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Masters in Microbiology in the UK for Indian Students

Microbiology is the part of Biology that focuses on understanding more about the microscopic organisms that live around us, such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, and algae. This course can help the environment or increase the pharmaceutical industry's quality. You will be exposed to a wide range of possibilities. If you are thinking of pursuing your MS in Microbiology, the UK is the best place to study.

Why should you study Microbiology in the UK? What are the entry requirements? How much is the cost of studying in the UK? Which are the scholarships available? If you need answers to these questions, you can read the blog completely, as we have answers to these questions and much more!

The Master's in Microbiology in the UK will provide flexible job opportunities in regulatory bodies, corporations, and laboratories. There are many work options in the UK, and you will have many chances to demonstrate your ability during and after your academic career. Let's get into it.

MS in Microbiology in the UK: Course Highlights

It will be helpful to get all details regarding MS in Microbiology in the UK in a single table. as such, we have compiled a list of the important points for you in the table below.

Course Type

Master’s degree

Course Duration

1-2 years


To study Master’s in Microbiology in the UK, students need to fulfil the below-mentioned criteria:
10+2: Minimum 50-55%
UG degree: In Science stream or relevant subjects with 50-55% 

Standardised Test requirements

IELTS– 6.0-6.5, TOEFL– 90-100, PTE– 65-73, GRE–300 or above

Work Experience

2 – 3 years

Tuition Fee

GBP 23,100 (INR 21.26 lakhs per annum)

Cost of Living

Approximately GBP 10, 000 (INR 9.20 lakhs per annum)

Average Salary

Between INR 46.48 lakhs to INR 52.41 lakhs 

Why Study Microbiology in UK?

The United Kingdom is considered one of the best places for students interested in Biosciences and Microbiology. Students not only receive a high-quality education, but they also receive an MS in Microbiology with a placement in the United Kingdom.

Other reasons to get a Master's degree in Microbiology in the UK include the following.

  1. Top universities in the United Kingdom have the best faculty and facilities, allowing students to complete this demanding degree.
  2. Academic excellence.
  3. Tuition fee in the UK is affordable compared to other destinations like Australia.
  4. Admission is offered without the prerequisite of IELTS/TOEFL by some universities.
  5. Scholarships and aids available up to 100% tuition fee.
  6. Dependents are permitted and full-time work permits are given during the student's education.
  7. 96% of employability upon course completion.
  8. Career opportunities are available through a 2-year post-study work permit.

MS in Microbiology in the UK: Course Curriculum

We have given below the course curriculum for MS in Microbiology in the UK. You can have a quick look at it.

  • Learn about the medical and molecular elements of Bacteriology, Virology, Mycology, Epidemiology, and Infectious Disease Management.
  • Studying Medicine at a university ranked eighth in the UK and the top 40 in the globe (QS World University Rankings 2023).
  • Learn from university academics and NHS Infectious Disease Specialists.
  • Get hands-on experience in the laboratory.
  • Prepare to work in Biomedical/Clinical Sciences, Education, or Academic and Industry Research.
  • Units from this MS are available as individual courses and for Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

Top UK Universities to Study Master's in Microbiology in the UK

All universities listed below provide some of the best MS Microbiology programs in the UK. This course will strengthen your academic knowledge of the most recent breakthroughs in Microbiology, as well as your employability.

If you are looking for some of the best MS Microbiology universities in the UK, find more from the table below.

Universities QS Ranking 2023 Course Offered Duration Average Annual Tuition Fees (in GBP)
University of Leeds 86 MS in Molecular Medicine, MS in Precision Medicine: Genomics & Analytics 1 – 2 years 20,670 GBP
University of Manchester 28 MS in Medical Microbiology, MS in Precision Medicine 1 – 2 years 26,000 GBP for Full time & 13,000 GBP for part time
University of Glasgow 81 MS in Precision Medicine (with specialisms) 1 – 2 years 21920 GBP
University of East Anglia 342 MS in Molecular Medicine 1 – 2 years 25,159 GBP
University of Hertfordshire 801 - 1000 MS in Medical Microbiology 1 – 2 years 14,750 GBP
University of Birmingham 108 MS in Microbiology and Infection 1 – 2 years 25,740 GBP
Newcastle University 122 MRes in Molecular Microbiology 1 – 2 years 29,970 GBP
University of Surrey 305 MS in Medical Microbiology 1 – 2 years 18,000 GBP
University of Aberdeen 220 MS in Microbiology, MSc in Molecular Medicine 1 – 2 years 23,685 GBP
University of York 162 MS in Molecular Medicine 1 – 2 years 22,250 GBP
University of Sheffield 96 MS in Molecular Medicine 1 – 2 years 25,740 GBP
Queen Mary, University of London 125 MScin Biomedical Science (Medical Microbiology), MS in Clinical Microbiology 1 – 2 years 25,150 GBP
University of Lincoln 368 MS in Microbiology 1 – 2 years 24,300 GBP
University of Essex 465 MS in Molecular Medicine 1 – 2 years 23,000 GBP
Northumbria University 651-700 MS in Microbiology 1 – 2 years 17,500 GBP
Keele University 751-800 MS in Biomedical Science (Medical Microbiology) 1 – 2 years 25,400 GBP
Middlesex University 751 - 800 MS in Biomedical Science (Medical Microbiology) 1 – 2 years 11,500 GBP
Teesside University 94 MS in Microbiology 1 – 2 years 14,000 GBP
Leeds Beckett University 1001 - 1200 MS in Medical Microbiology 1 – 2 years 16,000 GBP
University of Wolverhampton 1526 MS in Biomedical Science (Medical Microbiology) 1 – 2 years 13,450 GBP

