguar Land Rover.
  • Babcock Marine.
  • BAE Systems INC.
  • Dyson.
  • Cobham PLC.
  • Siemens.

How to Apply for a Master in Mechanical Engineering in the UK?

To successfully apply for the Master in Mechanical Engineering degree in the UK, 

STEP 1: Collect all the needed documents to apply for the degree. Here's a list for your reference.

  • Your relevant bachelor's degree.
  • Proof of your English proficiency. IELTS, PTE, or TOEFL are acceptable. Some universities might request a GCSE scorecard.
  • Your CV or resume.
  • Your Statement of Purpose (SOP).
  • Your Letter of Recommendation (LORs).

STEP 2: Go to each University's website where you wish to study master's in Mechanical Engineering and create a student account. Since it's a postgraduate degree, you can directly apply online.

STEP 3: Fill out an application form with your primary and academic details.

STEP 4: The university website will instruct you on what to do next. Follow these steps carefully to proceed.

STEP 5: Submit all the requested documents and pay the fees when prompted.

STEP 6: If you receive an offer letter from the University, apply for a Student Visa and prepare to fly to the United Kingdom. Otherwise, you can do one of these three things.

  • Try again next year.
  • Try in the next intake.
  • Plead your case with the University.

STEP 7: Done.

We hope you received valuable content from this blog. Suppose you wish to pursue Masters in Mechanical Engineering in the UK. In that case, AECC can help you get into one of its top-ranked universities. For any queries, please get in touch with our expert.


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