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Masters In Physiotherapy in Canada for Indian Students


Physiotherapy is a multidisciplinary medicine and health study where the candidate will learn the whole subject of assisting people who suffer from and have declined physical disabilities. It is no secret that Canada is the best destination and has the world's most esteemed educational universities and institutions to study for a master's degree in physiotherapy. It is why thousands of Indian students flood to Canada each year and find it valuable for their investment. Interestingly, there is a tremendous increase in the demand for qualified physiotherapists for various sectors, such as hospitals, clinics, diagnostics centers, sports academies, schools, and nursing homes. 

So, if you're an Indian student and have a true passion for studying a physiotherapy course in Canada, continue reading the blog to learn more about the physiotherapy master's degree in Canada.

Why Canada is Best for a Masters in Physiotherapy?

So, you're looking to do physiotherapy in Canada? That's great as the country is excellent for learning masters, particularly life-science-related courses such as masters in physiotherapy. You will be surprised to know how good studying for a physiotherapy master's in Canada is. The following reasons may give you a better idea of why Canada is one of the top global destinations for the course.

Popular Physiotherapy Courses in Canada to Study Masters

The best way to choose a country to study master's is first to know what popular courses are available there. As said, Canada has distinct and highly reputed physiotherapy master's courses that attract thousands of international students and the most competent candidates every year to their highly respected and prestigious Canadian universities. 

These are the top 10 physiotherapy master's courses in demand among many overseas students.

  • MPT Sports Physiotherapy
  • Master of Physiotherapy in Community Physiotherapy
  • Master of Physical Therapy
  • Master of Human Kinetics
  • Master of Professional Kinesiology
  • Master of Physiology and Biophysics
  • Master of Physical Therapy (PT)
  • Master of Physiology and Pathophysiology
  • Occupational Therapy
  • M.Sc. in Physiotherapy

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Best Universities for Masters in Physiotherapy in Canada

It's a fact that Canada has the world's best higher education system. Universities in Canada have very demanding academic standards and modern teaching approaches. Seriously, Canada is on a mission to provide excellent master's degrees designed to serve the people in the right way. Have you seen what they've been doing with the health and life sciences sector? Canadian universities are highly ranked among top international schools for offering the best master's programs in physiotherapy. 

Forgoing to some of the best universities in Canada for a Master's in physiotherapy, one can consider the following universities' lists to pick one best among them with the best rankings and most comprehensive reputation.


QS Ranking


Course Duration

Tuition Fees in CAD

University of Toronto


Master of Physical Therapy

2 years


University of British Columbia


Master of Physical Therapy (MPT)

2 years


Dalhousie University


Masters In Physiotherapy (MSc

2 years


McGill University


Masters In Physical and Occupational Therapy

2 years


McMaster University


MSc (Pt) -- Master of Science In Physiotherapy

2 years


University of Manitoba


M.P.T. Physical Therapy

2 years


University of Ottawa


Master Of Health Sciences Physiotherapy

2 years


University of Victoria


Exercise Science, Physical, And Health Education

2 years


Western University


MS in Physical Therapy (MPT)

2 years


University of Saskatchewan


Masters Of Physical Therapy

2 years


Eligibility Requirements to Study MS in Physiotherapy in Canada

While the requirements for studying physiotherapy in Canada vary by institution, school, and university, Here's the list of eligibility requirements to join any Canadian university.


Entry requirement


No specific requirement


Undergraduate degree in Medicine with 60-70% marks.


Marks - 70/90


Marks - 7.5/9


Marks – 100/120

Admission Process to Study MS in Physiotherapy in Canada

Before going all the way, the applicants must keep an eye on every prerequisite of the admission process. All international students undergo the complete admission process outlined below, irrespective of the university.

  • Look for academic fit and requirements.
  • Have all the educational and other documents ready.
  • Submit the online application during the application period.
  • Wait for the student number or CCID to arrive.
  • Check for the arrival of application status updates via email or post.
  • Once you get selected, go ahead and apply for the visa.

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Documents Required to Apply for MS in Physiotherapy

To apply for admission to a Master of a Physiotherapy program in Canada, the candidate must submit the following documents in order to be considered for the course:

  • A neatly filled admission form
  • Proof of the payment of the processing fee for the admission form
  • An updated curriculum vitae or resume
  • Complete transcripts from all previous educational institutes.
  • Proof of funds to cover the expenses during the course duration is required.

Cost of Studying MS in Physiotherapy in Canada

The average cost of studying for a master's in physiotherapy in Canada may vary from university to university, but the median fees will cost anywhere between $35,750 and $48,500 per year. Also, the candidate may need to consider other costs, including meals, accommodation, and additional costs as low as $10,500–$13,000. In addition, one can expect extra costs of $150-$200 for insurance and $300-$350 for transportation per year. So, on average, it is expected to cost a moderate sum of $15,500 per year in living costs.

Visa Procedure to Study MS in Physiotherapy in Canada

The visa procedure to study for a Master's in Physiotherapy in Canada requires you to follow the below regulations and provide the following documents:

  • A letter of acceptance, or LOA, from the institution.
  • Identity proof with photographs and a passport.
  • CAQ (Certificat d'acceptation du Québec) if you apply to an institution in Quebec.

You can apply offline or online with all or any of the above documents as per the requirements, with an application fee of CAD 150 and biometric payments. If you are an Indian student, you can enjoy a faster visa procedure known as SDS (Student Direct Stream). Once approved, you'll go through the usual formal visa interview.

Jobs & Salary After MS in Physiotherapy in Canada

MS in Physiotherapy in Canada offer good remuneration for anyone who has completed the degree, and it is one of the possible choices one could make to scale their career. Physiotherapy is a basic need in every sector, not just in Canada but everywhere globally. So, one can get an ocean of opportunities to serve people who find it hard to live everyday routines in their day-to-day lives as soldiers, sportspeople, or anyone with physical disabilities. The demand for physiotherapists is increasing considerably in Canada, which has brought jobs with attractive pay packages for both freshers and experienced physiotherapy professionals. 

The average physiotherapist's salary in Canada is $72,150 per year. A fresher can make $60,500 per year, while an experienced one makes up to $95,800 per year. 

Find out the various job roles available and their annual salary in CAD:

Job Profile

Salary in CAD

Chief Physiotherapist




Physical Education Teacher


Senior Physiotherapist


Lead Physiotherapist


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FAQs About Masters In Physiotherapy in Canada

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