Additionally, the following universities in the United Kingdom offer MS Microbiology with placement:

  • Nottingham Trent University
  • Teesside University

Entry Requirements to Study Microbiology in the UK

There are various eligibility criteria to consider before applying to a university for admission to MS Microbiology programs in the UK. Some requirements are given below.

  • Relevant educational qualification.
  • English Language proficiency test scores (IELTS 6.0 to 6.5), TOEFL iBT (overall 90).
  • Entrance Exam Scores: (GMAT - 550 or higher and GRE - 300 or higher).
  • Work Experience: (Students with 2 - 3 years of work experience will be given priority in admission to Master's programs in Microbiology in the United Kingdom).
  • UK Student Visa.
  • Acceptance letter.
  • Additional Requirements.

Admission Process to Study MS in Microbiology in the UK

All MS Microbiology programs in the UK can be applied online. Continue reading to learn more about the admissions procedure for applicants.

  • Visit the university's website and select the appropriate course.
  • To begin your application, click "Apply".
  • Fill in your information and upload your academic transcripts.
  • The official graduation degree, a Statement Of Purpose (SOP), Letters Of Recommendation (LORs), a resume, and English proficiency scores are among these.
  • You can pay the application cost after you've submitted these documents.
  • The institution will send an official email confirming the admission to selected students.
  • They can then proceed with the visa application.

Documents Required

Students while applying for a Master's in Microbiology in the UK, will usually be asked to submit the following documents.

  • Valid Passport
  • Academic Transcripts
  • Updated Resume
  • 2 Letters Of Recommendation (LORs)
  • SOP (Statement Of Purpose)
  • Proof of funds
  • English proficiency test score (IELTS/TOEFL)

Cost of Studying Master's in Microbiology in the UK

Students pursuing an MS in Microbiology in the UK should be fully informed about the costs of studying and living in the nation. They are given below.

Tuition Fees:

The total cost of your MS Microbiology studies at UK universities is determined by the university you choose to attend. However, based on the average annual tuition fee, the total cost would be around GBP 23,100 (INR 22,34,607).

For entry in the academic year of September 2023, the tuition fees are as listed.

  • MS (full-time)
    UK Students: £12,500 per annum
    International and EU students: £31,000 per annum
  • MSc (part-time)
    UK students: £6,250 per annum
    International and EU students: £15,500 per annum
  • PGDip (part-time)
    UK students: £5,000 per annum
    International and EU students: £12,400 per annum

The expense of living:

The typical monthly cost for an international student living in the UK, depending on expenses and manner of life, would be around GBP 10,000 (INR 95 6625.90) per year.

Scholarships to Study MS in Microbiology in the UK

Obtaining scholarships could be a game changer for international students seeking a Master's degree in Microbiology UK from reputable colleges. Scholarships that you may be interested in applying for include the following.

  • The Chevening scholarship
  • Commonwealth scholarships
  • Royal society grant
  • Felix Scholarship
  • Study portal scholarships
  • Rhodes Scholarship

Careers Scope after MS in Microbiology in the UK

After completing an MS in Microbiology in the UK, fresh graduates can apply for different positions and earn a good salary. Universities also offer MS in Microbiology with a placement in the United Kingdom.

The table below shows the starting and senior-level salaries for several accounting positions available in the UK:

Job Roles

Average Annual Salary (in GBP & INR)

Academic Researchers

GBP 59,104 (INR 57,17,500)

Biomedical Scientist

GBP 54,187 (INR 52,41,848)


GBP 47,953 (INR 46,38,794)


GBP 55,961 (INR 54,13,458)

MS in Microbiology provide you with the skills and in-depth information needed to establish an outstanding career in this discipline. It gives a good balance of theoretical and practical knowledge, preparing students for the real world.

The program focuses on using techniques from Molecular Biology, Microbial Culture, Immunology, and other fields. The leading MS Microbiology university faculty are specialists who guide students to the best of their abilities. Furthermore, numerous career opportunities are available in this industry in the United Kingdom.

Now that you know all the prerequisites for applying to the Master's in Microbiology program in the United Kingdom, ensure that your selected degree matches your abilities and certifications. The AECC experts guide you on course and university types based on your interests. Our professionals also give admission aid, from application to lodging and funding, to help you make an informed choice. For more information, contact us and get free assistance!

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